Open letter to Bernard Cazeneuve (Rajavi supports ISIS from France)

Open letter to Bernard Cazeneuve (Rajavi supports ISIS from France)

Zahra Moeini, Iran Zanan Association, December 24 2015:… Mr. Minister With all those facts mentioned above , for security and safty of your country , you should put an end to their cultish activities in Europe and in France , because they have supported Daesh in their official websites many times and their thoughts and cultish and terrorist behaviours during …

What does it mean when we say ISIS operates as a mind control cult?

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Open letter to Mr. Bernard Cazeneuve

the honorable French Minister of Interior Mr. Bernard Cazeneuve the French Minister of Interior greetings The unfortunate incidents which happened in Paris , and as a result of that many innocent people ,women and men , lost their lives , have brought sorrow and sadness for all freedom loving people and this sorrow and sadness has opened our eyes and ears about these horrible incidents and we should ask the humane conscience this question , for what reason those innocent people lost their lives and were murdered ?

Mr. Minister I am Zahra Moeini , a German citizen , who had been a captive in Iraq in Ashraf Garrison for many years and i had experienced the life in people’s mojahedin organization ruled by Massoud and Maryam Rajavi . In 1992 when Maryam Rajavi called herself the president of national council of resistance of Iran !! i became a member of her security team and i left Iraq to Paris with her and after a while i went to Germany. the Rajavi’s terrorist cult told me that ;Germany is a very good country in Europe for asylum and we can fool the German government for our activities easily ; . After a while i found out about their ominous intentions and their crimes , so i decided to separate from them and right now i am a human rights activist in Germany. I had witnessed their crime such as money laundering and theft of the operatives of this organization .

Mr. Minister In the begining of 1987 , the French government which was ruled by Mr. Jacques Chirac had incarcerated some of the pmoi officials because of violence and terrorist activities and extortion and send them to exile in Gabon . When it happened , Massoud and Maryam Rajavi both were in Iraq and Massoud Rajavi one year before it happened left France to Iraq . They both were angry and were saying that they wont forget this work of the French Government and they vowed that they will retaliate against the French government when they overthrow the Iranian government and they mentioned that it will be a good lesson to the world not to interfere in Iranian resistance affaires.

In 2003 when Maryam Rajavi and some of pmoi operatives got arrested in France , 11 million dollars was found in their headquarter in Auvers sur Oise . The PMOI leadership forced some of their followers and members in France and in Europe in front of the French Embassy and in USA to set themselves on fire to show their anger about the arrest of Maryam Rajavi . the leadership of pmoi wanted to create panic and fear among the French people to force The French government to release Maryam Rajavi as soon as possible . unfortunately two of those who set themselves on fire died of severe burning. those two were Mrs. Sedigheh Mojaveri and Miss Neda Hassani.

Mr. Minister As you see despite of huge amount of money which this terrorist cult spends for its shows and its existance in France , the leader of this terrorist cult , Maryam Rajavi , does not do anything to rescue the residents of Camp liberty from the hell hole of Iraq . This cult has a very dangerous essence and it is run by cultish rules . The main leader of this dangerous cult(the guru) , Massoud Rajavi has threatened all his critics and separated members to death, he wants to create a wave of fear and horror among his critics and separated members but his threat against his critics and separated members will begets panic and fear among the people of France and other European countries as well.

Mr. Minister do you think the leaders of this terrorist cult are suitable to run the government in Iran ? you should know that Maryam Rajavi has not been elected as president of the national council of resistance by the Iranian people who live in foreign countries or the captive members of this notorious cult in Iraq , for that reason she is not the representative of Iranian people and she can not represent Iranian people .

Mr. Minister I wrote a letter to the mayor of Auvers sur Oise while ago and i thanked her because she hosted two families of those captive members in camp liberty in Iraq . I urge you to stop their activities before witnessing another crime which they will perpetrate. Mr. Minister I have requested Maryam Rajavi many times to have a debate with me in a TV even in their own TV program but i have not received any answer except the death threat which i and others received from them.

Mr . Minister i share with you some of the crimes of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi : In 1989 Massoud and Maryam Rajavi ordered all pmoi members to separate from their husband or wife (compulsory divorce). By the direct order of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi all children ranging from 6 months old to the age before maturity were separated from their parents and they were sent away to an unknown destiny and future , some of those children got lost or were sent back to Iran or some of them got raped which was mentioned by some of Rajavi cult followers . The separated and divorced women in Rajavi cult by the direct order of Maryam Rajavi had to sleep with Massoud Rajavi for their own salvation !!! and they were ordered to go under surgical operation to take off their womb before sleeping with him.

