Three Decades After Rajavi’s Expulsion From France

Three Decades After Rajavi’s Expulsion From France

Nejat Society, June 08 2018:… Up to the Ideological Revolution, the MKO was a political group with a violent back ground of fighting against the Iranian government but after the Ideological Revolution was declared and started its rule, the MKO became a destructive cult with a terrorist extremist substance. It almost took two decades to fall Saddam Hussein and the MKO go disarmed by the US military. The fall of the landlord … 

Grand Controversy As MEK Can’t Prove Leader Massoud Rajavi Is Dead Or Alive

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Three Decades After Rajavi’s Expulsion From France

Massoud Rajavi surfaced in Iraq, the country that was in war with Iran at that time. After he was expelled from France territory in June 1988, he was welcome by the then Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein as the fifth column agent who would aid Iraqi Baath regime in spying and military operations. However, Maryam Rajavi is still in France running the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ the Cult of Rajavi) with its full potentials as a destructive terrorist cult.

At that time, Massoud Rajavi was in the first stages of establishing his cult of personality. His expulsion from France was a year after his marriage with Maryam Qajar Azdanlou, the wife of Abrishamchi another high ranking member of the group. The marriage was marked as the start of the “Ideological Revolution” that required members to divorce their spouses and to dedicate their entire existence to the group’s cause and its leader Massoud Rajavi.

Up to the Ideological Revolution, the MKO was a political group with a violent back ground of fighting against the Iranian government but after the Ideological Revolution was declared and started its rule, the MKO became a destructive cult with a terrorist extremist substance. It almost took two decades to fall Saddam Hussein and the MKO go disarmed by the US military. The fall of the landlord and the disarmament of the group led a large number of MKO members –who couldn`t justify their stay in the group anymore—to leave the group.

Once the rank and file defected the group, secrets of the Cult of Rajavi were revealed in the testimonies that former members made in different courts and media in order to bring Massoud Rajavi to trial. But Massoud got disappeared. He had not been seen since Maryam was arrested by the French Police in June 2003.

Maryam has been the only leader of the MKO since the disappearance of Massoud. She has made efforts to maintain the cult-like structure of the group whether in Iraq or Albania. The same as any other destructive cult, leaving the MKO is forbidden. Members are fed up and disappointed due to the suppressing atmosphere of the cult that controls all aspects of their life, bars them from contacting their family and friends. They were tortured mentally and physically by the order of its cruel leader. They can hardly ever leave the group normally; they have to escape.

Therefore, the rank and file of the MKO are definitely suffering a more threatening oppressive situation these days than in 1988 that Massoud joined them in Iraq.  Today, the MKO members are taken as hostages in a remote camp outside the Albanian capital. The new camp is called Ashraf 3 by the group leaders who wish to maintain Rajavi’s cult-like structure the same as it was once formed in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

The Expulsion of Maryam Rajavi from France and her relocation in Albania seems to be a very vital solution for the threat of her destructive cult that endangers European citizens too. Eventually, the MKO’s camp in Albania should be supervised by the United Nations authorities in order to offer members of the group possibilities to choose for their future with their own free will.

Mazda Parsi


David_Amess_Maryam_Rajavi_Cult_MEK_Mojahedin_Khalq_Saddam_TerrorismDavid Amiss, British MP, promoting terrorists Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (Saddam’s Private Army) 

زهره قائمی فرمانده ترور صیاد شیرازیThe MKO Honored With The Glories Of Terrorist Operation Great Bahman (aka Maryam Rajavi cult MEK NCRI)

مسعود خدابنده و ریچارد انگل ان بی سی امریکا می 2018The MEK’s Man inside the White House (Bolton Giuliani and Mojahedin Khalq, Rajavi cult terrorists)

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Money Adventures Of The MKO (MEK, Rajavi cult) And The Bloodthirsty Security Adviser 

Bolton_MKO_MEK_Rajavi_cult_terroristsNejat Society, May 22 2018:… As Johnstone puts, “the president’s bloodthirsty National Security Advisor” and other advocates of the MKO lead the regime change agenda under the stimulus of the multi-million-dollar campaign of the group. “The MEK reportedly has weirdly deep pockets which have enabled it to spend millions of dollars rehabilitating its image in recent years, and to pay out sizeable fees for panellists and speeches … 

جان بولتون و مزدور تروریستهای مجاهدین خلق فرقه رجوی National Security: Could Maryam Rajavi (Mojahedin Khalq) blackmail her friends in high places – Rudi Giuliani, John Bolton and Newt Gingrich

علیرضا جعفرزاده مزدور فرقه رجوی مجاهدین خلق وطن فروشیَAlireza Jafarzadeh has already published his suicide bombing note.
Wondering at those Americans who stand under the flag of Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, NCRI, Rajavi cult) only to LOBBY for the murderers of their servicemen

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Money Adventures Of The MKO (MEK, Rajavi cult) And The Bloodthirsty Security Adviser

The Middle East has been set in fire during in the last two decades due to the clashes between US-sponsored terrorists and the states of the region. By the withdrawal of Donald Trump from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), his newly-elected National Security advisor longs for another proxy war, this time in Iran using terrorist cultists of Mujahedin Khalq (MEK, MKO, PMOI, the Cult of Rajavi).

