Leila Giukan: “ My father and I have never heard each other’s voice ”

Atefeh Nadalian, Nejat Society, August 23 2020:… Rahim Giukan was born in March 1945. In 1981, while a supporter of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), he fled and in 1982, he left the country and went to Pakistan and then Iraq and joined the organization. At that time he had a wife and four children. His wife, Ms. Behjat Sediqi, raised their children Mozhgan, Mehran, Mohsen and Leila with great difficulty in the absence of their father. She was both a mother and a father to their children. The children are educated and married and have jobs and children, and of course they always felt and feel the father’s absence in their lives. No information was available on Rahim Giukan during these years. Leila Giukan: “My father and I have never heard each other’s voice”