Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – July 19, 2019

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – July 19, 2019

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest Mojahedin Khalq MEK NCRI Rajavi cultIran Interlink, July 19 2019:… A few outlets have published pieces about the FBI report of MEK members applauding the downing of civilian flight 655 in 1988. Massoud Khodabandeh spoke about this on Iran International TV in London. He explained what the MEK were doing in Iraq at that time and how this tied up with their other activities at that time. Two weeks after the aircraft was attacked, Rajavi launched his failed Eternal Light operation (Forough-e Javidan), before Saddam signed the ceasefire.  Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – July 19, 2019 

Ali Safavi NCRI Remember: MEK was an American excuse to invade IraqRemember: MEK was an American excuse to invade Iraq

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – July 19, 2019

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest Mojahedin Khalq MEK NCRI Rajavi cult++ Mehdi Khoshhal wrote a very interesting piece for Iran Fanous website in Germany about ‘The History of Hareems’. Khoshhal’s list of various hareems throughout history all have the same thing in common: the owner takes the women for himself and has the men castrated. He ends with Massoud Rajavi and his treatment of women and men in the MEK. Rajavi took a group of women for himself, and while not castrating the men, created conditions in which they were made impotent.

++ Several commentators have written about a series of photos showing MEK in the click farm in Albania. Some MEK formers who had done this work themselves inside MEK explained how it works. They described the work shifts and patterns, how work is allocated, how they are instructed to answer posts, how many accounts each person has and what the organisational hierarchy is, etc.

++ A few outlets have published pieces about the FBI report of MEK members applauding the downing of civilian flight 655 in 1988. Massoud Khodabandeh spoke about this on Iran International TV in London. He explained what the MEK were doing in Iraq at that time and how this tied up with their other activities at that time. Two weeks after the aircraft was attacked, Rajavi launched his failed Eternal Light operation (Forough-e Javidan), before Saddam signed the ceasefire. Khodabandeh said that given the MEK’s determination to attack Iran, it is not surprising that they celebrated the US attack. What is surprising is that John Bolton and others in the Trump administration did not stop publication of the FBI documents. They did not redact these parts. That means that it has come to the point that either they don’t see them as a viable alternative; merely to be used for annoyance. Or they know that MEK are so unpopular that it makes no difference. They can’t get lower than they already are.

شادی مجاهدین خلق از سرنگونی هواپیمای مسافری ایران در خلیج فارس

توضیحات مسعود خدابنده در مورد گزارش افشاگرانه اف بی آی از شادی مجاهدین خلق، فرقه رجوی، بخاطر شلیک موشک امریکایی به هواپیمای مسافربری ایران در خلیج فارس و کشتار صدها ایرانی از جمله کودکان خردسال.

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++ MEK former Qader Armakan has surfaced in Tehran and has started to speak out in interviews. We now know that he twice ran away from the MEK camp in Albania and was re-captured. On his third attempt, he managed to get out of Albania and back home to his family in Iran. Armakan described the MEK camp as a stagnant pool. Everyone there knows this is the last stop and they are waiting to die there. ‘As far as I am concerned’, said Armakan, ‘I had to do my best to escape. Either I would die in the effort or get back to my family’. He asked for anyone who can help to help the people still stuck there.

++ Curiously every anti-Iran outlet that reported on the Kolahi court case had to report it without mentioning the MEK or why it is that the US and EU security services and judiciary operate a blanket censorship over this issue. Massoud Khodabandeh wrote that there is no doubt Maryam Rajavi ordered his elimination. There can be no doubt that the security services didn’t investigate her and there is no doubt that they don’t want to. Ironically, Radio Farda has quoted the person who was convicted yesterday. He did not open his mouth to say who ordered the murder. This implies that he is afraid. If you are in the Netherlands, you are not afraid of the Iranians, but you are surely afraid of the Netherlands security services and MEK collaborators.

In English:

++ Kurt Nimmo of the Ron Paul Institute writes ‘Trump Consiglieres Giuliani and Bolton Paid Big Bucks by MEK Terrorist Group’. He describes Rudi Giuliani’s pockets as “stuffed with terrorist cash” while tweeting his support for the NCRI – which, Nimmo indignantly points out, is a front for the MEK. Anyway, now he’s on a roll Nimmo diligently demolishes a whole roomful of American lawmakers, officials and former officials who are ‘wined-and-dined, many undoubtedly on the payroll’ of the MEK. He saves the best until last, offering his readers a grim unforgettable image: “Bolton, like Giuliani, is slimy with MEK blood money”. Yuck!

++ Reza Alghurabi in Press TV explains from inside the country why ‘MEK Rajavi not a valid alternative for Iran’. Although MEK has exploited Washington’s hostile policy toward Iran, most Iranian Americans do not support the group. Expert American assessments of the MEK also reflect this unpopularity among Iranians. John Limbert, the US State Department, the RAND Corporation, Gary Sick, Michael Rubin and NIAC are quoted on this point. Point two is the support MEK has from neocons seeking regime change against Iran and financial support from Saudi Arabia. Alghurabi also writes about the FBI report which revealed MEK members applauded the USS Vincennes’ downing of Iran Air flight 655 in July 1988 which killed all 290 passengers and crew. The MEK’s current reliance on fake social media profiles to wage a misinformation campaign against Iran is the final reason why MEK is not a valid alternative for Iran.

