Author: Ali Alavi

Ali Alavi

Anne Anne, [13.03.19 11:20] I am Ali Alavi and I have an academic background but not to do with politics. I follow news about MEK because one of my relatives was involved with them. He is now out. But I don't think there is enough knowledge about what Iranians actually think about the organisation. I hope to write more about this to let people know about the different views.



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Mike Pence From Anti Saddam To lobbying for Saddam Private Army

Posted on: 2021/10/29

Ali Alavi, Iran Interlink, October 29 2021:… Speaking at a NCRI meeting is one way to illustrate Pence’s uncompromising stance on Iran and the JCPOA. Past speakers at NCRI events have included former national security adviser John Bolton, former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, and most recently Pompeo. His appearance is likely to draw criticism, too. Critics of the NCRI and MEK—both led my Maryam Rajavi since the disappearance of her husband Massoud Rajavi in 2003—dismiss the groups as fringe organizations with little support inside Iran. Tehran rejects the groups as terrorist organizations working on behalf of foreign powers .Lobbyist Mike Pence Mujahedin Saddam Hussein. 

Democracy MEK Style: Hypocrisy ( September 15, International Day of Democracy )

Posted on: 2021/09/17

Iran Interlink, September 17 2021:… In its 57-year existence, the MEK has never held an election among its members to choose its leaders or its policies. Massoud Rajavi destroyed all sense of normal opposition structure when he announced his sole leadership in 1985 and then converted the group into a mind control personality cult. Later, in a session with one candidate and open ‘voting’ resulting in 100% agreement, he appointed his wife, Maryam Rajavi as ‘president of the future Iran’ – a position she will hold “for life”. Not very democratic then. Democracy MEK Style: Hypocrisy

Afghan Refugees in Albania – Recruitment Fodder for the MEK

Posted on: 2021/09/13

Iran Interlink, September 12 2021:… Albania’s Prime Minister, Edi Rama, has welcomed 457 Afghan refugees in the country. They will be housed in Durres. America chose Albania to temporarily house these refugees, some of whom are destined for America. The Afghans will be vetted before being accepted in the US. Those who don’t make the grade will be settled in Albania. Albania is notorious as the backyard for US dirty work – a hub for financing, recruitment and training and dispatching ‘good’ terrorists. That’s why the terrorist cult Mojahedin Khalq (MEK) is based there. Afghan Refugees in Albania – Recruitment Fodder for the MEK. 

Human Rights Watch Report (2005) – MEK Survivor: I was Imprisoned For 45 days

Posted on: 2021/09/06

Human Rights Watch, September 06 2021: (Fist Published 2005):… Ali Ghashghavi joined the MKO as a fighter in Iraq in 1989. He was arrested in February 1995 during the “security clearance” phase and was imprisoned for four months in Camp Ashraf. He told Human Rights Watch of his experience during this period.. Human Rights Watch Report – MEK Survivor: I was Imprisoned For 45 days 

Maryam Rajavi’s lies flood the internet while Iranians struggle with reality

Posted on: 2019/04/03

Ali Alavi, Iran Interlink, April 03 2019:… After Khodabandeh pointed out MEK’s “lack of wit” Rajavi’s propaganda machine has woken up and started churning out breath-taking lies. Just what a nation in crisis needs. After first stupidly instructing flood victims to “resist” their rescuers (the Sepah or Pasdaran who by the way helped defeat Rajavi’s heroes Daesh on the ground, rescuing not only Iraq and Syria but the entire Iranian nation from this threat), Rajavi must have read Khodabandeh’s comments and realised that you can’t really expect people whose homes and livelihoods have been swept away in a flood to start a revolution. Not this time dear!

What do Iranians think of the MEK? (Mojahedin Khalq, MKO Rajavi cult)

Posted on: 2019/03/14

Ali Alavi, Iran Interlink, March 03 2019:… Reporters who talk about the MEK usually want to talk about the politics and the money. They say, for example, that John Bolton supports them, that they get money from Saudi Arabia, that they want regime change in Iran. Sometimes these reporters even mention Iranians. When they do, they say the MEK doesn’t have much support in Iran because of siding with Saddam Hussein in the war that ended in 1988. That’s all. Maybe they don’t say anything else because they don’t know anything else.