Anniversary Of Mersad Operation By Rajavi And Saddam

Alireza Niknam, Geopolitica, July 28 2020:… After Iran agreed to the terms of UN Resolution 598[1], Saddam Hussein confessed at a closed-meeting that he fully intended to renege on the terms of the ceasefire to strike Iran when it the least expected. Wafiq al-Samarraee, then the head of the Iraqi army intelligence agency and director of military intelligence for Iran noted: “President Saddam, at a special secret meeting at the Ministry of Defense told us: ‘if we succeed in overthrowing the Iranian government, Kuwait will join Iraq, so there is a historic opportunity for a massive attack to overthrow the Iranian regime and changing it with a new government which we will elect [2].” Anniversary Of Mersad Operation By Massoud Rajavi And Saddam Hussein