Albanian MEK Twitter Bots . New Social Media Policies not Affecting Them? 

Helen Buyniski, Russia Today, February 08 2020:… While this would seem to outlaw the tactics of groups like Sleeping Giants whose literal goal is to get those it unilaterally deems ‘fascists’ deplatformed by ginning up outrage mobs against them, Twitter is unlikely to defend the victims of such groups, if pastbehavior is any indication. Which begs the question: what constitutes ‘serious harm’, or for that matter ‘public safety’, and who determines what is likely to result in it? Twitter has allowed faux-Iranian bots operated by the anti-Tehran Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) cult to run rampant on the platform, demanding an American invasion of “their” country – some of which have been retweeted by Trump himself as “proof” the Iranian people want regime change. Albanian MEK Twitter Bots