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MEK B Team and the Rogue Gallery  

Posted on: 2019/06/18

M. K. Bhadrakumar,, June 18 2019:… In this rogues’ gallery, apart from Israel, there is also Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Bolton, of course, is mentored by Israel and it is an established fact that he has received money for services rendered from the Mojahedin-e Khalq MEK, the anti-Iran terrorist group based in France, which espouses the overthrow of the Islamic regime in Tehran. MEK B Team and the Rogue Gallery  

An Attack On Pro-Peace Iranian Americans And Civil Society

Posted on: 2019/05/27

Jamal Abdi, The Iranian (, May 27 2019:… We know well the crowd behind the attacks – from Mark Dubowitz, the architect of Trump’s “maximum pressure” sanctions who heads the hardline pro-Israel organization “Foundation for Defense of Democracies,” to so-called analysts at John Bolton’s former think tank, to hardline Iranian diaspora social media accounts backed by inauthentic “bot armies” that likely include the MEK’s publicly revealed “troll farm” in Albania.