On the eve of this year’s gathering of the Mujahedin Khalq in France, while Bolton was supposed to offer the MKO more hope for regime change in Iran, he seems to have retreated from his previous position. As Bolton was widely criticized for his last year’s speech at the so-called grand gathering of the MKO in which he openly called for regime change in Tehran, he said on Sunday that this is not the Trump administration’s current policy.

“That’s not the policy of the administration. The policy of the administration is to make sure that Iran never gets close to deliverable nuclear weapons,” Bolton said on the ABC program. [1]

“I’ve written and said a lot of things over the years when I was a complete free agent,” Bolton said when pressed on the issue of regime change in Iran on CNN’s “State of the Union”. He admitted that he is not a decision maker in the US administration. “The circumstances in I’m in now is that I’m the national security adviser to the president,” He said. “I’m not the national security decision maker. He (Trump) makes the decisions and the advice I give him is between us.” [2]

Bolton’s recent comments on Iran indicates how unbalanced are the supporters of the MKO. In 2015, Bolton wrote an op-ed in the New York Times calling for air strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities. And in 2016, Bolton called for regime change while he was reportedly under consideration to be Secretary of State. As he confesses, he has said a lot of things. Particularly, in response to large amounts of dollars that the MKO has poured in his pockets, he has said all the things the group loves to hear.  The most significant thing was his speech at the group’s gathering where he said:

“There is a viable opposition to the rule of the ayatollahs, and that opposition is centered in this room today.  I had said for over 10 years since coming to these events, that the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime in Tehran. The behavior and the objectives of the regime are not going to change, and therefore the only solution is to change the regime itself. And that’s why, before 2019, we will celebrate in Tehran!” [3]

One of many critics of Bolton in the American media, Caitlin Johnstone of Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity writes: “Bolton, who is so stupid, crazy and evil that he remains one of the only high-profile individuals on this planet who still insists that the Iraq invasion was a great idea, spoke about the need to prevent the Iranian government from achieving “an arc of control” through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. He decried the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), claiming that Iran was still a nuclear threat under the existing agreement, and spoke glowingly of aggressive sanctions against Tehran.” [4]

Johnstone clarifies that how dreadful is Bolton’s choice to alternate the Iranian government. “Also known as the Mojahedin-e Khalq or MEK, a group of a few thousand members who vocally oppose the Iranian government,” he describes the MKO. “The MEK is widely considered a cult, using very cult-like methods of indoctrination including exerting control over the personal and sex lives of its members and forcing them to go through weekly “ideological cleansings”.” [5]

As Johnstone puts, “the president’s bloodthirsty National Security Advisor” and other advocates of the MKO lead the regime change agenda under the stimulus of the multi-million-dollar campaign of the group. “The MEK reportedly has weirdly deep pockets which have enabled it to spend millions of dollars rehabilitating its image in recent years, and to pay out sizable fees for panelists and speeches by experts willing to advocate in favor of its regime change agenda,” he writes. [6]

The fact that almost no one in the paid campaign of the MKO supporters brings up the cult-like nature of the MKO, its violent past and its unpopularity among Iranians indicates that they are totally motivated by the filthy dollars of the group laundered into their pockets via European Banks.

Mazda Parsi


[1] Reuters staff, Bolton says Iran plan isn’t regime change; sanctions against Europe also possible, Reuters, May 13, 2018

[2] ibid

[3] Agorist, Matt, WATCH: John Bolton Promises Room Full of ‘Former Terrorists’ the US Would ‘Overthrow’ Iran by 2019, The free thought, May 11, 2018

[4] Johnstone, Caitlin, That Time John Bolton Promised Regime Change In Iran Before 2019, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, May 11, 2018

[5] ibid

[6] ibid


Joan_Bolton_MEK_Massoud_Rajavi_Maryam_RajaviThe Enemy of My Enemy is NOT Always My Friend… 

Mojahed Khalq Brother John Bolton has a memory lapse

زهره قائمی فرمانده ترور صیاد شیرازیBBC: Who are the Iranian dissident group MEK? (Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, PMOI, …) 

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Torture And Abuse In The MKO Camps (+ Maryam Rajavi Intimidating The Defectors in Albania)


