Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – February 20, 2015

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – February 20, 2015

Iran Interlink, February 20 2015:… Hanif Heydarnejad, from the MEK’s so-called internal critics, has finished his three part article titled ‘Rajavi’s Strategic Deadlocks’. In response, the MEK have brought out the lumpen members headed by the notorious Mohammad Eghbal (who swears at his own sister and calls her a prostitute in defence of his leader), to …

Massoud Khodabandeh: The Iranian Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and Its Media Strategy:
Methods of Information Manufacture

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – February 20, 2015

++ Hanif Heydarnejad, from the MEK’s so-called internal critics, has finished his three part article titled ‘Rajavi’s Strategic Deadlocks’. In response, the MEK have brought out the lumpen members headed by the notorious Mohammad Eghbal (who swears at his own sister and calls her a prostitute in defence of his leader), to swear at Heydarnejad. Rajavi’s line of action is to ensure that internal critics don’t join with the ex members. He accuses them of being with the ex-members knowing this will provoke them to deny it. And the internal critics fall into the trap since they are still locked in their cult mentality. This time however Heydarnejad’s answer indicated that something has clicked in his mind. He still says he is not with the ex-members, but acknowledges that these threats and accusations are made to stop him from talking. He says he will never stop talking. This is an indication that Rajavi’s red line is breaking and the internal critics are beginning to get it that being with others or not is irrelevant, it’s all about silencing you.

++ This week marked the remembrance of Khosro Golsorkhi, a Marxist poet executed by the Shah’s regime. Maryam Rajavi’s support for his memory sparked angry reactions along the lines of ‘how disgusting are you!’ Many point out that “Golsorkhi was exactly opposite of what you [Rajavi] and the MEK are doing – working with Mossad and the far right of Israel and the US. How dare you speak his name? You had better stick with the money and with Bolton and McCain and their likes and not pretend to be with the real defenders of freedom.”

++ Alireza Amiri who left the MEK in Albania has returned to his family in Iran. He made contact with his family from Tirana and from there they arranged for him to come home. His delighted family celebrated and publicised his return. At least five more families have written openly to their loved ones in the MEK, making their phone numbers and contact details public in the hope their family member will somehow, someday be able to contact them. A few articles have been written by the people in Albania – some using false names because of threats against them by the MEK. In addition, some ex-members have published information about what is happening on the ground in Albania which has been passed to them from those who are there. In Germany this week, representatives of Iran Zanan Association, Batool Soltani and Zahra Moeini, had a meeting in the Albanian embassy where they presented evidence of the past and present wrong doings of the MEK. They asked for more action to prevent the MEK creating a new cult camp in Tirana. In Paris, a delegation of Yaraan Association headed by Ghorbanali Hossein Nejad met with Albanian embassy officials. They handed over a letter addressed to the Interior Minister of Albania asking that he do more to stop the MEK interfering with the integration of these refugees back into normal society.

++ Mohammad Reza Rowhani – ex NCRI – has published the fourth part of his answer to allegations against him by the MEK under the title ‘I got the thief, I got the thief’. This time his subject was to explain how the MEK benefits from making announcements on behalf of the NCRI but without the names of NCRI members. After this, Mohammad Razaghi, an ex-member in Paris, had an interview with Mardom TV in which he explained how the MEK – including himself – used to treat the NCRI members and how everyone knows that they get paid for their support. “The problem is”, he says, “when we used to say they got money from the MEK, they would issue announcements swearing at us and denying it. But these are the same people that the MEK is now publishing their names as getting paid by the MEK.”

++ In Iran the site published an article which unpicks the mish-mash of what the MEK talks about, in particular Maryam Rajavi’s speeches. It exposes the MEK’s stances for their Farsi audience, like suddenly supporting Golsorkhi or talking about the MEK’s founder members, in order to show themselves as true to their original [anti-Imperialist] principles. But at the same time, on the same page in their paper they write about what Ted Poe has announced in America saying the MEK have been fully cooperating with the CIA and even doing more than expected for the CIA. In another page of the same paper Maryam Rajavi announced her praise for Nisman of Argentina and calls him a Mojahed brother and martyr.

