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Trump Admin Walks Back Anti-MEK Memo

Posted on: 2020/01/14

Betsy Swan, Erin Banco, Asawin Suebsaeng, The Daily Beast, January 14 2020:… Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani—who the MEK hired to help it get off the U.S. list of foreign terrorist groups and who recently called the group “my MEK people”—welcomed the reversal. “[The MEK] is very supportive of a free…Iraq. It’s run by a great woman who is committed to ending suppression of women and in a non-nuclear Iran,” the president’s personal lawyer messaged The Daily Beast. “They were of great assistance to us during [the] Iraq invasion and are supported by a very non-partisan group of American former and present public officials.” Trump Admin Walks Back Anti-MEK Memo 

Disinformation Campaign Targeting John Bolton’s Family

Posted on: 2019/08/09

Lachlan Markay, Daily Beast, August 09 2019:… “John Bolton,” the “exclusive” article added, “is a fervent supporter of MKO terror group,” using one of several acronyms for the Mujahideen-e-Khalq organization, or MEK. Bolton has earned tens of thousands of dollars in speaking fees for appearances at MEK conferences. The MEK participated in the 1979 revolution which installed Iran’s theocratic government, but eventually sought exile in Iraq, where it carried out terrorist attacks in Iran on behalf of Saddam Hussein’s government. Disinformation Campaign Targeting John Bolton’s Family

Fake Tweets Put Israel in Bed With Iranian Terrorist Maryam Rajavi

Posted on: 2019/07/25

Lachlan Markay, The Daily Beast, July 25 2019:… the account had over 2,000 followers, including the verified profiles of several prominent Israeli journalists, the French ambassador in Israel, and the French embassy in Tel Aviv. A picture of the consul general visiting a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem was tweeted out around the same time as the MEK thread; a cursory search on Google brought up no other hits for the image, lending further credence to the account’s legitimacy. Israel in Bed With Iranian Terrorist Maryam Rajavi .