Raport policor mbi situaten e muxhahedineve iraniane ne ShqiperiNejat Society, April29 2018:… According to the report, one of the insiders of the group asserts that each van has certain passengers who leave the group’s camp in the morning and get back at night on a regular schedule. Defectors who see the vans in their neighborhood are concerned about their lives. They guess that the suspected passengers of the vans seek to pursue the defectors getting information … 

Raport policor mbi situaten e muxhahedineve iraniane ne ShqiperiPolice Report on the Situation of the Iranian Mojahedin in Albania (aka MEK, MKO, Rajavi cult …)

Albania! Be Careful Of Torture And Abuse In The MKO Camps

Nejat Society, April 29 2018:
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When in May2005, the Human Rights Watch published the NO Exit report on the human rights abuses committed by the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/MEK/ PMOI/ the Cult of Rajavi), the group’s propaganda made efforts to deny the facts that were testified based on numerous testimonies by former members of the group. The HRW responded to the allegations of the group’s propaganda and its paid supporters in a detailed report in February 2006.

The report revealed cases of human rights abuses inside the MKO’s military camps in Iraq from 1991 to February 2003, prior to the fall of their former landlord Saddam Hussein .One of the most horrific cases of imprisonment and torture in Camp Ashraf was Parviz Ahmadi who died due to severe beating and torture.

The death of Parviz is meticulously explained in the newly published book by Mohsen Zaal, titled “the Organization of Massoud” based on the testimonies of former members of the MKO:

“In another case, Parviz Ahmadi is picked up by Asadullah Mosana’s Jeep after he comes back from a dentist’s office in Baghdad. Under the pretext that the female commander Batul Rajaiee has summoned him, he is taken to prison. He is interrogated at the very night and is thrown in the cell after a few hours with torn clothes, swollen face and beaten body. He is being severely tortured even in the corridor to the cell where some of the men who are under his command are imprisoned too.

“He is faced with people who were once under his command and now he is beaten and accused of spying before their eyes. This is a disaster for him; he cries all night long. In the morning, one of the men of his unit tries to sympathize with him offer sympathy to him. This is a very unique rare moment in the organization. Two comrades get close to each other and make a personal and humane relationship rather than organizational relations which is dominated by cold regulations and duties.[…]

“Parviz accepts the cigarettes his cellmates offers him although he is not a smoker. Speaking sadly he tells them that he is accused of being the agent of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry to assassinate the Ideological leader [Massoud Rajavi]. However, some of the prisoners guess that this is a test to select operatives for the next cross border operation teams. Some others think that this is an ideological test to evaluate member’s loyalty to the organization and the leader.

“The next day Parvis is taken by Mokhtar and Nariman for interrogation an hour before Iftar [the meal after sunset in Ramadan fast] and is thrown back to the cell hours after midnight at Sahar [the meal before sunrise in Ramadan]. His catastrophic condition shocks his cellmates. He is just identifiable by his clothes. His face is awfully swollen and bruised, his nose and ears are broken and bloody. He cannot breathe by his nose. He cannot open his swollen injured eyes. Fingers are broken, hands are bruised up to elbows. His pants are torn. Legs are wounded and completely bruised. The cellmates try to help him to breathe better. They ask Mokhtar to give them some warm water but he refuses saying that “this mercenary is showing off. He is OK”. Then he closes the window of the cell and leaves. Parviz gets a seizure and passes away in the arms of one of his comrades before the tearing eyes of his cellmates. They call to Mokhtar. He takes Parviz’s dead body to the corridor indifferently. After a while Mokhtar gets back and tells Parviz’s cellmates,” Save Parviz’ meal. He will get back”. But Parviz never gets back to the cell and is not seen in the group anymore. (Jamali/ 6)

“After the death of Parviz, Massoud Rajavi brings up his case in a meeting. Admiring him, Massoud calls Parviz a martyr. He claims that Parviz has been killed in a clash with Iranian forces in Kermanshah. He even gives some details on the location and the way he was killed. (Mesdaghi/ 92/136)”

According to the writer of “the Organization of Massoud”, imprisonment and eventually torture and assassination of the rank and file increased after the dissension was on the rise in the group. During the 1990s a large number of members had started challenging the group’s attitudes. So a large number of members were arrested by the authorities of the group under the charge of being the agents of the Iranian government. The estimated number of detainees mounts from 250 to 800 people. The number is not clear because imprisonments were secret until the fall of Saddam Hussein.

That situation is very similar to the conditions ruling inside the group in Albania now. There are a large number of dissident members who seek to leave the group but they are intimidated by the group leaders who use any tools to keep members in the Cult of Rajavi.

