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Aims of Iran-Interlink – to inform as widely as possible about the real nature of the Iranian Mojahedin Khalq cult and to act as a pressure group in this regard – to help individuals who wish to leave the Mojahedin to find refuge in a country where they will feel safe and secure – to help those who leave to come to terms with their experiences within the Mojahedin and to re-establish themselves as members of the wider community in which they come to live with a viable and independent lifestyle – to reconcile and reunite people who leave the Mojahedin with their family and friends, by mutual consent, and to involve established Iranians in helping these vulnerable people




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Swedish Judicial System on Trial – Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – Sep 10, 2021

Posted on: 2021/09/11

Iran Interlink, September 11  2021:… The trial of Hamid Nouri in Sweden has again thrown up questions about the neutrality of the Swedish judicial system. Examining conditions pertaining to this trial, it is clear that it is not about justice, but is being held as an anti-Iran loudspeaker. Iran has not politicised the trial, that has been done by the prosecutors and witnesses. But this video was produced in Iran. It mocks the court case by exposing the contradictory behaviour of those involved. In the film we see British-Iranian human rights lawyer Kaveh Moussavi, prosecuting lawyer, denouncing the role of chief prosecution witness Iraj Mesdaghi for endangering the trial. Swedish Judicial System on Trial 

Rajavi Verses Mesdaghi – Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – Aug 28, 2021

Posted on: 2021/08/29

Iran Interlink, August 29 2021:… Khodabandeh said that according to sources inside the camp, the MEK are facing the concept that Iraj Mesdaghi has taken over from Maryam Rajavi in terms of importance and prominence. This concern is directed at the ones who are paying; Mesdaghi will get the money rather than us. Again, the payers cannot control the MEK any more than Mesdaghi. Although 50 relatively unknown people were chosen out of the 2000 members, they can’t help coming out and taking photos together under the MEK flag. They don’t care about the court case, they only want to out publicise Maryam Rajav i. Rajavi Verses Mesdaghi – Hanid Nouri Court Case 

Why the US should not trust the MEK

Posted on: 2021/08/23

Dalia Al-Aqidi, Arab News, August 23 2021:… After the war in Iraq in 2003, the MEK lost its major supporter, and was under attack by both US troops and Iraqi security forces. The group is no longer welcome in Iraq since most Iraqi people remember it as another brutal faction that Saddam’s Republican Guards used to crack down on Iraqi Shiites and Kurds who revolted against the dictatorship in 1991, following the invasion of Kuwait. Later, in 2011, the Iraqi government reached an agreement with the UN to disarm the group and move its members to a transitional location outside Baghdad, Camp Liberty, before resettlement in a third country. Why the US should not trust the MEK 

Afghanistan Tragedy Should End Calls For Regime Change In Iran

Posted on: 2021/08/18

Janes North, Nondoweiss, August 18 2021:… The People’s Mujahadeen of Iran (MEK) is a cult organization, based in Albania with no real presence inside Iran, other than small groups of commandos who are probably responsible for sabotage and assassinations. The MEK does have funds  — the rumors are that Saudi Arabia contributes — which it has used to lure people like Rudy Giuliani and former Trump national security adviser John Bolton into speaking at its conferences. Afghanistan Tragedy Should End Calls For Regime Change In Iran 

Terrorist Friends Of Washington : Americans Continue to Support MEK

Posted on: 2021/08/16

Philip Giraldi, Islamic Times, August 15 2021:.. Given the fact that Iran continues to be the Biden Administration’s enemy du jour, it is perhaps not surprising to observe that the US also supports terror groups that are capable of attacking targets in the Islamic Republic. To that end, recently a number of former senior government officials and politicians were involved in cultivating their relationships with the Iranian terrorist group Mojahedin e Khalq (MEK), which held its most recent annual international summit in Paris for three days starting on July 10th. Terrorist Friends Of Washington : Prominent Americans Continue to Support a Murderous Cult

Mujahedin Khalq Exiled Opposition

Posted on: 2021/08/12

France 24, Paris, August 12 2021:… Mujahedin fighters have claimed responsibility for several operations in Iran, including against oil installations in 1993, and have been blamed for dozens of murders. After Saddam was toppled in 2003, the Mujahedin was disarmed by US forces and allowed to regroup at the Ashraf refugee camp north of Baghdad, which became the PMOI’s largest base in exile. In 2013, at the request of the US and UN, other countries — notably Albania — agreed to take in members of the group.. Mujahedin Khalq Exiled Opposition 

Albania and Iranian MEK , A marriage Made in the US

Posted on: 2021/08/11

Christian Mamo, Emerging Europe, August 11 2021:…  “Albania will continue to host the MEK paramilitary base on its soil for as long as the Americans need them to,” says Olsi Jazexhi. “If one day the United States makes peace with Iran, MEK will be forgotten, dismantled, de-radicalised and its remaining members will finally live a peaceful civilian life. But for the time being they are useful and good terrorists which Albania must host.” Albania and Iranian MEK , A marriage Made in the US 

Armed Mujahedin-Khalq In Khuzestan derailed Legitimate demands

Posted on: 2021/08/05

Fars News, August 05 2021:… Al-Ahwaziyah, an Arab separatist group, has long has ties with Saudi Arabia and has run joint operations by the ISIL in the last several years as well. Human Rights Lawyer and Director of Partners for Rights Elahé Sharifpour-Hicks, a member of the US-backed opposition of the Islamic Republic based in the western countries, wrote on her twitter page that armed members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO also known as MEK, NCRI or PMOI) terrorist group trained by Israel are actively present among protesting people in Khuzestan to provoke tensions. Armed Mujahedin-Khalq In Khuzestan derailed Legitimate demands 

MEK Politically Illiterate – Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – Jul 30, 2021

Posted on: 2021/08/01

MEK Politically Illiterate – Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – Jul 30, 2021:.. However, all this does is to reveal the MEK’s stupid idea of politics: oppose any and everything to do with Iran because ‘the regime’; when the Republicans are in power, attack Democrats, when Democrats are in power, attack Republicans. Michael Rubin published a dignified response to the MEK’s diatribe in The National Interest, explaining in simple terms that even the MEK could understand, exactly what is the trouble with the Mujahedin al-Khalq [Sic]: in short, “The MKO’s tendency to cry wolf hinder and obstruct the real fights against the Iranian regime, Iranian terrorism, and the Islamic Republic’s covert nuclear program”.  MEK Politically Illiterate – Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – Jul 30, 2021 

The Trouble With Mujahedin Khalq

Posted on: 2021/07/31

Michael Rubin, The National Interest, July 31 2021:… The MKO is correct to condemn incoming Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi for his role in the 1988 massacres of several thousand political prisoners. Everyone should. But having been the victims of persecution in the decade after they helped bring Khomeini to power does not change the fact that the MKO’s tendency to cry wolf hinder and obstruct the real fights against the Iranian regime, Iranian terrorism, and the Islamic Republic’s covert nuclear program. The Trouble With Mujahedin Khalq