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Nejat Society was founded by some of the former members of the cult to release the friends who are still mentally and physically captured in Rajavi’s Cult, in Albania – Tirana, assisting their offended families waiting for them in Iran.



MEK Server of US Interest . Overt and Covert

Posted on: 2020/01/26

Nejat Society, Janaury 26 2020:… For those who have been involved with the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) or have studied its background from the early days of its foundation, it is clear that the group was founded as an anti-Imperialist movement against the Shah of Iran, in the 1960s. “Anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and anti-American, MEK fighters killed scores of the Shah’s police in often suicidal street battles during the 1970s”, wrote Arron Merat in the Guardian. “The group targeted US-owned hotels, airlines and oil companies, and was responsible for the deaths of six Americans in Iran. “Death to America by blood and bonfire on the lips of every Muslim is the cry of the Iranian people,” went one of its most famous songs. “May America be annihilated.” MEK Server of US Interest . Overt and Covert

Will MEK Haunt Albania ?

Posted on: 2020/01/22

Nejat Society, January 22 2020:…  Albania backed the US attack to assassinate the Iranian general Qassem Soleiman, on the first days of January 2020. Whether Albania is a democratic country or not, it is now publicly supporting the terror of an Iranian official and advocating and sheltering the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) with a long history of terrorist acts and cult-like practices. However, the stance of the Albanian president seems expectable due to the social and health services that the MEK offers the Albanian people for free. It is also very likely that a part of those huge sums of money that the group donates western politicians in exchange for their support, goes to the pockets of Abanian government officials that have warmly welcomed the terror group in their territory. MEK Will Haunt Albania

Nejat Society Newsletter No. 67

Posted on: 2020/01/14

Nejat Society, Tehran, January 14 2020:… After the fuel demonstrations in Iran were quashed, Iran’s right wing claimed the MEK was behind the violent unrest.  The MEK also claimed they were behind it.  Genuine opposition groups and demonstrators said they need to have the right atmosphere and conditions so that people can demand their rights without the interference of MEK, Pompeo, bullets, burning buildings and vandalism.  Commentators say that interference by MEK and such like in the protests has led to people supporting the current ruling regime or at least refusing to come out on the streets.  Western support for MEK and the demonstrations at the same time is stopping the democratic processes and the struggle of the genuine human rights organisations. Nejat Society Newsletter No. 67 

In MEK World Departure Means Expulsion

Posted on: 2019/12/31

Mazda parsi, Nejat Society, December 31 2019:… For absolutists, there is nothing more than two possible positions. They do not admit that a person or group can have a neutral stance or could disagree in part with their position without entirely opposing them. In the cults of personality such as the Mujahedin Khalq (MEK, MKO, PMOI, Cult of Rajavi), the absolute leader is the main person to coerce members into such a thinking pattern. In the MEK, any voice of dissent is forbidden and eventually will be silenced by any means. Based on interviews that he made with former members of the MEK, Aron Merat wrote in the Guardian that “MEK commanders systematically abused members to silence dissent and prevent defections – using torture, solitary confinement, the confiscation of assets and the segregation of families to maintain control over members”. In MEK World Departure Means Expulsion 

MEK Fathers And Sons

Posted on: 2019/12/22

Nejat Society, December 22 2019:… The most iconic and prominent father and son in the MEK are Massoud Rajavi and his son Mohammad. Mohammad was an infant in the safe house where his mother Ashraf was killed in an armed clash between the MEK agents and the Iranian forces in Tehran. He was then taken to Iraq and then to Europe where he grew up and again back to Iraq. He left Iraq together with other members of the group. In Albania left the group and went to Norway where he goes to university under the supervision of the MEK commanders. MEK Fathers And Sons 

MEK Financial Resources ; Investing on Traitors

Posted on: 2019/12/17

Mazda Parsi, Nejat Society, December 17 2019:… Massoud Khodabandeh explained that 3 tons of solid gold, a minimum of four suitcases of customized Rolex watches and fabric that had been used to cover the Muslim holy site of Kaaba in Mecca were among the commodities shipped from Saudi Arabia to MEK operatives in Baghdad. From there, the valuables would be sold on the black market in Jordan’s capital, Amman, to Saudi-aligned merchants. This was confirmed by the well-known historian Ervand IAbrahamian, a professor at the City University of New York and author of the definitive academic work on the group’s history, “The Iranian Mojahedin”. “The money definitely comes from Saudis,” he told Aron Merat of the Guardian. “There is no one else who could be subsidising them with this level of finance.” MEK Financial Resources ; Investing on Traitors 

Herd mentality helped the Rajavis run their cult

Posted on: 2019/12/10

Nejat Society, December 10 2019:… In case of members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/the Cult of Rajavi), “terrorist” can simply fit the group based on its evident undisputed background of violent acts although it not listed as a terrorist organization by western states. The group leaders claim that they are “freedom fighters for people” which is the equivalent of the term “Mujahedin_e Khalq”. However, the group is considered as a cult by experts and based on many evidences. Herd mentality helped the Rajavis run their cult 

Families Problematic For Rajavi Cult

Posted on: 2019/11/26

Bakhshali Alizadeh, Nejat Society, Tehran, Novmeber 26 2019:… One day, thy took me to a meeting chaired by Massoud Rajavi. From what he said I concluded that in order to overthrow the IRIB we had to divorce our families… .. in order to force us not to go and see our families they tried to mar the image of our families by calling them “ Ministry’s families” which meant our families were agents of Iran’s Ministry of intelligence … When my father came, he wished to see me after 17-18 years and I wished to see him as well …. I was realized that the organization was not to recognize the family at all… Families Problematic For Rajavi Cult 

MEK Still A Terrorist Entity

Posted on: 2019/11/20

Nejat Society, November 20 2019:… The Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ the Cult of Rajavi) is not in the western lists of terrorist groups rather it is designated as a terrorist organization by Iran and Iraq. The documented history of the MEK indicates that it has committed several acts of violence against civilian and has been involved in massacring innocent people of Iraq and Iran. It has carried out bombings against the Iranian shah’s government in the 1970s and later against Iran’s post-revolution Islamist rulers in the 1980s and 1990s. The United States designated MEK as a terrorist organization in 1997, citing those attacks, including 1970s-era bombings that killed several U.S. contractors.  MEK Still A Terrorist Entity

Families of MEK hostages are concerned

Posted on: 2019/11/03

Nejat Society, November 03 2019:… Mahin Habibi mother of Parvaneh Rabiee, Sedighegh Najafi mother of mohammad Jaafar Najafi, Montaha Zahraiee mother of Mostafa Qaedi, continued: “You call us mercenary while you are cooperating with Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States against Iran. You call us mercenary while you sold intelligence on Iranian soldiers to Saddam Hussein during Iran–Iraq war.” Zahra Gholizadeh from Gilan Province published an open letter to her imprisoned brother Ali on the occasion of his birthday. The ending of her painful letter reads: “My lovely brother! It is Aban (October). Happy birthday and best wishes. Hope that the separation and grief will come to an end soon. I love you so much dear Ali.” Families of MEK hostages are concerned