MEK paid 800,000 Euros to right wing Vox – Why?

MEK paid 800,000 Euros to right wing Vox – Why?

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The MEK paid around 800,000 Euros to an extreme right-wing political party in Spain. How does this fit with Maryam Rajavi’s claims of democracy and feminism?

It should be understood that MEK would never pay a penny of its own money for anything except its own benefit. The group is amply paid for and supported by the Saudis, Israelis and Americans. For this, it is expected to perform certain tasks. One of these is money laundry.

The money paid to help Vox did not originate with the MEK, the mercenary group only passed it on. Most probably it came from somewhere in America which is trying hard to create disunity and discord in the European Union.

This an agenda shared by MEK which survives on chaos and violence. So, the right wing and the left wing (MEK members still believe they are involved in an anti-imperialist struggle) extremists have found common cause and the MEK is rewarded with support and money.