covid-19 MEK Albania (Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – Apr 24, 2020)

Iran Interlink, April 25 2020:… In Albania MEK has ceased all financial support for some of its former members. MEK used to give small payments to some of those who abandoned the cult on condition they do not speak about their experiences in the cult and/or to perform certain activities, such as spying on other former members. Now MEK has stopped paying them for the last few weeks, telling them ‘Now there is coronavirus we don’t need you’. One of these guys has gone to stand outside the Interior Ministry in Albania to protest and demand help. Some former members who know him have published comments, saying ‘You should be helped of course, but this is what you get if you rely on MEK and don’t stand on your own feet. They will drop you.’ Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – Apr 24, 2020