Can MEK Survive Coronavirus Infection In Albania ?

Olsi Jazexhi, Balkans Post, April 16 2020:… Shahin and Behzad Safari are both liars. The Albanian journalist Gjergji Thanasi, has sued Behzad for libel and slander after the later accused Gjergji Thanasi to be an Iranian agent. I hope Shahin Gobadi and Saffari will be able to properly defend themselves in the Albanian court for their insult against Gjergji Thanasi, and have not the fate of Quasimondo and Claude Frollo of Victor Hugo’s novel. Shahin Gobadi’s claim that “MEK has survived and flourished for 54 years … because of its reliance … on the Iranian people” is a lie and Shahin knows this very well. As an Albanian journalist who have visited and interviewed many people in Iran and many defectors in Albania, I can say that the people of Iran and even many Mojahedin inside their Manza camp hate MEK and do not consider them to be serious about what they claim. Can MEK Survive Coronavirus Infection In Albania