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Trial Of Hamid Noury

Posted on: 2021/08/10

Middle East Eye, August 10 2021:… Swedish prosecutors accuse Hamid Noury of “intentionally” taking the lives of many prisoners sympathetic to the MEK while serving as the deputy governor of Gohardasht prison in Karaj, near Tehran.  In 1988, an estimated 5,000 people were killed across Iran, allegedly under the orders of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini in response to attacks carried out by the MEK at the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980-88. Trial Of Hamid Noury

Trump Promoting Saddam’s Terrorists ; Iran’s Zarif

Posted on: 2020/04/25

Ali Harb, Middle East Eye, April 25 2020:… The US president’s post was celebrated by an MEK-linked account. Trump retweeted that response, taking a dig at the presumptive Democratic nominee, former vice president Joe Biden. “The mullahs’ regime ruling Iran harasses UN [sic] Navy ships for propaganda purposes,” Heshmat Alavi, a popular MEK-linked Twitter account, responded to Trump’s post. “Thank you, President Trump, for reminding this regime that the Obama years are gone.” In turn, Trump shared Alavi’s post commenting: “Sleepy Joe thought this was OK. Not me!” . Trump Promoting Saddam’s Terrorists ; Iran’s Zarif  

MEK defectors raise doubts over alleged Iranian ‘terror cell’ in Albania

Posted on: 2019/12/12

Suddaf Chaudry, Middle East Eye, December 12 2019:… Gjergj Erebara, a journalist with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, said the press conference – which he attended – was unusual, to say the least. “Albanian police gave no proof to substantiate its claims. They said they have discovered the “terrorist cell”, but they didn’t make any arrests,” Erebara said. Hassan Heyrani, a former high-ranking MEK member who defected from the group in 2017, said he believes the story that the police presented is fabricated. “If it was true, why hasn’t Interpol arrested them? Albania is a very poor country where corruption is rife, police can be bought,” he said.

MEK supporters urge UK PM to use terrorism against Iran

Posted on: 2019/07/28

Alex MacDonald, Middle East Eye, London, July 28 2019:… The most important of these facts is that the MEK is a cult which keeps its members in Albania in conditions of modern slavery. If the MEK’s supporters want to believe that after not being paid for three decades, they are just ‘volunteers’, then there is not much else they won’t believe. Therefore, it is not a great leap for them to also believe that the MEK is popular among ‘Iranians’ … MEK supporters urge UK PM to use terrorism against Iran 

MEK from US terror list to US Congress

Posted on: 2019/07/18

Ali Harb, Middle East Eye, July 18 2019:… “Iran Maryam, Maryam Iran,” the protesters chanted back, holding up posters of Rajavi in a show of admiration bordering on religious devotion to the leader of the Iranian Mujahideen-e Khalq, commonly referred to as MEK or PMOI. Dressed in yellow, the MEK supporters were lively but disciplined, standing in military formations as they stared up at the screen outside the US State Department building in Washington. MEK from US terror list to US Congress