++ If anyone still is in any doubt that the MEK is a crazy, abusive and dangerous cult, Shaun Walker’s report from Albania for The Guardian is a must read. Walker uses the MEK’s propaganda rally in Albania to focus attention on the inner workings of the group. The rally, attended by ‘international backers’ including Rudi Giuliani, former Democratic senator Joe Lieberman and British Conservative MP Matthew Offord, has become known as a platform for paid anti-Iran ranters calling for regime change. Behind the scenes, Walker spoke with ex-members. They revealed the shocking and disturbing reality for the cult members hidden inside the MEK’s guarded compound, “in which mobile phones and contact with relatives were banned, all interactions between men and women were prohibited, and days were spent sitting at computers firing out tweets and other online messages in support of the MEK. Each evening, the men had to gather in small groups with their commanders for ‘ideological training’ as well as a confessional about any sexual thoughts they might have had that day.”

++ Daniel Larison has a field day in The American Conservative trouncing Rudy ‘Giuliani’s Cuckoo Praise for the MEK’ at the propaganda rally in Albania. This year MEK got added value for their bucks when Giuliani declared that the MEK is ‘not a cult’. “Then the camera looks out at the crowd of identically-dressed cult members obediently applauding Giuliani’s rote recitation of the cult’s talking points.” Here’s more barbed jabs by Larison: “When Giuliani affirms that the MEK’s agenda ‘looks just like our Bill of Rights’, you begin to wonder if he has undergone some of the group’s brainwashing techniques. He goes on to praise them as ‘miracle workers’ because of the speed with which they built their creepy compound. The idea that a group that subjects its own members to physical and psychological abuse stands for ‘human rights’ is laughable, and it is a measure of how divorced from reality Giuliani’s speech is that he would make such a claim. ‘This is a decent organization, this is a good organization’, the president’s lawyer asserts because this is what he has been paid to say. ‘This is a group we can support’, Giuliani says near the end. It speaks volumes about the horrible judgment and poor ethics of Giuliani and his fellow MEK cheerleaders that they are willing to take money from this group and say these things publicly about them.”

++ The gloves are off! Ramin Mazaheri reveals in The Iranian that Maryam Rajavi responded unfavourably to news that ‘Reza Pahlavi Sells Himself At A 98% Discount To MBS’ Propaganda Channel’. As chief recipient of Saudi ‘cash for treachery’ for three decades, it is understandable that Rajavi feels more than a little peeved that Reza Pahlavi has been lined up for a glossy propaganda show on Saudi funded Iran International TV channel. “The MKO took time out of planning their next assassination attempt and their friendly chats with John Bolton to let it be known to their supporters inside Saudi Arabia that giving Pahlavi a program would result in the MKO leaking damaging information in retaliation.” The article is wonderfully entertaining in its scathing denunciation of both parties. “Pahlavi is not considered by Iranians to be an especially smart guy – his only “job” has been to make well-paid speeches against Iran. Nobody, apart from the Arab monarchies, believes that “living off your inheritance” is an actual job qualification you can put on your CV. Nobody, apart from the US, imagines that “TV show star” qualifies one to lead a country.”

Anne Khodabandeh ICSA Conference : Mapping the Cult Landscape

++ Based on personal experience of the MEK’s cultic practices, Anne Khodabandeh addressed participants in the conference of the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) in Manchester, UK to ask, ‘can we bring cult leaders to court for cultic abuse?’ Khodabandeh argued for creating a new map for the changed cultic landscape using language and descriptions which allow for criminal prosecution and prevention work.

++ Ali Harb’s Middle East Eye article ‘MEK US terror list to US Congress’ charts how “Iranian MEK went from US terror list to halls of Congress’. The main clue is that critics call it “a totalitarian cult”. Harb writes “’Iran Maryam, Maryam Iran’, the protesters chanted back, holding up posters of Rajavi in a show of admiration bordering on religious devotion to the leader… Dressed in yellow, the MEK supporters were lively but disciplined, standing in military formations as they stared up at the screen outside the US State Department building in Washington.” That, and the result of years of paid lobbying by Iran haters in the American political establishment willing to overlook any crime or atrocity committed by the MEK as long as regime change is at the top of the agenda. It’s a no brainer really.

++ Dutch News reported ‘Three jailed for killing Iranian former Shi’ite activist in Almere’, but failed to link the murder to the person who had most to gain from the convenient elimination of the MEK’s most successful bomber, Maryam Rajavi.

++ Interestingly, the Balkans Post mentioned that this was the first time the MEK annual propaganda rally was being held in Albania. “Last Saturday’s conference “Free Iran” has no political significance, nor does it differ in any way from similar terror festivals that were previously held in Paris. (France refused permission for the MEK to rally at Villepinte this year.) The report listed a large number of “figures without any real political influence” who enjoyed a jaunt to Albania at the MEK’s expense. Aside from these nobodies only three remain, “Namely, influential pro-Israeli lobbyist Joe Lieberman, Donald Trump’s cybersecurity adviser Rudy Giuliani, and Saudi lobbyist Salman al-Ansari… Therefore, the answer to the question of who financed this lavish terror festival, seems more than obvious.”

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – July 19, 2019



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