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The Tehran Times (TT) is the Islamic Republic of Iran’s first English daily newspaper, which began its work in 1979 to air the voice of the Islamic Revolution. The daily’s general policy was based on Ayatollah Beheshti’s statement: “The Tehran Times is not the newspaper of the government; it must be a loud voice of the Islamic Revolution and the loudspeaker of the oppressed people of the world”.



Terrorism And Sanctions Violation of International Law

Posted on: 2022/03/04

Tehran Times, March 04 2022:… Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MKO) terrorist group has carried out the most acts of terror against the Iranian people which amount to crimes against humanity. Out of the 17,000-plus people who have lost their lives in terror attacks, 12,000 of them were killed at the hands of the MKO terrorist group, the human rights chief lamented. Gharibabadi said that this terrorist group, with its dark history, has had administrative organizations in some European countries from the very beginning and their agents have traveled freely across European countries and the U.S. … Terrorism And Sanctions Violation of International Law 

Using Mujahedin-e-Khalq Manufacturing Enemies

Posted on: 2022/02/14

Tehran Times, February 14 2022:… After the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MKO) divulged Iran’s program in 2002, the question became was Iran working toward developing a bomb, nuclear breakout capability, or was it all peaceful? The U.S. ramped up sanctions on Iran even further. During the second Bush administration, financial sanctions took center stage, effectively cutting Iran off from the international financial system (SWIFT) and imposing serious penalties on any bank that engaged with Iran. Using Mujahedin-e-Khalq Manufacturing Enemies 

Advicating Freedom Or Terrorism ?

Posted on: 2021/07/13

Tehran Times, July 13 2021:… This may explain why the Iranian people feel offended when they see Western officials advocate for “freedom” in Iran to be achieved by a group having the blood of thousands of Iranians on its hands. The main reason why Iran usually accuses the West of sponsoring terrorism is their continued, brazen support for MEK, which has been on the blacklist of the U.S. and the European Union until recently. Advicating Freedom Or Terrorism ? 

Iran stronger than ever ; Ayatollah Khamenei

Posted on: 2021/06/05

Tehran Times, June 05 2021:… Ayatollah Khamenei was apparently referring to former US national security advisor John Bolton’s infamous prediction while addressing a terrorist MKO convention in Paris in 2017, according to Press TV. Bolton had said, “The outcome of the president’s policy review should be to determine that the Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1979 revolution will not last until its 40th birthday. And that’s why, before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran.”. Iran stronger than ever ; Ayatollah Khamenei 

Assassination of Sayyad Shirazi – Publication of Ambushing a Rose

Posted on: 2021/05/26

Tehran Times, May 26 2021:… Eight translations of “Ambushing a Rose”, a biography of Lieutenant-General Ali Sayyad Shirazi who served as commander of Ground Forces during the Iran–Iraq war, have recently been published. The collection was unveiled on Monday at the Sacred Defense Museum during a special ceremony organized to celebrate the liberation anniversary of Khorramshahr. Assassination of Sayyad Shirazi – Publication of Ambushing a Rose  

Iranian Diplomat Taken Hostage by Using MEK Terrorists

Posted on: 2021/05/07

Tehran Times, May 07 2021:… Asadollah Asadi is an Iranian diplomat, who was arrested while returning to his residence in Austria on a highway in the German state of Bavaria on June 10, 2018. He was accused of being involved in an attempted bombing at a gathering of the so-called National Council of Resistance of Iran (a Mojahedin-e-Khalgh organization branch). Iranian Diplomat Taken Hostage by Using MEK Terrorists 

Rajavi Assassinated Sayyad Shirazi By The Order Of Saddam Hussain

Posted on: 2021/04/11

Tehran Times, April 11 2021:… Sayyad Shirazi was assassinated by the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) in 1999 while serving as the deputy chief of the Iranian Armed Forces General Staff, the second-highest military office in Iran. He led a counter-offensive called Operation Mersad against the MKO militants, who, with the help of Saddam Hussein, launched an attack in the summer of 1988 to capture the western Iranian city of Kermanshah. Rajavi Assassinated Sayyad Shirazi By The Order Of Saddam Hussain  

Women’s Day: An Opportunity to Commemorate Female Victims of Terrorism

Posted on: 2021/03/11

Tehran Times, March 10 2021:… Golrokh Mehri, a Zoroastrian, said, “I was the target of a terrorist explosion by the MKO terrorists at the age of thirty. I have been struggling with the effects of that day for 42 years. I still do not know why this happened and I will leave the perpetrators of that crime to divine justice. ” In another part of the meeting, Farideh Shafei described her injuries from Saddam’s chemical attack on Sardasht: “Sardasht was first chemically attacked by the Ba’athist regime of Iraq in 1987. Mustard and nerve bombs landed on crowded and defenseless people in congested areas of the city, killing hundreds of people and leaving thousands more injured when they exposed to these toxic and dangerous gases.” Women’s Day: An Opportunity to Commemorate Female Victims of Terrorism 

Trump And Biden The Same When It Comes To Iran And Israel

Posted on: 2021/02/06

Reza Moshfegh Interviews Mark Dankof, Tehran Times, February 06 2021:… As far as the bilateral relationship between the United States and Iran is concerned, Operation Ajax in 1953, the shootdown of Iran Flight 655, the utilization of the MEK-MKO terrorist organization against Iran and its government, the Soleimani and Fakhrizadeh murders, and the imposition of wartime economic sanctions on Iran after the latter kept its end of the bargain with the JCPOA deal, all underscore that the American word of honor is sadly one of dishonor.  Trump And Biden The Same When It Comes To Iran And Israel 

Iran Not Trusting USA For Good Reasons

Posted on: 2021/01/13

Tehran Times, January 13 2021:… Iran cannot possibly be expected to trust the United States again after the unilateral withdrawal of the Trump administration from the JCPOA P5+1 nuclear deal, the subsequent American imposition of wartime economic sanctions on Iran, and obvious American involvement in and support for the [Gen.] Soleimani and Fakhrizadeh assassinations. I believe the more recent Fakhrizadeh murder, was undertaken by the Israeli Mossad and the MEK-MKO with full American connivance.” Iran Not Trusting USA For Good Reasons .