The Albanian government and the UNHCR authorities should be watchful about what is going on inside the MKO. Human rights violations are committed in the destructive cults on the daily basis. The MKO is actually proved to be a destructive cult and documented facts about various cases of human rights abuses including the HRW report are quiet accessible to everyone.

By Mazda Parsi

The MKO Leaders Keep On Intimidating The Defectors Of Their Cult

Nejat Society, April 28 2018:
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The authorities of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO, MEK, the PMOI, the Cult of Rajavi) intimidate those who left the group in Tirana.

The MKO authorities have bought some van cars in order to patrol in the locations where the defectors live in Tirana, one of the defectors of the group stated in a post on Sahar Family Foundation.

According to the report, one of the insiders of the group asserts that each van has certain passengers who leave the group’s camp in the morning and get back at night on a regular schedule.

Defectors who see the vans in their neighborhood are concerned about their lives. They guess that the suspected passengers of the vans seek to pursue the defectors getting information about their activities.

These survivors of the cult of Rajavi have the evidences of the group’s pervious violent acts against the defectors. The group’s agents had attacked them abusing them verbally and physically.

The writer of the post on SFF asks the Albanian government and the UNHCR to supervise the MKO preventing it from intimidating its former members.


Mojahedin_Khalq_MKO_MEKNCRI_Maryam_Rajavi_cult_AlbaniaTestimony of three Mojahedin: The truth about the MEK (Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, NCRI, Maryam Rajavi cult)

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MEPs discuss Mojahedin-E-Khalq (MEK) Threat in #Albania (Full report) 

EUReporter_MEPs_Discuss_Mojahedin_E_Khalq_MEK_Threat_In_AlbaniaEU Reporter, Brussels, EU Parliament, April 14 2018:… Experts and political representatives from Albania were in the European Parliament on Tuesday 10thApril, asking Europe for help in preventing the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) from toxifying their country’s internal and foreign relations. MEPs Ana Gomes and Patricia Lalonde hosted a round-table meeting titled ‘Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) threat in Albania’ to discuss the problem … 

124 Iranian members of MEK have escaped and asked for asylum from Albanian policeAlbanian Police report: 124 Iranian members of MEK have escaped and asked for asylum

پارلمان اروپا چلسه تهیدات مجاهدین خلق برای آلبانیMojahedin threat for Albania – debate in the European Parliament (aka MEK, MKO, NCRI, Rajavi cult …)

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MEPs discuss Mojahedine-E Khalq (MEK) Threat in #Albania

EU Reporter Correspondent | April 13, 2018

Mojahedin threat for Albania – debate in the European Parliament (aka MEK, MKO, NCRI, Rajavi cult …)

Experts and political representatives from Albania were in the European Parliament on Tuesday 10thApril, asking Europe for help in preventing the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) from toxifying their country’s internal and foreign relations. MEPs Ana Gomes and Patricia Lalonde hosted a round-table meeting titled ‘Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) threat in Albania’ to discuss the problem.

Participants included a UNHCR representative, Albanian opposition politicians, representatives from the Albanian embassy, the Albanian Delegation in parliament, from EU security, and reporters from various media.

MEPs Ana Gomes and Patricia Lalonde

MEPs Ana Gomes and Patricia Lalonde

Ms Gomes told delegates that she organised the debate because EU relations with Iran are very important, especially with the JCPOA agreement, and for human rights. This is a very different approach from the MEK which advocates regime change from outside the country.

Gomes explained that she first got to know the MEK from its recent time in Iraq where the group had interfered detrimentally in Iraq’s internal affairs. Based on her experience as a former diplomat in the UN Security Council and the UN Commission on Human Rights she was asked to write a report on Iraq in 2007-8. She found the MEK held hostage Iraq’s political relations. Even a visiting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for George W Bush agreed that MEK was a dangerous organisation.

Gomes mentioned that as head of UNAMI, Martin Kobler tried to work out a solution in Iraq, but was “miserably” attacked by MEK. He found he could not get access to the members to find out what they wanted as individuals. MEK would not allow the normal interviews that the UNHCR conduct.

MEK has new sources of funding after Saddam Hussein and is active in the EUP. Several colleagues tried to prevent today’s meeting. The MEK seem to have free rein in parliament to lobby every day. I am trying to find out by asking the EUP president, which MEPs are providing them access.

Before introducing the speakers, MS Gomes told delegates that when she hosted Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi, she asked her if the MEK are a genuine opposition group. Ebadi was very clear that this group has no credibility among Iranians.


Nicola Pedde, Rome based Institute for Global Studies

Nicola Pedde, Rome based Institute for Global Studies

Nicola Pedde, Rome based Institute for Global Studies, provided background context to Albania’s dilemma by describing how he had successfully intervened in Italy to put a stop to the MEK’s deceptive campaigns to corrupt politicians and toxify Italy’s political debate on Iran with their fake information and unwanted regime change agenda.