In English:

++ Tasnim News from Tehran reports that “an Iraqi politician cautioned Washington against the consequences of its possible military support for the anti-Iran terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO). “The MKO has asked the US to send weapons for the group again,” Kurdish politician Tahsin al-Fili was quoted by Iraqi Al-Masalah news website as saying on Sunday. He said the request by the MKO is not a new one but will be followed by an “appropriate” response from the Iraqi political circles. The Iraqi politician also emphasized that the Islamic Resistance groups in Iraq and volunteer forces will pressure Baghdad to take the necessary decision to expel the members of the group from the Arab country.”

++ Mazda Parsi of Nejat Bloggers describes the MEK as the Fruit from the Tree of Extremism. Parsi warns that although the world is obsessed with the threat of extremism, the international community should not be distracted from other extremists who are manipulating Western politicians under the guise of democracy and modernity.

According to journalist Sean Nevins “While the world’s eyes are focused on and rising tensions in the Middle East, a former terrorist group from Iran is tromping through the halls of Congress, and garnering support from some of America’s most powerful and prominent politicians and officials.”

The article continues: “Based on documents and reports of the FBI, Human Rights Watch, and the Rand Corporation, Sean Nevins conclude that “not only is it an opposition group to the current Iranian regime, but it is a kind of cult” verifying the reality of the MKO’s anti-American attitudes by the group’s own journals. This is not the first warning to Western audience on the threat of the MKO cult. Many other journalists, historians, scholars and etc. have so far cautioned about the risks of supporting a group with a dark, violent history of extremist acts and a cult-like nature. The extremism that the world is exposed to by the side of the MKO can be much more destructive than the one from ISIS or AlQaida because the MKO is disguising its cult-like beliefs and policy under pro-democracy and pro-feminism slogans.”

Parsi concludes: “Furthermore, as it was mentioned on the top of this post, cult-like treatment of members inside the MKO camps have been reported by several international bodies and investigated reports. Thus, what is crystal clear is that the MKO is not a democratic secular group. It is definitely an extremist cult of personality and is as dangerous as or even more dangerous than ISIS or al Qaida.”

حمله مزدوران رجوی به آقای کرمی در پاریسSurvivors of Rajavi cult demand security in France (open letter to President Hollande)

Anne Khodabandeh London Sep 2014Expert in cultic abuse and terrorism in the MEK speaks in London charity meeting


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78 signatories: Mojahedin Khalq terror group are threatening to kill us in your country (Open letter to François Hollande)

Faryad Azadi, Paris, February 06 2015:… Unfortunately, the headquarters of this dangerous cult is in France, in the department of Val d’Oise, not far from the capital. For three decades the headquarters of the PMOI has been protected by the French government. Enforced segregation, with no contact with the outside world, has allowed the PMOI to …

تهدید به مرگ آن خدابنده توسط مریم رجوی مجاهدین خلقIn a democracy we don’t beg terrorists not to kill us (Open letter to President Hollande)

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, June 27 2014:It has no legal existence in France as an organization.  It is  violent and undemocratic

Link to the source

78 signatories: Mojahedin Khalq terror group are threatening to kill us in your country (Open letter to François Hollande)

Open letter to François Hollande, President of the French Republic

Dear President of the French Republic,

Seventeen French citizens, victims of freedom of expression, have just been killed in Paris. Over two centuries, France has paid dearly for this freedom. Yet the flag of freedom remains hoisted in France; this is why it is called the cradle of freedom. We, former members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, aka MEK, MKO, Rajavi cult), unequivocally condemn this crime and express our solidarity with the French people and the families of the victims of upholding freedom of expression.

