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Anne Khodabandeh

Anne Singleton (Khodabandeh) British born. Qualified in 1983 with BA Hons in English Language and Literature from Sheffield City Polytechnic. Main career has been as computer programmer with some of the UK's largest financial institutions. Additionally, became an activist with Mojahedin Khalq between 1980 and 1996. In 2001 started Iran-Interlink as a basis for helping victims of the cult. In 2003 published the book 'Saddam's Private Army' which charts Massoud Rajavi's perversion of the organisation he took over from being an armed political group opposed to the Iranian regime to a dangerous, destructive mind-control cult which aims to bring Rajavi to power in Iran through violence.




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Maryam Rajavi (Mojahedin Khalq, MEK leader) just doesn’t get it does she

Posted on: 2019/02/10

Anne Khodabandeh (Singleton), February 10 2019:… Her desperate efforts to stay visible – parading on stage in glamorous outfits before paid speakers and audience – expose her ego rather than her leadership. As de facto leader of the MEK, Rajavi has successfully carved out a niche for the mercenary MEK in the anti-Iran front – acting out the silent wishes of America, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who might proclaim an interest in regime change against Iran, but who cannot necessarily do the dirty deeds. By continually insisting on her propaganda events she is overstepping her mandate: the MEK’s role is to get paid, do the work, then disappear.

Albanian students! Go to Paris! Don’t let your political leaders take all the MEK freebies!

Posted on: 2019/01/28

Anne Khodabadeh (Singleton): At this point you may expect this blogger to tut and warn against such bribery and deception. But no. If Albania’s political class and its media are happy to take money and favours from Rajavi, why not her citizens. Why should Pandeli Majko and Elona Gjebrea and a lot of others take advantage of the MEK’s generosity, and not the poor citizens of the country.

Bolton’s plots against Iran involved MEK terrorism

Posted on: 2019/01/18

Anne Khodabandeh (Blog), January 18 2019:… Since 2017, Bolton had used the MEK to create the groundwork for his plan. The MEK have tried to whitewash their past. Partly by propaganda but also partly be eliminating troublesome members or ex members such as Mohammad-Reza Kolahi Samadi and Malek Sharai.So far as possible, MEK have performed or […]

MEK paid 800,000 Euros to right wing Vox – Why?

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The MEK paid around 800,000 Euros to an extreme right-wing political party in Spain. How does this fit with Maryam Rajavi’s claims of democracy and feminism? It should be understood that MEK would never pay a penny of its own money for anything except its own benefit. The group is amply paid for and supported […]

Steve McCabe’s Crocodile Tears

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Labour MP Steve McCabe joined other MPs in the House of Commons to debate the situation of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe who is in prison in Iran. The debate centered on Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s human rights which appear to have been violated by the Iranian judiciary. Of course, many fine words were spoken and the proper sympathy expressed over […]