When the MEK and Maryam Rajavi had free access to the Italian parliament, invited by various government agencies, they gathered signatures from around 70% of MPs. But after interviewing these members it was found that most MPs did not remember signing or what they signed for. Only five members deliberately supported the MEK. There was misuse of members’ ignorance on Iran issues. Such letters were used to increase the MEK’s infiltration inside institutions where they could toxify the bilateral relations and debate between the Italian Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now Italy has strong relations with Iran, not only economic but political level too.

This toxification was to make businesses and politicians believe that any dealings with Iran will be risky or even bring up conflict. This affected parliament and the media. Since the MEK arrived in Albania it is clear they are trying to exactly replicate the methods there. They are approaching MPs, media and opinion makers, everyone who has a role in influencing the political and social debate in Albania. It is a very small country with economic and security problems. Risking involvement in something against the national interest. Two years ago, few Albanians even knew the name of the group. Now there is the capacity of influencing parliament with information which is produced in a way to derail the interests of the country toward the Iranian government.

We have a camp and a huge amount of people who can be active in the country. They can affect the capacity of the government to stand by its own decisions.

In our experience. One of the questions about this group is ‘What is its final aim’? There is no future for them in Iran, they have no capacity to reach the Iranian population. No capacity to play a role bigger than the one they play today. It is merely about maintaining the status quo. In order to keep power, money and relevance but without escalating it to the point of it actually changing the debate on Iran. That would be too risky for them and expose the fact there is no place for them in the future of Iran. Their influence is unprecedented in Europe, with their cultish approach. Their ability to toxify the debate is increasing in the current atmosphere. The Albanian experience is another aspect of the ability of Europe in dealing with the group.

Olsi Jazexhi, Director of the Free Media Institute in Tirana

Olsi Jazexhi, Director of the Free Media Institute in Tirana

MEK arrived in Albania under a secret agreement with US and Albanian government. They began to recruit politicians, musicians, students, members of civil society, activists, even Leftists and Communists and paid them come to their events. The MEK rented accommodation from one of the mafia gangs.

When some MEK began to desert the group because they do not believe in the MEK’s jihad any more, I and my wife, who is a lawyer, tried to help them. Albanian people are afraid of jihadi violence and they don’t want them in their country. The irony is that the Albanian government prosecutes those who want to join the jihad in Syria but does nothing to curtail the MEK, which is something the media have queried. Another issue is that refugees from other countries have shown that they want to integrate into Albanian society. The MEK do not want to integrate. They have come as a terrorist organisation and will commit acts of terrorism in the future. They live in a paramilitary camp and their leader Maryam Rajavi every day breaks the law of Albania by calling for jihad against a foreign country. This has resulted in Sunni leaders asking, if MEK can pursue jihad, why can’t we?

Another problem is the blackmailing of Albanian media. When Anne Khodabandeh had media interviews about who the MEK are, the MEK approached the media and told them, we are the MEK and you must not broadcast these interviews. This is outrageous because we have full freedom of speech in Albania. When Top Channel broadcast interviews with former MEK who said they wanted help from the UNHCR and Albanian government to deradicalize, the MEK accused Albania’s biggest TV station of being bought by Iran. But the MEK never accept to debate with anyone.

The MEK create fake news and information and distribute it to Albanian media. They created a campaign to say that because we are talking in the EUP today this has created the risk of a terrorist attack against the MEK in Albania.

The MEK are also attacking intellectuals. Albania is a country of religious tolerance. The MEK sent anti-terrorist police to break up a New Year celebration and arrest two veteran Iranian journalists and accuse them of terrorism. This shameful incident ended only after intervention by the president.

EU parliament, which has a lot of influence in Albania, should ask the Albanian government to demand the MEK abandon their violent jihad, to integrate into our society and to accept the values of democracy. The MEK must end the intimidation, calls for terrorism, lies and misinformation and fake news in Albania. They must dismantle their paramilitary organisation. And if Maryam Rajavi and those like Struan Stevenson disagree with us, they should deal with us in a democratic way. They must come and debate with us. I ask you as Europeans to put the utmost pressure on the Albanian government to save us from this very strange terrorist organisation.

Migena Balla, Lawyer B&B Stutio Legale in Tirana

Migena Balla, Lawyer B&B Stutio Legale in Tirana

Describes how she has tried to help those MEK who have left the organisation to establish a new life for themselves. We contacted the UNHCR and other agencies who could help but it was very difficult. We asked Geneva for help for these people who have no legal status or economic support in Albania. We finally got an interview with the director of the UNHCR in Albania. He first said we cannot do anything, only offer them food and shelter for six months. He could not say what should happen to them after six months. He confirmed that the Albanian government does not give legal status to these people. The UNHCR is still reluctant to deal with these people.

