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Nejat Society was founded by some of the former members of the cult to release the friends who are still mentally and physically captured in Rajavi’s Cult, in Albania – Tirana, assisting their offended families waiting for them in Iran.



Mujahedin Former Child Soldier – They Killed My Father

Posted on: 2022/02/22

Nejat Society, Tehran, February 21 2022:… Mohammad Reza Torabi (Ray Torabi) seeks the trial of the MEK leaders for the murder of his father under torture in the group’s prison. His father Ghorban Ali Torabi was killed in the MEK’s internal prisons in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, in 1994. As a member of the MEK, Mohammad Reza did not know about his father’s killing until he left the group, in 2017. Mujahedin Former Child Soldier – They Killed My Father 

Child Abuse By Rajavi Cult True – German Court Verdict

Posted on: 2022/02/13

Nejat Society, February 13 2022:.. Following the appeal made by the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ NCRI) against the German magazine Die Zeit, on an article titled “Freed at Last” about the former child soldier, Amin Golmaryami, the German court ruled that five out of eight facts that the MEK had appealed on, were true and should not be removed from the article. Child Abuse By Rajavi Cult True – German Court Verdict  

Critics of Rajavi Cult ; A defector after 25 year, A child Soldier and a Mother

Posted on: 2022/01/20

Mazda Parsi, Nejat Society, January 19 2022:… These three Critics of Rajavi Cult are the icons of three groups who are accused by the MEK of working for the enemy, the Iranian government. What makes these three people to be the target of the MEK’s propaganda in the same way? As a matter of fact, they all denounce the MEK and ask its leaders to be responsive to their critics. But the MEK leaders particularly Massoud Rajavi has never been open to critics. Moreover, critics who might later become defectors should be punished according to the rulings of Rajavi. 

From Nejat To ASILA On Behalf OF Familes

Posted on: 2022/01/18

Nejat Society, January 18 2022:… For this reason, the families of these stranded former members were delighted that you and your colleagues have established the Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (ASILA) to help these vulnerable individuals. We are also hopeful that we can support your work with our own efforts. As you are no doubt aware, many families have applied for visas to visit their loved ones in Albania. From Nejat To ASILA On Behalf OF Familes 

Mujahedin Khalq Child Soldiers Highlighted in British Gov. Documents

Posted on: 2022/01/15

Nejat Society, January 14 2022:… British Home Office document reads: “According to the Child Soldiers Global Report 2004 “The MeK reportedly recruited members from the USA, Europe and Iraqi prisoner of war camps and jails. Children were said to be among MeK members in Ashraf camp, including 17-year-old Majid Amini who ‘was recruited to join the MeK in Tehran with promises of completing two school grades in one year and gaining a place in college’, according to his parents. There were reports that the MeK recruited children from Sweden.” Mujahedin Khalq Child Soldiers . 

The Forbidden Internet Room

Posted on: 2022/01/08

Mazda Parsi, Nejat Society, January 08 2021:… Former member of the MEK, Bakhshali Alizadeh, speaks of a room in the MEK’s base called “the Internet Room” with a big no entry sign and the written phrase in Persian: Entry is absolutely forbidden. “The room was only authorized for a few people”, he says. “These few members had to keep everything they saw there a secret. So, their self-criticism sessions were held separately.” The Forbidden Internet Room 

Suicide In Mujahedin Khalq Cult

Posted on: 2021/12/29

Mazda Parsi, Nejat Society, December 29 2021:… In the early days of December, 2021, the Albanian news media, Gazeta Impact reported of a suicide attempt by a young man named Shahpour Danafar in the MEK’s camp in Manez, in north of Tirana. The report called the case as “the Danafar family tragedy”. Shahpour whose real name is Nikfarjam is the son of Behrouz Danafar a longtime member of the MEK. Suicide In Mujahedin Khalq Cult 

MEK Children Abused Sexually – Victims Testify

Posted on: 2021/12/16

Nejat Society, December 16 2021:… It was a terrible life there. I was in Ashraf until I was eight or nine. In Camp Ashraf or in the MEK’s bases in the West, I was sexually abused by the MEK sympathizers and members. I was then given to a family that was very bad. I was constantly beaten by them. I was mentally abused. MEK Children Abused Sexually

Hanif Azizi Book Review

Posted on: 2021/12/14

Nejat Society reporting from Good Reads, December 14 2021:… Hanif Azizi grew up on a military base in the Iraqi desert. His parents are warriors for the Iranian rebel movement Mujahedin of the People and the fight against Khomeini permeates his entire life. After his father is killed in the war, nine-year-old Hanif takes his little brother by the hand and begins an escape that eventually takes him to Sweden. He has a hard time adjusting to the new country and in his teens he gets in touch with the terrorist-branded rebel movement again. Attracted by fellowship and a possible reunion with his mother, he goes to Iraq to become a warrior in the People’s Mujahedin. Hanif Azizi Book Review 

Mujahedin Khalq MEK Children – Hanif Azizi

Posted on: 2021/12/07

Nejat Society, Tehran, December 07 2021:… They told me that my father was a hero, and that they fought with him. From not being anything, I became something. Hanif was confused and did not feel that he belonged anywhere. He was desperately looking for an identity and had big questions about life. What was the point of that? He had low self-esteem, felt excluded and did not know exactly what he wanted to do with his life. But he wanted to make a difference, he wanted to find belonging and he wanted to be a hero. Mujahedin Khalq Children – Hanif Azizi