M. President, we are former members of the PMOI who were able to free ourselves from this repressive cult. We are trying to reveal the true nature of this group by organizing permitted activities and meetings in Paris. Yet we continue to be attacked and beaten by the Fedayeen of Massoud Rajavi (leader of the PMOI who lived in France between 1981 and 1986), who has publicly called for the deaths of former members of the organization. In meetings held in 1995 in Iraq for the rank and file members, Rajavi explicitly ordered his followers to assassinate former members wherever they are. Since then he has missed no opportunity to repeat that order. The most recent time was November 2, 2014 when, during a Shiite religious holiday, in a video message along with their photographs, he demanded the deaths of 40 former PMOI members. Released in Camp Liberty in Iraq, this message continues to circulate on the Internet.

President of the French Republic,

These former members who are subjected to death threats, reside legally in France, Europe and elsewhere. The wife of Massoud Rajavi, and other PMOI commanders who reside in France, have been tasked with executing this order. The message itself violates French national sovereignty and constitutes incitement to commit murder.

President of the French Republic,

Unfortunately, the headquarters of this dangerous cult is in France, in the department of Val d’Oise, not far from the capital. For three decades the headquarters of the PMOI has been protected by the French government. Enforced segregation, with no contact with the outside world, has allowed the PMOI to conduct sectarian indoctrination and terrorist training in this headquarters, just as in its military bases in Iraq. The self-immolation of several PMOI members following the arrest on 17 June 2003 of their leader (Maryam Rajavi) and a dozen of their senior commanders on terrorism and money laundering charges is just one example of the violence of this organization. Through these acts of violence in the streets of Paris and other European capitals, the PMOI tried to intimidate the French Judiciary to abandon its investigations. An indication of the PMOI’s ongoing violent beliefs is their support for other terrorist groups, even Islamic State which Maryam Rajavi hails as “nomadic and revolutionary Iraqi people.”

President of the French Republic,

The former members of the PMOI have not committed any crime. We have only spoken out about what we lived and suffered for years under the hegemony of this Islamic fundamentalist cult. Like the terrorists who have just murdered French journalists, Massoud Rajavi tries to suppress any dissent to prevent the truth from emerging. We are French citizens as well as residents of Europe and elsewhere. Our lives and our freedom of expression are now threatened by the head of the PMOI and his wife in France.

As you focus on the firm commitment of your government to protect the lives of French citizens and to defend freedom of expression, we draw your attention to the danger posed by this cult training base in Auvers-sur-Oise in the Val d’Oise.

Please accept, M. President of the Republic, the assurance of our highest respect and consideration.