Instead, the former members’ families are helping them. Those who have families with money are supported, but those without this support are even sleeping in the streets. The MEK are paying some of them but they have no bank accounts, so they get this in cash. It is not clear how this money is arriving in Albania for the MEK.

The MEK have full control over their own members. If they try to contact their families, they will be ejected from the group. Anyone who speaks about them is accused of being agents of the Iranians. Why is nobody objecting? You are not Albanian, but you come to my country and accuse me of being an agent of Iran. I don’t care about Iran, but I do care what happens in my country of Albania. This MEK activity of threatening jihad against Iran, including Americans like Rudi Giuliani who come and clearly threaten Iran. The MEK is performing illegal activity in Albania which wants to be an EU member.

How can the MEK bring democracy to Iran when they do not have any democracy inside themselves? The MEK are not free to move around, get a job or have a family. My government cannot provide them with a civil life because they have no legal status or work permit. They were brought to Albania only with a piece of paper. They are being forced to stay with the group against their will. Their movements and activities are strictly controlled by the MEK. This is like a prison happening right in front of our eyes. Every day they are training, they go running. How can I believe this is not a military group in training?

One of the relatives who came to Albania to make contact with one of his family in MEK was arrested by the police. This is helping the MEK because it makes people afraid.

Anne Khodabandeh, Open Minds, De-Radicalisation Consultant

Anne Khodabandeh, Open Minds, De-Radicalisation Consultant

Starting with an explanation of the state of MEK graves, both in Albania and Iraq, the presentation highlighted the unaccountability of the MEK. In Iraq, many of the hundreds of graves were found to be fake, the contents did not correspond with the stones, some had no bodies, others had two or three. The official numbers of MEK who have arrived in Albania are also vague and imprecise. The US detained 3800 in 2003. After ten years of attrition due to dissociation, conflict, deaths by natural causes, suicides and murder, the UNHCR brought a total of 2901 individuals to Albania in September 2016. By the end of the year this number reduced to 2745.

A police report which quoted this figure also tried to account for the membership. But the numbers do not add up. These discrepancies demonstrate that we don’t know how many there are. By this account there are certainly fewer than 2500 loyal MEK members. Most of these have now been taken to the closed camp Ashraf Three to which we have no access. These numbers matter because we don’t actually know who they are. So, Senator Robert Torricelli, a MEK supporter, claims there are 4,000 MEK in Camp Ashraf Three. Where did they come from?

The police evaluated the MEK as deeply indoctrinated and having taken part in war and trained for terrorism. They know the group is dangerous but cannot keep track of them. Due to the work of investigative journalist Gjergji Thanasi we know the MEK’s activities in Albania are illegal. They do not have permits or pay taxes. He also discovered that America plans to bring more jihadis to Albania, this time the widows and orphans of killed Daesh members.

Journalists who filmed the new camp were not allowed near. Even Albanian authorities, including the police and security services are not allowed inside the camp without MEK permission and escorts. The UNHCR cannot go in and check on the state of the people there. Thanasi also discovered through planning permission permits issued by the Land Registry that Camp Ashraf Three is to have three-and-a-half-meter perimeter walls with guard turrets, a small-arms shooting range and reinforced concrete armoury, as well as a helipad. Things consistent with a military training camp.

It is also not possible for MEK members to leave the camp without permission or escort. They are essentially trapped in there. The people in the camp are living in conditions of modern slavery, like MEK everywhere. This means that the people who come to the European Parliament are actual slaves. We are familiar with the idea of sex slaves or cannabis farm slaves, but these are a genre of political slaves. They don’t get paid, they don’t have rights, like holidays, pensions, healthcare. No family relations are allowed. In fact, you can say that every single right in the UN Declaration of Human Rights is denied to them.

We know that most MEK members would like to leave and would do so if they had somewhere to go. The Albanian government doesn’t support them. UNHCR support is very limited. The UN International Organization for Migration says it is not responsible for them, even though they are foreign nationals brought from a second country to a third country.

The MEK leaders keep them in the camp through imprisonment, coercion and psychological manipulation. Why keep these people if they are so much trouble? The reason must be that two thousand people provide cover for around fifty highly radicalized members who are trained and willing to die and kill to order. The trouble is that, as has been shown, we don’t know exactly who they are because none of the residents have any recorded identity or legal status in the country.

The MEK’s raison d’être is terrorism, violent regime change. That’s what they are there for.

Maryam Rajavi can do as she likes, have people killed, send them here there and everywhere. But in the bigger world, in Albania and in Europe, who is responsible for them? Whatever they do, who must answer for them?

MEP Patricia Lalonde made the closing remarks.

