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Amy Coney Barrett, Trump, People of Praise & Mujahedin Khalq MEK

Posted on: 2020/11/10

Robert Fantina, CounterPunch, November 10 2020:… “From 2000 to 2001, Barrett was part of a team that represented the National Council of Resistance of Iran. The council was seeking a review of its then designation as a ‘foreign terrorist organization’ by the US government.” In 2012, the ‘terrorist’ designation was removed, and since then the MEK has received the support of prominent Republicans, including former National Security Advisor John Bolton and the erratic former New York City mayor, and now Trump attorney, Rudi Giuliani, who refers to the MEK as a ‘government in exile’. This statement is ludicrous; every reputable poll of Iranians, both those living in Iran and those in other nations, indicates that they oppose both the goals and tactics of the MEK. But as Trump’s attorney, one must not look too closely at facts. Amy Coney Barrett, Trump, People of Praise & Mujahedin Khalq MEK 

Americans Championed Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) . Why?

Posted on: 2020/03/09

James Bovard, Counterpunch, March 09 2020:… Bush officials and subsequent administration chose to champion the Iranian terrorist group, Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK). That organization sprang up in the 1960s and proceeded to kill Americans in the 1970s and to kill large numbers of Iranians in the subsequent decades. A 2004 FBI report noted that MEK continued to be “actively involved in planning and executing acts of terrorism.” NBC News reported in early 2012 that MEK carried out killings of Iranian nuclear scientists and that it “financed, trained and armed by Israel’s secret service.” Americans Championed Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) . Why?

The MEK in Albania

Posted on: 2019/12/28

Robert Fantina, Counter Punch, December 28 2019:… Massoud Rajavi, the founder of MEK is nowhere to be seen. People who study MEK believe that he is dead, probably because of an injury that the Americans inflicted on him in Iraq when MEK was on the side of Saddam Hussein and was considered a terrorist organization by the United States. Maryam Rajavi the widow of Massoud, who leads the cult-organization, does not make public appearances. She never comes out in streets and few Albanians know where she hides. It is believed that most of the time she stays with her cult commanders who run the everyday life of the mojahedins and their subversive activities against Iran and probably Iraq. The MEK in Albania 

The MEK : Illusion vs. Reality

Posted on: 2019/08/02

Robert Fantina, Counter Punch, August 02 2019:… The oddly named People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (known as the MKO or MEK), whose sole purpose is the overthrow of the people’s government of Iran, has been busy. Some of their members, who seem to be mainly elderly, are technologically savvy, and use social media to further their disgraceful cause. But they don’t just individually post to Facebook, Twitter and other sites; they establish accounts under a variety of names, and ‘tweet’ and post from them, thus giving the impression that the MEK has widespread support. The MEK : Illusion vs. Reality 

MEK Part of Mossad Assassination Teams

Posted on: 2019/07/29

Ted Snider , Counter Punch, July 29 2019:… Two senior officials in the Obama administration revealed to NBC news that the assassinations were carried out by the MEK. They also confirm that the MEK was being financed, armed and trained by the Israeli Mossad and that the assassinations were carried out with the awareness of the United States. The State, too, has secretly trained and supported the MEK. MEK Part of Mossad Assassination Teams