Ministry of Interior of France

– United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – Geneva

– The French media

– Amnesty International

– The International Committee of the Red Cross – Geneva

– European Union chief foreign policy

– Speaker and Members Europe

– Prime Minister of Iraq

– Iraqi Media


1-Mohammad Karami

2-Ghorbanali Hossenjad

3-Mehrdad Sagharchi

4-Hamid Sistani

5-Ghafor Fatahian

6-Ali Jahani

7-Majid Rohi

8-Ahsan Bidi

9-Niaz Salimi

10-Nilofar Sarfraz

11-Batol Soltani

12-Homeira Mohammadnejad

13-Zahra Moeini

14-Nasrin Abrahimi

15-Shirzad Jalili

16-Hassan KHalaj

17-Eadel Asami

18-Aliakbar Rastguo

19-Seid Amir Movasghi

20-Jamshid Tafrishi

21-Advard Tornado

22-Mahmod Sepahi

23-Mseod KHodabandeh

24-Anne KHodabandeh

25-Mitra Yosefi

26-Visha Karami

27-Ali reza Nasrolrhi

28-Mohammad reza Najarian

29-Mehdi KHoshhal

30-Karim GHolami

31-Abdolkarim Abrahimi

32-Farzad Farzinfar

33-Mohammad hosin Sobhani

34-Milad Ariaiy

35-Mansor Nazari

35-Mehdi Sajodi

37-Shahroz Tajbakhsh

38-Ahmad Mohamadi

39-Ebrahim KHodabandeh

40-Eatefe Nadalian

41-Karim Haghi

42-Mahtab Alipor

43-Daryosh Majlesi

44-Habib KHorami

45-Homayon Kehrzadi

46-Ali GHashghavi

47-Arash Sametipor

48-Nader Naderi

49-Seba SHekarbigi

50-Mojtba Reshdi

51-Saed Soltanpor

52-Hamidreza Solymani

53-Mehdi Nikbakht

54-Mir Baghr Sedaghi

55-Rabeh SHahrokhi

56-Mostfi Mohammadi

57-Mahbobe Hamze

58-Horie Mohammadi

59-Mohammad Mohammadi

60-Morteza   Mohammadi

61-Parvin Haji

62-Hassan Ezizi

63-ALF .Mino sephr

64-Vahid Saeidi

65-Mohammad Eraghi

66-Hassan Piransar

67-Mohammad R,,,,,

68-Mohammd reza Armankhah

69-Mina Kermani

70-Emidvar – E.M

71-Hsin Serabi

72-Sadegh Rezaei

73-Hammid Yossefi

74-Soria Ebdoleziz

75-Ebrahim Nasif

76-Sead Samir Ebdolah

77-Ahmad reza SHafiei

78-Hamidreza Bikas


Lettre ouverte à Monsieur François Hollande, Président de la République

Monsieur le Président de la République Française,

Des citoyens français, victimes de la liberté de l’expression, viennent d’être tués à Paris. Cette liberté, la France l’a payée cher il y a deux siècles. Depuis, le drapeau de la liberté reste hissé en France, c’est d’ailleurs pourquoi elle est surnommée le berceau de la liberté. Nous, les anciens membres de l’Organisation des Moudjahidins du Peuple Iranien (l’OMPI), condamnons ce crime et exprimons notre solidarité avec le peuple français et les familles des victimes de la liberté de l’expression.

Monsieur le président de la république, nous, les anciens membres de l’OMPI qui avons réussi à nous libérer de cette secte répressive, essayons de démasquer la vraie nature de ce group en organisant des actions et des réunions en toute légalité à Paris ; nous continuons pourtant à être agressés et tabassés par les fédayins de Massoud Radjavi, le chef de l’OMPI installé en France depuis 1986 qui a publiquement demandé la mort des anciens membre de l’organisations lors des réunions tenues en 1995 en Iraq dans les base des Moudjahidins. Ses hommes ont reçu l’ordre d’assassiner les anciens membres où qu’ils se trouvent. Depuis, il n’a raté aucune occasion pour rappeler cette revendication. La dernière en date était le 2 novembre 2014 où, lors d’une fête religieuse chiite, dans un message vidéo, il a revendiqué la mort de 40 anciens membres de l’OMPI en montrant leurs photos. Diffusé dans le camp de Liberty en Iraq, ce message continue à circuler sur Internet.

Monsieur le Président de la République Française,

Ces anciens membres qui viennent de faire l’objet de la menace de mort, résident tous légalement en France. L’épouse de Massoud Radjavi et les autres responsables de l’OMPI qui sont censé d’exécuter cet ordre, résident eux aussi en France. Ce message est une violation de la souveraineté nationale française et constitue une incitation à commettre des actes terroristes.

Monsieur le Président de la République Française,

Le quartier général de cette secte dangereuse se trouve malheureusement en France, dans le département du Val d’Oise, pas très loin de la capitale. Cela fait maintenant trois décennies que le quartier général de l’OMPI est protégé par l’Etat français alors qu’au sein de cette formation sectaire la ségrégation des genres est strictement imposée et tout contacte avec l’extérieur, tout comme dans ses bases militaires en Iraq, est interdit. L’immolation des membres de l’OM, suite à l’arrestation le 17 juin 2003 de leur chef (Maryam Radjavi) et une dizaine de leurs cadres supérieurs pour terrorisme et blanchiment d’argent, n’est qu’un exemple de la violence de cette organisation. L’OMPI a essayé d’intimider la justice française en s’immolant ainsi dans les rues de Paris. L’OMPI a toujours soutenu les terroristes de l’Etat Islamique qu’elle appelle “les nomades et le peuple révolutionnaire iraquiens”.