The MEK presence in the EU parliament is very disturbing because of its history of interference in the internal affairs of Iraq. This is also happening in Europe. In France the failure to curtail the MEK in politics has resulted in problems in French and Iranian relations. The MEK must not be allowed to interfere in politics or economic relations.

She told delegates that in 1998 as an MP in the French parliament she had found some sympathy for the MEK cause as a feminist. When she attended an MEK rally she was told how to walk and where to stand and it felt like being in a cult, like in ‘1984’. She cut all contact with the MEK. However, when she was elected as an MEP a year ago, Lalonde was shocked that the first thing to greet her, stuffed under her door, was paper to sign for the MEK. ‘I said, “Oh my God! Are they still alive”.’ It is not acceptable that they are interfering in parliament.



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MEK_Graves_Tiran_AlbaniaAnne Khodabandeh (Singleton), Balkan Post, Marcy 23 2018:… In Albania last week, two Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) members asked permission from their commanders to leave their base, Camp Ashraf Three in Manza, to visit the graves of MEK buried on the outskirts of Tirana. After leaving the camp they travelled to the UNHCR in Tirana to ask for refuge. They are now living among over two hundred other dissociated members in Tirana. This event tells us several disturbing things about the MEK in Albania … 

تیرانا آلبانی مجاهدین خلق فرقه رجوی تروریسم فساد قاچاقAlbania’s Modern Slavery Problem Alienates Europe

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Albanian media fooled by MEK ‘misdirection’ (aka Mojahedin Khalq, Rajavi cult, MKO, NCRI …)
MEK leader Maryam Rajavi (who took over after the death of the cult leader Massoud Rajavi)

In Albania last week, two Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) members asked permission from their commanders to leave their base, Camp Ashraf Three in Manza, to visit the graves of MEK buried on the outskirts of Tirana. After leaving the camp they travelled to the UNHCR in Tirana to ask for refuge. They are now living among over two hundred other dissociated members in Tirana.

فبرستان موقت مجاهدین خلق فرقه مریم رجوی در تیرانا آلبانیGraves of MEK buried on the outskirts of Tirana

This event tells us several disturbing things about the MEK in Albania.

First, that MEK members must ask permission for an activity as simple as visiting a graveyard. Second, that members are trying to escape the group. Conditions inside Camp Ashraf Three are difficult to independently ascertain. It is a closed camp. Not even government agencies such as security services and customs are allowed inside. The UNHCR cannot freely visit and inspect the premises. But according to conversations with dissociated members in Albania, it seems the residents are suffering the same conditions as they did in Iraq. There they were held in conditions of modern slavery and forced to undertake work for the group with no pay. Every aspect of their everyday lives was dictated by the leader Maryam Rajavi (who took over after the death of the cult leader Massoud Rajavi); who they spoke with, what they believed in and even what they ate and wore.

The event also alerts us to the fact that many MEK are dying in Albania. According to dissociated members speaking anonymously, there are three times as many deaths by natural causes in Albania as there were in Iraq. In Iraq the MEK excuse was “no doctors”. It would be interesting to discover what the MEK excuse is now.

One reason, of course, is that many of the MEK are elderly, many are sick. The average age of MEK members is above 60. At this age most people would be looking forward to a comfortable and relaxed retirement, to allow the younger generation to take over their work. Not the MEK. They have no younger generation after forced divorces and the removal of children left an ageing polity. Members must work until they die. Recruitment has proved extremely difficult because the group is hated by almost all Iranians. As a result, the MEK resorts to deceptive recruitment and coercive control for maintaining members.

One aspect of this deception is that rather than being ‘refugees’ as the MEK claim, the members have legal status in Albania. The government of Iraq did not allow them refugee status in Iraq because they are terrorists. They were brought to Albania by the UNHCR without travel documents; each migrant was given a piece of paper stating, ‘on humanitarian grounds’. Similarly, the government of Albania does not allow the MEK members or ex-members to be given either refugee status or residence or work permits. The secret agreement between Albania, the US and the MEK leader struck in 2013 included the provision for de-radicalisation once the members arrived in Tirana. This did not happen; the earmarked budget remains untouched in the American embassy, the MEK remain radicalised for terrorism.

The graveyard also raises another disturbing issue. There are sixteen public graves. It is reported that many others have since died but the MEK now buries them inside Camp Ashraf Three. It has already been ascertained that independent investigation cannot take place there, so it is not known how many graves there are. In Iraq there were hundreds.

The number of graves matters. When the US army detained the MEK in 2003, there were 3,800 members. (See  RAND Corporation – The  Mujahedin-e Khalq  in Iraq A Policy Conundrum, Summary xiii.) Over the next fifteen years, attrition of members through dissociation, conflict, deaths by natural causes, suicide and murder meant that when the UNHCR brought the last group of MEK to Albania in September 2016, the total number relocated was 2,901 individuals with 2,745 remaining at the end of that year. Since then well over two hundred have left; some departed Albania, around two hundred remain destitute in the country.

