MEK and Spanish Far-Right VOX

Catherine Shakdam, Citizen Truth, Feberuary 13 2020:… News resurfaced this February of political collusion between the infamous Iranian MEK group (Mojahedin-e-Khalq), also known as the MKO, a cult-type organisation centered around the quasi-worship of its two leaders: Maryam Rajavi and her spouse Masoud Rajavi, and Spain’s latest far-right outfit: Vox. As Vox made its entry into Spain’s political life by winning a seat in Andalusia at the regional parliamentary elections in April of last year, questions were raised as to the origin of the party’s funding as well as its political associations, if any, to other far-right movements. Little could anyone have imagined that the group, which advocates a fiercely Islamophobic front, would benefit from the financial largesse of one very vocal Islamist group: the Iranian MEK. MEK Backs Spanish Far-Right In Tactical Relationship