Monsieur le Président de la République Française,

Le seul crime qu’ont commis les anciens membres de cette organisation était de raconter ce qu’ils ont vécu pendant des années à l’intérieur de ce group sectaire islamiste fondamentaliste. Tout comme les terroristes qui viennent d’assassiner les journalistes français, Massoud Radjavi essaie de réprimer toute voix dissidente pour empêcher la vérité de se faire jour. Nous sommes tous citoyens français ou résidants légaux en France, nos vies et notre liberté d’expressions sont maintenant menacées par le chef de l’OMPI.

Comme vous venez de mettre l’accent sur l’engagement ferme du gouvernement à protéger la vie des citoyens et à défendre la liberté de l’expression, nous attirons votre attention sur le danger que représente cette formation sectaire installée à Auvers-sur-Oise, dans le département du Val d’Oise.

Je vous prie de croire, Monsieur le Président de la République, l’expression de notre haute considération.


Ministère de l’Intérieur la France

– Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés – Genève

– Les médias français

– Amnesty International

– Le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge – Genève

– Union l’Europe chef de la politique étrangère

– Président et les députés l’Europe

– Cabinet du Premier Ministre de l’Iraq

– Médias irakiens




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ISIS supporter Maryam Rajavi attacks Obama from French parliament

Anne Khodabandeh (Singleton), Iran Interlink, November 01 2014: … When a supporter of ISIS sits in the French parliamentary building and attacks President Obama, the cracks are seriously beginning to show in the West’s approach to resolving the whole Middle East situation. Observers may not be sufficiently informed to tell Western governments what to do in …

This week an inter-parliamentary group from Iran visited France for the enhancement of parliamentary, economic and political relations between Tehran and Paris. The Iranian delegation of three senior MPs was headed by Chairman of the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi. The talks were deemed by both France and Iran to have been constructive.

Boroujerdi’s interview with France 24 indicates that the nuclear issue and ISIS were at the top of the agenda in the meetings: the West wants Iran to help fight ISIS in return for a favourable outcome to the nuclear negotiations.

In a panic at the thought of closer ties between the two countries, Israel set about trying to disturb the atmosphere in the French parliament by pushing the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq leader Maryam Rajavi into a meeting with legislators in order to voice Israeli concerns and demands.

But using the MEK will never work out positively for Israel, for the simple reason that the MEK are incapable of making any difference to anyone or any situation of any real importance. Instead the MEK will only make things worse.

The Iranian delegation did not discuss the MEK, nor did they react to the presence of Rajavi nearby – it could be of course that the French parliamentarians hosting the Iranian delegation had been too embarrassed to bring the impromptu affair to their attention as it was irrelevant to the work of the delegation. However, Iran’s Fars News Agency published without comment the content of Maryam Rajavi’s speech which spoke for itself.

Maryam Rajavi tried to claim legitimacy as a result of the failure of a legal case against her and several other leading MEK members. Fortunately, informed people do not make the same assumptions as she does. Indeed, in June a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said France has “no contact with the “People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran” which is known for its use of violence. It has no legal existence in France as an organization. Its violent and undemocratic Ideology has been exposed by several human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International who have reported on the organization’s cultic practices and its refusal to formally renounce violence. We also warn about the intense campaign of disinformation and influence it leads.”

Maryam Rajavi’s speech showed what a liability she and her disinformation are even for her own sponsors. She not only attacked Iraq, Iran and Syria as being responsible for the creation of ISIS, but vehemently attacked the USA too for backing the Maliki government saying: “During these years, not only did the United States not voice any protest against these actions, but they praised Maliki’s measures. The by-product of these crimes was the expansion and strengthening of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. This was the outcome of showing leniency towards the most horrendous dictatorship in contemporary times and its proxies.” She warned: “And now, the mullahs of Iran are exploiting this policy by the West; poised to fill the vacuum created by the ISIS retreat as a result of the international coalition attacks with the militias.”

