Maryam Rajavi In Albania – Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – Jun 26, 2020

Iran Interlink, June 27 2020:… Every day MEK have published a couple of articles in English and Arabic claiming that the Iranian government has confessed in this site that these people are agents of the MOIS. Today, Massoud Khodabandeh wrote a paragraph on his Facebook page in response to a video by Davoud Baghervand Arshad in Germany, who runs the organisation No to Terrorism and Cults. In his video, Davoud explains how MEK re-hash things to promote their own conclusions, including this issue. Khodabandeh answered saying ‘yes I saw your video and went and found the site. Ironically, the site is not easy to find but somehow MEK found it. The site, Rahyaftegan which translates as ‘the ones who have found the path’, is for recruiting Christians to become Muslim Shias. MEK have found this ‘quote’ and used it to prove their point. It shows where the MEK is sitting  .  Maryam Rajavi In Albania