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Massoud Khodabandeh
Massoud Khodabandeh

Massoud Khodabandeh Iranian born. Qualified in UK with MSc in Electrical Engineering. Has been member of Mojahedin Khalq, National Council of Resistance and a commander of the National Liberation Army serving as the head of security section of the organisation until he left in 1996. Massoud worked as a telecoms engineer with Alcatel for several years. At the same time he began detailed research into the use of mind control in political organisations. Co-founded Iran-Interlink (dot org) with his wife, Anne in 2001. Since 2004 he has worked exclusively on Middle East issues. over the past 3 decades he has been involved extensively in political issues in Middle East, specially Iraq, Iran and the gulf countries with well established connections with major players in the region.

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Trump Campaign Uses Mujahedin-e-Khalq ( MEK ) Troll Farm In Albania

Posted on: 2020/10/28

Massoud Khodabandeh, Iran Interlink, October 28 2020:… leading up to the U.S. Presidential election, Iranian-American journalists and other commentators and campaigners are suffering an onslaught of online attacks. Some of these relentless Tweets include death threats. Targeting critics of Trump and his legacy like Jamal Abdi (Head of National Iranian American Council), Negar Mortazavi (prominent Journalist for The Independent and other outlets) and Dr Asal Rad (Historian). The attacks emanate from the MEK’s troll farm in Albania. The MEK’s Heshmat Alavi account is still being used in spite of it being exposed as a fake account last year by Murteza Hussain in The Intercept. Trump Campaign Uses Mujahedin-e-Khalq Troll Farm In Albania .

MEK cult in Albania poses public health risk

Posted on: 2020/04/25

Massoud Khodabandeh, Responsible Statecraft, April 25 2020:… The Albanian authorities, including the security services, do not have access to the camp. According to investigative journalist Gjergji Thanasi, who lives in Durres county near the MEK camp, the Health Ministry “deals with Camp Ashraf 3 as if it does not exist. There is not a single line in the Durres Municipality health officials’ paperwork written about the camp and its residents. No Albanian health official has ever entered the camp.” This means that no matter how hard epidemiologists may be working to trace the contacts of positive cases throughout the country, the MEK will not submit to allow Health Ministry staff inside the camp to test the individuals there. Thanasi goes on to explain, “the MEK have their own doctors, nurses, and dentists. When they have seriously ill patients, they hire private ambulances to transport them to a public hospital in Tirana.” MEK cult in Albania poses public health risk 

Tectonic Shift In World Order After Unforced Error By Trump (First Published Jan 09 2020)

Posted on: 2020/01/08

Massoud Khodanbandeh, Responsible Statecraft, January 09 2020:… In another reckless act of overturning Obama’s legacy, the new Trump administration halted Hillary Clinton’s plan to de-radicalise the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in Albania. Since then, American anti-Iran politicians have stuffed the MEK down the throats of the international community as the regime change opposition that will bring freedom and democracy to Iran. Since Iranians hate the MEK more than the current Islamic Republic, this has been a gift to the hard-liners in Iran. To quell every protest or demonstration since then, Iran’s security forces have only to claim that MEK are involved in inciting violence for the ordinary people to go home and announce their abhorrence of the MEK. Tectonic Shift In World Order After Unforced Error By Trump 

Assassination of Qassem Soleimani Spells End of Regime Change

Posted on: 2020/01/07

Massoud Khodabandeh,, January 07 2020:… American actions are consolidating people around their own hated governments instead of helping them express their legitimate demands. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s response to the anti-government fuel protests in Iran in November was to repeat false information published by the Mojahedin Khalq (MEK) about the death toll. When the U.S. foreign secretary retweets MEK propaganda it destroys any trust among Iranians that the U.S. has their interests in mind. Assassination of Qassem Soleimani End of Regime Change 

Nobody Can Be “Comfortable” With Regime Change Involving MEK

Posted on: 2019/08/23

Massoud Khodabandeh, Lobe Log, August 23 2019:… So, when Giuliani says we should be “comfortable” with this group, right-minded people the world over can honestly and unequivocally answer, “No, we are not comfortable ignoring this harsh reality just because the MEK amplifies an anti-Iran message to the world, and no, we don’t believe the MEK have any kind of future in Iran”. Nobody Can Be “Comfortable” With Regime Change Involving MEK 

The case of MEK operative Mohammad Reza Kolahi’s murder didn’t need to be a mystery

Posted on: 2019/04/15

Massoud Khodabandeh, Middle East Strategy Consultants, April 14 2019:…  In July 2018 I wrote an article for the Balkans Post titled ‘MEK rebrands by assassinating unwanted members’ in which I brought up the case of Mohammad Reza Kolahi Samadi as one of many examples in which the Mojahedin Khalq have got rid of an affiliated disaffected operative to 1- Cleanse themselves of their terrorist history by eliminating the operatives; 2- Get rid of someone who has gone rogue and may potentially damage the MEK legally and socially if he decided to talk; 3- Make an excuse to attach yet another murder in the west to Iran

Maryam Rajavi’s MEK is a defunct force in Iran foreign policy

Posted on: 2019/02/25

Massoud Khodabandeh, Middle East Strategy Consultants, February 25 2019:… As the following articles show, the complex issue of ‘dealing’ with Iran cannot be solved by the Trump administration or the European Union using the defunct Mojahedin Khalq (MEK) to shake a stick at the country. Iran’s government and ruling system is proving far too sophisticated for this stupid ‘regime change’ narrative. Iranians – inside and outside – don’t want that. Time for a new policy maybe; one that acknowledges facts on the ground rather than the delusion of empire.

When the Anti Iranian camp see no light at the end of the tunnel, MEK won’t sort the problem.

Posted on: 2019/01/23

This week’s Iran Interlink weekly digest had a few important point I wanted to share it again with you. The controversy about using MEK as a tool is certainty not something the Anti Iran camp is not aware of.
What we don’t know about them is that “They don’t have any other tool. Hence resorting to the available ones”
What they don’t know about about is that “When you have been walking down this path of “Regime Change” for the last 40 year and still no “light at the end of the tunnel”, Review your status. YOU Are NOT IN A TUNNEL. YOU ARE IN A CAVE DEAR.