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Aims of Iran-Interlink – to inform as widely as possible about the real nature of the Iranian Mojahedin Khalq cult and to act as a pressure group in this regard – to help individuals who wish to leave the Mojahedin to find refuge in a country where they will feel safe and secure – to help those who leave to come to terms with their experiences within the Mojahedin and to re-establish themselves as members of the wider community in which they come to live with a viable and independent lifestyle – to reconcile and reunite people who leave the Mojahedin with their family and friends, by mutual consent, and to involve established Iranians in helping these vulnerable people

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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – September 20, 2019

Posted on: 2019/09/21

Iran Interlink, September 20 2019:… Commentators’ reactions to the MEK’s anniversary celebration of the founders of the MEK say ‘how ridiculous it is to attach yourselves to the founders as they have nothing to do with what you are now. You are now mercenary force for Israel, Saudi and the US. The reason you can’t move beyond your own past is to do with internal problems not for commemorative reasons. Not a single thing you say has any correspondence with the past.’ Javad Firouzmand from Arya Association in Paris has broadcast an in-depth video which starts with the original ideology of the MEK  Weekly Digest Iran Interlink

My Day With The MEK in Albania

Posted on: 2019/09/18

Alice Taylor, The Balkanista, September 17 2019:… It was then, as I looked around I noticed that there were no other journalists present as I could not see any TV crews, no other people with press cards, no journalists I recognised, and I realised I hadn’t seen any media vans or cars in the car park. There was only the expensive video cameras and a couple of photographers who I believed were MEK members. Then the show began. MEK leader, Maryam Rajavi took to the stage amidst triumphant music, glitter cannons spitting out gold confetti into the audience, and the euphoric chants, flag-waving, and fist-pumping in perfect synchronicity of the uniformed, segregated, Iranian audience members. My Day With The MEK 

Maryam Rajavi devastated by Bolton’s departure

Posted on: 2019/09/17

Emad Abshenass, United World, September 17 2019:…Bolton participated in many Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization meetings and received more than $180,000 for a speech where he promised the members of this group (which is considered a terrorist organization in Iran and many other countries around the world) they would celebrate Nowruz (the Iranian New Year) together in Tehran. While the Iranians don’t expect that Trump will choose someone much better than Bolton as far as enmity against Iran goes, Bolton’s dismissal is nonetheless one major enemy out of the picture. Maryam Rajavi devastated by Bolton’s departure 

Netanyahu Miscalculations About Iran Will Cost Him Dearly

Posted on: 2019/09/09

Juan Cole, Truthdig, September 09 2019:… This economic and financial blockade was supposed to bring Iran to its knees, push it out of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and perhaps (it was hoped by some in Trump’s circles) even pave the way to the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran in favor of the Marxist-Islamic People’s Jihadis (Mohahedin-e Khalq or MEK, which is alleged to have ties to Israeli intelligence). Netanyahu Miscalculations About Iran Will Cost Him Dearly 

US government supports MEK , Iranian terrorist group

Posted on: 2019/09/05

Cyrus Shamloo, The Wilson Times, September 05 2019:… MEK terrorists, allied with sympathizers in Albania and Kosovo, have targeted Shi’a and Sufi Islamic institutions. It is also believed by some Albanian journalists, who have been intimidated by the Albanian government and MEK, that Ashraf 3 and Camp Bondsteel are being used to train MEK and other Middle Eastern mercenaries for a war against Iran to effect a NATO-led regime change operation. US government supports MEK , Iranian terrorist group 

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – August 30, 2019

Posted on: 2019/09/01

Iran Interlink, August 31 2019:… In Albania, a source inside MEK has informed Iran-Interlink that alongside the click farm work Rajavi has ordered some members to discover who leaked the incriminating photographs which we wrote about in Lobelog last week to the Iranian media. The way this is being done is through telephone calls. They change the way they speak so they can pass as officials in Iran who are ringing to congratulate reporters for their work and then ask who sent the photos. Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – August 30, 2019 

MEK Hopes Dashed as Iran Not Collapsing 

Posted on: 2019/08/31

Mazda Majidi, Liberation News, August 31 2019:… Bolton may promise the MKO or MEK , his favorite pro-U.S./Israel opposition force abroad, that he will meet with them in Tehran in a few months. But even Bolton must know that the conditions in Iran are nowhere near a collapse of the state. If anything, the Trump administration’s blatant violation of the JCPOA and the imposition of restrictions on Iranian citizens traveling into the U.S., has made it much harder for a pro-U.S. opposition force to gain any kind of traction in Iran, irrespective of the economic downturn. MEK Hopes Dashed as Iran Not Collapsing  

Camp Ashraf 3 Albania . MEK , ISIS , Al Qaeda Joint Terrorist Training Camp 

Posted on: 2019/08/26

Costantino Ceoldo, Pravda, August 26 2019:… The MEK is not independent of Washington.  The Ashraf-3 base opening was attended by many senior-level U.S. officials.  National Security Advisor John Bolton told the MEK at its 2017 conference in Albania, “Before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran”.  He was wrong. But John Bolton still intends to overthrow Iran. I am not convinced that Iran was behind the tanker attacks.  The attacks seemed staged and implausible.  In one case, the State Department insisted the Kokuka Courageous was damaged by Iranian magnetic mines.  But tanker crew said that flying ordnance pierced the ship’s hull.  The holes pierced the ship above the waterline.  That means the magnetic mines had to jump up from the water and cling to the ship’s side.  It seems that a covert intelligence action was the more likely source of the damage. Camp Ashraf 3 Albania . MEK , ISIS , Al Qaeda Joint Terrorist Training Camp  

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – August 23, 2019

Posted on: 2019/08/24

Iran Interlink, August 24 2019:… This week suddenly the MEK’s websites – such as Iran Efshagar (notorious for swearing and bad language) have started attacking this man with foul language, swearing at him, his daughter, his wife and trying to silence him by defamation and swearing. MEK has filled Google (Farsi) with it. Akbarinsab replied, all very well and good, but you still haven’t answered my questions or concerns have you. Farsi commentators have also reacted. Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – August 23, 2019

Amb. John Limbert on Iran and the U.S. – Transcription

Posted on: 2019/08/22

Iran Interlink from Asieh Namdar, CGTN, August 22 2019:… AN: Let me move on to Bolton and Giuliani, Rudi Giuliani’s relationship with this group, that calls itself an opposition group. Many inside Iran have deep distrust of the MEK. They consider it a cult. Giuliani and Bolton have taken payments from this group. Members of Trump’s inner circle though Ambassador seem to believe MEK could potentially become the country’s future leader.. JL: Well, I guess, if you liked Jonestown, and if you liked the Khmer Rouge, you would love the MEK. That’s the way I see them. I mean, if it wasn’t for . Amb. John Limbert on Iran and the U.S.