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Nejat NGO

Nejat Society was founded by some of the former members of the cult to release the friends who are still mentally and physically captured in Rajavi’s Cult, in Albania – Tirana, assisting their offended families waiting for them in Iran.



US-Backed MEK Used for Manipulation

Posted on: 2019/06/21

Nejat Society, June 21 2019:… twitter has turned out to be a field for a “troll farm” of a thousand people inside the camps of Mujahedin Khalq (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Rajavi’s Cult) who work in three shifts to launch anti Iran disinformation advocating war and sanctions against Iran. Former member of the group Hassan Heirani who left it in 2017 has revealed the fact to various news outlets including the Guardian (November 2018) that have interviewed him.

MEK and ISIS Women Victims of Destructive Cults

Posted on: 2019/06/02

Nejat Society, June 02 2019:… Soltani accused Maryam Rajavi of helping Massoud to abuse female MEK members over the years. “[Massoud] Rajavi thought that the only Achilles heel [for female fighters] was the opposite sex,” Soltani told me. “He would say that the only reason you women would leave me is a man. So, I want all of your hearts.” . “Soltani, who was one of three women to speak about sexual abuse inside the MEK in a 2014 documentary aired on Iranian television, alleged that Rajavi had hundreds of “wives” inside the camp.” MEK and ISIS Women Victims of Destructive Cults

MEK Terrorists (Rajavi cult) In The Heart Of Bolton’s War Plans?

Posted on: 2019/05/23

Mazda Parsi, Nejat Society, May 23 2019:… “Bolton’s unrelenting drive to attack Iran and his unstinting support for the MEK can only lead to one conclusion: MEK operatives, brought from Albania, will be deployed to carry out false flag ops that can be blamed on Iran – such as a suicide attack,” Khodabandeh states. MEK Terrorists (Rajavi cult) In The Heart Of Bolton’s War Plans?