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What is the point of Maryam Rajavi

Posted on: 2021/07/06

Anne Khodabandeh (Singleton), July 06 2021:… For three decades the MEK has had to pay for audiences and speakers alike to attend ever more lavish carnival-like rallies to showcase Maryam Rajavi’s ‘leadership’. Year on year under her rule, the MEK has become more and more toxic and indefensible. To the point that now Maryam Rajavi has become persona non grata in exactly those countries she tried to woo. What is the point of Maryam Rajavi 

Iran Leader slams West for hosting terrorists

Posted on: 2021/06/28

Press TV, June 28 2021:… Members of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorist group are walking free in France and other European countries, Ayatollah Khamenei said on Monday, addressing a meeting with the chief and officials of Iran’s Judiciary. “The French government and others shamelessly preach human rights despite hosting these killers, supporting them, and even giving them the podium in their national parliaments,” the Leader said. “That is to say, the brazenness of these Westerners is really an extraordinary and strange thing.” Leader slams West for hosting terrorists while claiming to champion human rights 

A peek into MKO terrorists dark track record

Posted on: 2021/05/26

Yusef Jalali, Press TV, Tehran, May 26 2021:… The terrorist organization is responsible for the killing of 12,000 Iranians out of a total of 17,000 victims of terror attacks in the country. Since Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, the MKO has carried out a series of bombings and assassinations against Iran and fought alongside Iraqi forces in the eight-year Iraq- Iran war in the 1980s. In 2012, the terror group was relocated from an American military base in Iraq to Albania and France, after the US and Europe delisted the group as a terrorist organization. A peek into MKO terrorists dark track record 

Iran Victim Of Terrorism Backed By USA

Posted on: 2021/03/25

Yudef Jalali, Press TV, Tehran, March 25 2021:… The majority of the victims of terror attacks in Iran were targeted by the MKO terror group. In 2012, the US removed the MKO from its list of terrorist organizations. The move is regarded by Iranians as an example of Washington’s double standards on the issue of terrorism. In 2012 and after the US and Europe delisted the MKO as a terrorist entity, the terrorists were relocated from a US military base in Iraq to Albania and France; ever since, the MKO has held regular meetings with American and European officials. Iran Victim Of Terrorism Backed By USA 

Prosecuting MKO Terrorists Through Intl. Legal Channels

Posted on: 2021/03/21

Press TV, Tehran, March 21 2021:… These people are former members of the most notorious anti-Iran terrorist group, known as the MKO or Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization. They fled the group years ago after spending two decades in the MKO under duress. They have now filed a lawsuit at an Iranian court against leaders of the terror group, namely Masoud and Maryam Rajavi. The 42 individuals claim damages and compensation in connection with imprisonment, torture and deprivation of their rights exercised by the terror group. Prosecuting MKO Terrorists  

Americans Financing MEK Terrorism ,Where Is FATF Standards ?

Posted on: 2021/03/11

Press TV, March 11 2021:… However, the FATF has never subjected the US and the Europeans to its anti-terrorism standards for supporting the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) which until recently was on their list of terrorist organizations. Ironically, a key architect of the anti-terror measures, John Bolton, is a familiar face at MKO’s annual meetings in Paris. Americans Financing MEK Terrorism ,Where Is FATF Standards ?  

MEK Leaders Torture Prosecutions

Posted on: 2021/03/09

Geopolitica and Press TV, Tehran, March 09 2021:… According to Batool Soltani, another member of the leadership council of the group, women in this cult are deprived of the most basic rights, they do not have the right to marry, let alone choose a husband, in this cult because having a social life, having private things like a private bedroom, do not matter and women cannot go anywhere alone. No one dared to criticize the organization, and many women were physically abused. sexual exploitation was done for the leader of the cult, who was Massoud Rajavi. MEK Leaders Torture Prosecutions . 

Iranian diplomat was set up using a demented woman and her small cult

Posted on: 2021/02/18

Hossein Jelveh, Press TV, Tehran, February 18 2021:… It is worth noting that the accusation against Mr. Assadi is that he was involved in a bomb plot against an anti-Iran group known as the MKO, or more commonly the MEK, a small cult of deranged individuals who have spent most of their lives confined to camps wishing to topple the Iranian government. Their leader, a demented woman who teaches celibacy and armed opposition to Iran, views herself as Iran’s president-in-waiting. The Israeli regime is known to have tapped healthier MKO members to conduct terror attacks inside Iran. Iranian diplomat was set up using a demented woman and her small cult 

Harming Iran EU Relation By Using MEK . Tehran Summons Belgian Envoy

Posted on: 2021/02/09

Press TV, February 09 2021:… The detention and the ensuing judicial process was in line with the plots hatched the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorist group with the goal of harming Iran-Europe relations. He said even statements by certain Belgian authorities and the judicial process were clearly reflective of the terror outfit’s rhetoric. The Iranian official further asked the Brussels government to respect humanitarian rules in dealing with Assadi and swiftly free the diplomat. Harming Iran EU Relation By Using MEK . Tehran Summons Belgian Envoy 

Human Rights In Iran and West and Mujahedin-e-Khalq Terrorists

Posted on: 2021/02/01

Press TV, February 01 2021:… It has reminded Europe of the atrocities that have been carried out by the very “human rights” campaigners that the continent supports and provides with refuge. These include members of the anti-Iran Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorist cult, responsible for killing about 17,000 Iranian people and officials throughout the group’s dark history, and members of separatist groups such as al-Ahwaziyah that staged a terrorist attack in southwestern Iran in September 2018, killing 25 people. Human Rights In Iran and West and Mujahedin-e-Khalq Terrorists