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Sunset in the Sunset : Narrative of the Oppression of Martyr Anis Nouri

Posted on: 2021/05/01

IRNA, May 01 2021:… Terrorism has victimized all over the world for many years and there is almost no society that has not been affected by the evil of this heinous phenomenon. In addition, Iran is one of the countries that has suffered a lot in this regard, and therefore, it is important to inform our society and the world about these tragedies. Because sometimes, over time, the crimes of terrorists are hidden among various news. Sunset in the Sunset 

Massoud Rajavi Dead Man Walking In Albania

Posted on: 2020/10/12

IRNA, October 12 2020:… The important point here is the new game MEK terrorists have started with the help of the CIA and Mossad. They publish the false news of Rajavi’s death, which is clearly part of a scenario. In all likelihood, Rajavi is still breathing somewhere – most probably in the US camp in Albania – and leading what is left of the group. It has been said that Rajavi’s appearance has changed: he has lost a lot of hair; his face is wrinkled; and now he wears glasses. Another sign that heightens the probability of his being alive is that fact those that were always alongside him in Iraq are all in Albania. The most important question is what is this cat-and-mouse game about his life and death for? Massoud Rajavi Dead Man Walking in Albania