Yet only a few months previously MEK websites were filled with pages showing support for ISIS when Rajavi believed the terrorist army would overrun Baghdad and take over the MEK camp near the airport.

Rajavi’s speech is largely incoherent and certainly adds up to nothing but disparate rants against everyone and everything. But in that it is inspired by the Israeli way of doing politics. Divorced from reality, Rajavi urges the Western coalition not to work with Iran. Clearly nobody told her about the FRANCE 24 interview with Boroujerdi who said that the US-led coalition against the Islamic State group cannot be trusted. “The very countries that created the Islamic State group are now part of a coalition that … wants to destroy them,” he said. “How can a contradiction like this be resolved? It’s only natural that we cannot trust [the coalition]. We don’t want to enter a political game.”

As though to confirm and cement her ignorance and stupidity, Maryam Rajavi finally mentions her hostages in Camp Liberty and says she hopes that with the “removal of Maliki in Iraq, the French government would use all means possible for Camp Liberty to be recognized as a refugee camp under the United Nations’ supervision”.

Maryam Rajavi has clearly not read Massoud Khodabandeh’s fourth report from Baghdad on the current situation of the MEK and Camp Liberty published in October. This report makes it clear that the new government of Iraq led by Prime Minister Abadi has already put in place plans to expedite and speed up the process of removing the MEK entirely from Iraqi territory. Apparently Abadi is even more keen than Maliki to be rid of the MEK, and the UN agrees.

When a supporter of ISIS sits in the French parliamentary building and attacks President Obama, the cracks are seriously beginning to show in the West’s approach to resolving the whole Middle East situation. Observers may not be sufficiently informed to tell Western governments what to do in their own interests, but any schoolchild can point out the damage the MEK is doing to them.

About Anne Khodabandeh (Singleton):
Middle East Strategy Consultants,

Autor of “Saddam’s Private Army” and “The life of Camp Ashraf”

Below see some screen shots of the official Mojahedin Khalq site showing support for ISIS

رجوی داعش 1

رجوی داعش 2

رجوی داعش 3

رجوی داعش 4

رجوی داعش 5

رجوی داعش 6

رجوی داعش 7

link to one of the Mojahedin Khalq songs
advocating terror and killing Americans

(In Persian)

Lets create another Vietnam for America(pdf).
(Mojahedin English language paper April 1980)
Letter to Imam (Khomeini) (pdf).
(Mojahedin English Language paper April 1980)


Survivors of Rajavi cult demand security in France (open letter to President Hollande)

Mohammad Karami, Ayaran, Paris, January 26 2015:… In an audio speech two and a half months ago during Ashura (the Shia remembrance ceremony for Imam Hussein),* Massoud Rajavi clearly ordered his Fedayeen to find ex-members of the MEK and to kill them along with any other critics of him and his cult. In this internal audio message, in …

Rajavi cult abuse – Albania must protect human rights of Iranian refugees from MEK

Anne Khodabandeh (Singleton) , Iran Interlink, January 24 2015:… Albania’s efforts to improve its human rights and bring them into line with European and international standards could be seriously undermined if it does not take action to curtail the activities of the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq cult organisation in that country. There is strong evidence that …

Larijani: Support for Mojahedin Khalq (Rajavi cut) diplays west’s unreal War on Terror

Fars News, Tehran, January 15 2015:… “Now the MKO terrorist group with the worst criminal record is supported by the West, and the Arab financial and spiritual supporters of the ISIL are also West’s allies; then how can one believe that the West, specially the US, Britain, France and Germany, are fighting against terrorism,” Amoli Larijani said, addressing a …

Al-Sarraj: America supports Mojahedin Khalq ( Rajavi cult, MKO, MEK) in Iraq as leverage in negotiations

Ashraf News, Baghdad, January 19 2015:…  Sarraj told the reporter for Ashraf News, that “Washington also hopes that the MEK terrorist organization can be used as a bargaining chip in any future negotiations with Iran.” With respect to the MKO terrorist group’s demand last Wednesday that the United States re-arm them in Camp Liberty, Adnan al-Sarraj …