Mehdi Abrishamchi

Terror Spring, October 29 2019:… Abrishamchi and his wife, Maryam Azdanloo, went to Paris after June 20, 1981, and divorced at the behest of the organization after the ideological revolution in 1985. Maryam was married to Massoud Rajavi and Mehdi also married Mina Kheyabani, the younger sister of Musa, on April 4, 1985. Mina was 17 years younger than Mehdi and it was her first marriage. During Rajavi’s visit to Iraq, Mehdi was with him and actively participated in all of Saddam Hussein’s meetings with Massoud Rajavi. In Baghdad, he was in charge of the organization’s relations with Iraq and provided Saddam’s financial, logistical and weapons support to the MEK. He was also the Chairman of the Peace Commission of the National Council of Resistance, which was supposed to make peace between Saddam Hussein and Iran!!! Interestingly, the Peace Commission still exists after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in the National Council and is still chaired by Mehdi Abrishamchi .