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Aims of Iran-Interlink – to inform as widely as possible about the real nature of the Iranian Mojahedin Khalq cult and to act as a pressure group in this regard – to help individuals who wish to leave the Mojahedin to find refuge in a country where they will feel safe and secure – to help those who leave to come to terms with their experiences within the Mojahedin and to re-establish themselves as members of the wider community in which they come to live with a viable and independent lifestyle – to reconcile and reunite people who leave the Mojahedin with their family and friends, by mutual consent, and to involve established Iranians in helping these vulnerable people




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MEK From Terrorist Cult To State Dept Partner

Posted on: 2019/06/25

Alexander Rubinstein, Mint Press News, June 25 2019:… Virtually every investigation into the so-called “People’s Mujahedeen” — whether by think tanks, NGOs, or the media — concludes that their support inside of Iran is virtually non-existent. The group participated in the revolution against the Shah but was not invited to the table as a new government was being formed. And so they rebelled, engaging in a campaign of terror marked with assassination attempts against Iranian, U.S. and Jordanian officials. They bombed many businesses. Three U.S. military officials were killed; as were three contractors, and that was prior to the revolution. Afterwards, MEK attacks would see as many as 70 high-ranking officials from other political parties killed. Suicide attacks and assassinations continued. Eventually, the MEK sided with Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq war and was responsible for scores of Iranian casualties. This is largely credited as the reason the group is so widely despised in Iran. MEK From Terrorist Cult To State Dept Partner 

MKO Saudi colluded over Tanker Attack

Posted on: 2019/06/23

Iran Front Page, June 22 2019:… In the audio, which is being released by the Iran Front Page for the first time, Shahram Fakhteh, an official member and the person in charge of MKO’s cyber operations, is heard talking with a US-based MKO sympathizer named Daei-ul-Eslam in Persian. Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization, and Saudi Arabia have colluded  to frame Iran for the recent tanker attacks in the Persian Gulf. MKO which has assassinated over 17,000 Iranians receives support from the US and its allies in the region, including Saudi Arabia . MKO Saudi colluded over Tanker Attack 

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – June 21, 2019

Posted on: 2019/06/22

Iran Interlink, June 21 2019:… Today, 21 June, marks the MEK’s annual celebration of armed struggle. Not only did France not allow the MEK to rally at Villepinte, the group’s planned street demonstration was also banned. An advertised demonstration in Germany was also not allowed to go ahead. The only place MEK gathered in Europe was in Brussels. Except for the MEK’s own propaganda outlets there was no English language coverage. Iran Interlink Weekly Digest 

Mujahedeen Khalq MEK in Washington

Posted on: 2019/06/21

Reid Champlin Open secrets, June 21 2019:… Recent documents in accordance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act reveal that the council, the political arm of opposition group Mujahedeen Khalq or MEK, has been hosting opulent events at the National Press Club and elsewhere, publicizing itself through national and international media, and meeting with dozens of current and former government officials, all with the end goal of toppling the current Iranian government and rising to power in its place

US-Backed MEK Used for Manipulation

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Nejat Society, June 21 2019:… twitter has turned out to be a field for a “troll farm” of a thousand people inside the camps of Mujahedin Khalq (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Rajavi’s Cult) who work in three shifts to launch anti Iran disinformation advocating war and sanctions against Iran. Former member of the group Hassan Heirani who left it in 2017 has revealed the fact to various news outlets including the Guardian (November 2018) that have interviewed him.

Maryam Rajavi MEK Cult Fake Journalists

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Philip Giraldi, Global Research, June 21 2019:… MEK, which is financially supported by Saudi Arabia, stages events in the United States in Europe where it generously pays politicians like John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and Elaine Chao to make fifteen-minute speeches praising the organization and everything it does. Maryam Rajavi MEK Cult Fake Journalists 

Edi Rama Maryam Rajavi sue Journalists?

Posted on: 2019/06/18

Gjergji Thanasi, Gazeta Impakt, Tirana, Albania, June 18 2019:… Former terrorist Maryam Rajavi, leader of the MEK organization of the so-called Iranian Mojahedin of Camp Manez, has filed a lawsuit against German Der Spiegel journalist, Louisa Hommerich, for her article titled ‘Prisoners of Their Own Rebellion’ published by Der Spiegel on February 16, 2019. Among other things, the MEK organization accused the reporter of having links to the secret service and repressive agencies of the Iranian regime. We quote the Mojahedin’s accusation in English against our German colleague. … Edi Rama Maryam Rajavi sue Journalists?  

MEK B Team and the Rogue Gallery  

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M. K. Bhadrakumar,, June 18 2019:… In this rogues’ gallery, apart from Israel, there is also Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Bolton, of course, is mentored by Israel and it is an established fact that he has received money for services rendered from the Mojahedin-e Khalq MEK, the anti-Iran terrorist group based in France, which espouses the overthrow of the Islamic regime in Tehran. MEK B Team and the Rogue Gallery  

MEK Impunity Undermining Democracy

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Massoud Khodabandeh, Lobe Log, June 18 2019:… This is the tip of the iceberg. MEK interference in the internal affairs of America goes well beyond online attacks on Iran. In 2016, the Organization of Iranian American Communities in the US—a front for the MEK—announced a “General Elections Mobilization Effort,” publicly urging its members to “fulfill their civic duty through active engagement in the 2016 general elections to help inform candidates of our communities’ policy priorities.” MEK Impunity Undermining America’s Democracy .

Iran : Disinformation and Fake MEK Writers

Posted on: 2019/06/17

Aljazeera News, June 17 2019:… As the Trump administration continues with its hawkish talk on Iran, we need to look at how that story is being crafted and by whom: Heshmat Alavi was once cited by the White House as a credible commentator on Iran. Shame he doesn’t exist. It turns out he is a fictional persona reportedly created by the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), a shadowy group opposed to the Iranian government and supported by Washington. Iran Disinformation and Fake MEK Writers