However, according to a report from US Senator Robert Torricelli, an official representative of the MEK, there are currently over four thousand MEK in Camp Ashraf Three. Where did the extra numbers come from? Are these MEK or are they the widows and orphans of killed Daesh members which investigative journalist Gjergji Thanasi discovered were destined to be the next controversial influx of undesirables dumped on Albania by the Americans. Have some already arrived?

Thanasi made the discovery while investigating import permit irregularities linked to the construction of MEK’s closed Camp Ashraf Three. This led to the further discovery that MEK is not registered for tax and does not conform to any Albanian law or customs or morals. And since the MEK members are not registered anywhere – they have no identification documents, have no work permits and pay no taxes – they could be anyone. The four thousand residents of Camp Ashraf Three – with its small-arms firing range, reinforced concrete armoury, three-meter wall and guard turrets – could be literally anyone.

Yet instead of investigating this disturbing situation, with some notable exceptions, Albania’s media have seen fit to uncritically publish the MEK’s defamatory statements aimed at silencing critics and diverting attention from their criticisms. When confidence tricksters do this, it is called ‘misdirection’; divert the attention of the target while they are robbed. When the MEK do it, it is called politics.

If it was the intention of some Albanian media outlets to politicise the MEK presence in the country, and by doing so bring the conflict between America, Israel and Saudi Arabia with Iran, to Tirana, then they have succeeded. However, it is surely not the role of an independent, objective media to act as a mouthpiece for any side. It is far more fitting for serious journalism to investigate the serious and evidenced allegations of human rights abuses, modern slavery, tax evasion, people trafficking, political corruption and facilitating terrorism which are levelled against the MEK, and report the facts to their country’s citizens.


Anne Khodabandeh, is an expert in anti-terrorist activities and a long-standing activist in the field of deradicalization of extremists. She has written several articles and books on this subject, along with her husband, who is of Iranian origin.



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    Maryam Rajavi Saddam's private army NCRIAssociated Press, February 16 2017:… The group at one point successfully infiltrated the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, according to a State Department report. And a series of bombings attributed to the MEK accompanied visits by presidents Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter to Iran, including one to target an American cultural center. In 1973, MEK assailants wearing motorcycle helmets shot dead U.S. Army Lt. …

    Wesley Martin Mojahedin Khlq Rajavi cult 1Iran Interlink, February 15 2017:… The following OpEd by MEK advocate Col. Wes Martin was published first in The Hill, followed by Mojahedin Khalq’s “Iran Probe” and the “NCRI” websites. Iran Interlink has published it here as indication of how hysteria has become the new normal in American published writing. A form of madness appears to have infected US politics and now all and sundry are dancing …

    Col. Jack Turner Col. Paul ShafferMassoud Khodabandeh, Huffington Post, February 07 2017:… He also signals that his war is not with ISIS but with the country Iran. Donald Trump rose to victory in part on the promise to take on ISIS and defeat the group. Yet ISIS cannot be defeated except by a coalition of forces that includes Iran. The facts on the ground in Syria and Iraq demonstrate unequivocally that ISIS forces in Aleppo and Mosul have been defeated largely due to the involvement

    Gazeta Impakt, Albania, Translated by Iran Interlink,  January 01 2017:… According to Fatos Klosi, former director of the National Intelligence Service, the American CIA chief has warned Albania that Donald Trump will renounce support for the MEK terrorists and it will be the Albanian Government itself which must deal with internal security and must confront a group trained militarily from the time of Saddam Hussein …

    مسعود خدابندهMassoud Khodabandeh, Huffington Post, December 24 2016:… That can only happen if journalists and investigatory bodies (human rights, nuclear experts, war crimes, etc) are able to base their work on facts and not the fake and fictionalised fantasies of stooges like the MEK, which are clearly designed to misinform on these issues. The information laundry cycle is not difficult to follow – the Washington Times takes its report …

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    Massoud & Anne Khodabandeh, Huffington Post, July 14 2016:… Whether Rajavi is already dead or now killable is not known – only he can answer this – but he and his whole organisation are certainly now, body and soul, in the capable hands of the Saudi Prince. If he is still alive, Rajavi’s only role is to act as go-between to instruct his wife what she must do on behalf of the Saudis. If he is dead

    Maryam RajaviMassoud Khodabandeh, Huffington Post, July 08 2016:… Clearly this message is not aimed at Iranians. The clamour for regime change in Iran does not emanate from inside the country in spite of its many social, civic and political problems. Who then is Maryam Rajavi’s constituency? Fro

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