Maryam Rajavi imagined Ehsan Bidi is a pushover

Atefeh Nadalian, Nejat Society, August 15 2020:… Ehsan Bidi is now free in Albania, and Albanian officials have apologized to him, but this is just the beginning. In addition to Mr. Ehsan Bidi and his unparalleled one-year resistance, thanks to political activist Mr. Olsi Yazeji, journalist Mr. Gjergji Thanasi, and lawyer Ms. Migena Balla, and many other Albanian politicians, journalists, and lawyers who have worked in this direction and of course, they were insulted, slandered and threatened by the Rajavi cult, as well as the former members’ activities in Albania and the families in Europe. Rajavi’s conspiracy could not have been thwarted without their tireless efforts. Maryam Rajavi imagined Ehsan Bidi a pushover