Whereabouts of Hadi Sanikhani . Maryam Rajavi, MEK, must explain

Nejat Society, February 23 2021:… The recently published letter on the MEK websites, allegedly signed by Hadi Sanikhani, has raised concerns over the fate of this former member of the group. The letter was published by the so-called Security and Counterterrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance which is the political vitrine of the Cult of Rajavi (aka Mujahedin Khalq, MEK, MKO, PMOI). The content of the letter is against all former members of the MEK in Albania. The allegations that are claimed to be written by Hadi Sanikhani once more accuse defectors of the group as being agents of the Islamic Republic. The MEK must explain about the whereabouts of Hadi Sanikhani