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Aims of Iran-Interlink – to inform as widely as possible about the real nature of the Iranian Mojahedin Khalq cult and to act as a pressure group in this regard – to help individuals who wish to leave the Mojahedin to find refuge in a country where they will feel safe and secure – to help those who leave to come to terms with their experiences within the Mojahedin and to re-establish themselves as members of the wider community in which they come to live with a viable and independent lifestyle – to reconcile and reunite people who leave the Mojahedin with their family and friends, by mutual consent, and to involve established Iranians in helping these vulnerable people




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Mujahedeen Khalq MEK in Washington

Posted on: 2019/06/21

Reid Champlin Open secrets, June 21 2019:… Recent documents in accordance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act reveal that the council, the political arm of opposition group Mujahedeen Khalq or MEK, has been hosting opulent events at the National Press Club and elsewhere, publicizing itself through national and international media, and meeting with dozens of current and former government officials, all with the end goal of toppling the current Iranian government and rising to power in its place

Edi Rama Maryam Rajavi sue Journalists?

Posted on: 2019/06/18

Gjergji Thanasi, Gazeta Impakt, Tirana, Albania, June 18 2019:… Former terrorist Maryam Rajavi, leader of the MEK organization of the so-called Iranian Mojahedin of Camp Manez, has filed a lawsuit against German Der Spiegel journalist, Louisa Hommerich, for her article titled ‘Prisoners of Their Own Rebellion’ published by Der Spiegel on February 16, 2019. Among other things, the MEK organization accused the reporter of having links to the secret service and repressive agencies of the Iranian regime. We quote the Mojahedin’s accusation in English against our German colleague. … Edi Rama Maryam Rajavi sue Journalists?  

MEK Fake Newsman is a Jihadi Front

Posted on: 2019/06/13

The Young Turks, June 13 2019:… “Heshmat Alavi”  is a front propaganda efforts of the People’s Jihadis (Mojahedin-e Khalq or MEK). The MEK has committed numerous acts of terrorism in Iran and then collaborated with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. It was listed as a terrorist organization the the US until a few years ago and it is mysterious why it was ever taken off the list. My own suspicion is that bribes were taken or influence peddling was practiced. MEK Fake Newsman is a Jihadi Front 

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – June 07, 2019

Posted on: 2019/06/07

Iran Interlink , June 07 2019:.. Several people have written that the French government has prevented MEK from holding its annual rally to celebrate armed struggle in Villepinte, Paris this year. Some have added that the authorities have denied the MEK permission even to stage a public demonstration. This has forced MEK to stage a demonstration in Brussels instead. MEK will also stage a meeting in Albania as a form of damage limitation. But they are struggling to get paid speakers to go there. Comments point out that Albania is MEK’s graveyard. They have gone there to die, both as individuals and as an organisation.  Iran Interlink Weekly Digest 

Mojahedin MEK and Iran Nuclear deal

Posted on: 2019/06/04

Juan Cole, Common Dreams, June 04 2019:… Iran has not had a weapons program since 2002, and that program was rudimentary. The cult-like People’s Jihadis (Mojahedin-e Khalq or MEK) outed the program in that year, and the Iranian government mothballed it. The People’s Jihadis are a small fanatical Iranian dissident group once hosted by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, which has carried out large terrorist attacks.

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – May 31, 2019

Posted on: 2019/06/01

Iran Interlink, June 01 2019:… Several posts ridicule the Americans over the grandstanding against Iran. In particular the national security advisor to President Trump is now nicknamed ‘Mojahed Brother John Bolton. After Trump appeared to contradict Bolton, other posts added that Trump has become ‘borideh’ (a quitter) – he has abandoned Maryam Rajavi and become an agent of the Iranian regime. Iran Interlink Weekly Digest.

MEK Rajavi Cult Role in the Persian Gulf!

Posted on: 2019/05/30, May 30 2019:… John Bolton has long focused on just MEK as his preferred tool for triggering a regime change in Iran. Khodabandeh writes in that such a false-flag attack is in preparation. He points out that MEK has a headquarters in Albania and that the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln visited Albania on 1 May 2019 on its way to the Persian Gulf. There the ship should have taken on board people who spoke farsi, he claims. 

More Americans will be killed for the cause of MEK Bolton

Posted on: 2019/05/26

Robert Aziz, Concord Monitor, May 26 2019:… For over a decade Bolton has been a well-paid supporter of the Mujahideen-e Khalq (MeK), a cultish Iranian terrorist organization that had first opposed the shah. MeK is responsible for the killing of six Americans in Iran, and it enthusiastically supported the seizure of the American embassy in Tehran before changing alliances and opposing the ayatollahs.

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – May 24, 2019

Posted on: 2019/05/25

Iran Interlink, May 24 2019:… There has only really been one subject this week involving the MEK and that is John Bolton and his attempts to provoke a war with Iran. The MEK have been on overdrive to support any position that promotes war against Iran. Inevitably Farsi media and commentary are awash with opposition to the MEK. Some titles are ‘MEK at full gallop to support war’, ‘promoting war for a fist full of dollars’, ‘no idiot except Rajavi would go down a well with Bolton’s rope’, ‘pigeon brained Mojahedin think we don’t see them’, ‘Rajavi gives full support to bomb her and our families’ homes’.

Source of MEK cash in London?

Posted on: 2019/05/20

Lachlan Markay, Daily Beast, May 20 2019:… According to domain registration data, the Iran Focus website was maintained by Mohammad Hanif Jazayeri, whom the NCRI website identifies as a spokesperson, until at least 2015, when the site anonymized that registration information. Neither Iran Focus nor Jazayeri responded to questions about the news outlet’s relationship with the NCRI and MEK. Corporate records in the U.K. list Mayelzadeh, a German national, as All for Freedom’s only officer. And she has ties to the NCRI going back decades. In 1995. Source of MEK cash in London