Mr. Minister People’s mojahedin organization , PMOI, as the speaker of French external affaires explained , is a violent cult and its existance in France is illegal . i would like to reiterate that all the iranian members who are in the cult’s headquarter in Auvers sur Oise are the top officials of this cult and they are all commanders of the war and terrorist missions in Iraq and Iran. There is no difference between their thoughts and ideology with ISIS (Daesh) but because they are defeated and many of their members have separated from them and they have lost their popularity among Iranian People , the leaders of this cult in western countries specially in France are trying their best to show themselves as freedom lovers and pro-democracy organization and they pretend that they are against terrorism to wash their bloody hands and hide their real essence behind the mask of democracy and freedom . Supporting ISIS (Daesh) by Massoud and Maryam Rajavi goes to 9/11/ 2001 and in that day when the terrorists attacked the twin towers in New York city by the airplanes which they had hijacked and killed 3000 innocent American men and women , Massoud and Maryam Rajavi ordered to show the horrible scenes of those terrorist attacks many times in the gathering in Bagherzadeh garrison in Iraq and while they were clapping their hands , Massoud Rajavi said, I adore Islam which in this fanatic form has created such a damage to USA and imperalism, now wait and see what is going to happen to imperalism when our revolutionary Islam comes on power, .

There is no doubt that the reason behind their happiness and satisfaction about the terrorist attacks in 9/11 was their violent essence and their crave for bloodshed ,violence and armed struggle . There is no doubt that on the basics Rajavi , Daesh and Al ghaedeh have the same violent and fanatic thoughts and during the years i was in that cult ,all Rajavi’s interpretations of Ghoran were in support of violent and fanatic thoughts . Last year when Daesh took over the city of Mosel in Iraq and began its terrorist actions on Iraq soil , this cult and its leadership began supporting Daesh in its official websites and mentioned them as the revolutionary people of Iraq , the revolutionary tribes of Iraq !!. (Le site de l’OMPI: Les révolutionnaires et les nomades révolutionnaires de l’Irak ont saisi toute la ville de Mossoul) in this link which is the pmoi official website you can see their support of Daesh with French translation .

Mr. Minister With all those facts mentioned above , for security and safty of your country , you should put an end to their cultish activities in Europe and in France , because they have supported Daesh in their official websites many times and their thoughts and cultish and terrorist behaviours during past 40 years substantiate that they have the same thought and behaviour as Daesh has . We should not forget that Rajavi cult carried out the suicidal operation in Iran in 1980,s and in 2003 suicidal operation on French soil by setting themselves on fire on streets of paris and they mentioned it proudly in their official websites . Those years which pmoi was carrying out those bloody suicidal operations and attacks against its targets , Daesh did not exist and i believe that Daesh had learned those suicidal operations from Rajavi cult.

All the best Zahra Moeini Germany


Maryam Rajavi Saddam's private army NCRICouncil of Foreign Relations, 2014: Mujahadeen-e-Khalq (MEK). Backgrounders


President Hollande should curtail violent activities of Mojahedin Khalq (Rajavi cult) in France

زهرا معینیZahra Moeini, Iran Zanan, August 03 2015:… Mr Mostafa Mohammadi a Canadian citizen and Mr Ali Hossein Nejad who was a veteran translator of Masoud Rajavi start a legal and Human Rights campaign in France in order to rescue their daughters from Rajavi’s cult and wishes that their voice be heard by you …

حمله تروریستی مجاهدین خلق فرقه رجوی در پاریس 2015Mojahedin Khalq thugs beat-up Mostafa Mohammadi and his daughter (Photos)

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President Hollande should curtail violent activities of Mojahedin Khalq (Rajavi cult)  in France

My name is Zahra Moeni and I reside in Germany. I was a member of Maryam Rajavi’s security team and her personal Boudyguard. Later on when I became more

familier with their evil intentions I got seperated from MEK. Currently, I am a human rights activist.

During the period of my involvement with this organisation I repeatedly witnessed theft and money laundering in the MEK

bases. All documents related to relevant countries and organizations have been sent, but unfortunately no arrest has been made yet.

Mr President,

Maryam Rajavi has her hand in the blood of so many Iranian and also many member of MEK. She even ordered the removal of the uterus of many women, and all of these under slogan of Human Rights

Massoud Rajavi whom is currently hidden has publicly called for the deaths of former members and other critics of the group and he order his wife Maryam Rajavi and other PMOI commanders who reside in France to executing this order.

There is information that with direct order of Maryam Rajavi, her trained terrorists attacked and beaten the former members who went to Rajavi’s residence in Auvers sur Oise. Police have all relevant documents but unfortunately, they have been no arrest yet.

Mr Mostafa Mohammadi a Canadian citizen and Mr Ali Hossein Nejad who was a veteran translator of Masoud Rajavi start a legal and Human Rights campaign in France in order to rescue their daughters from Rajavi’s cult and wishes that their voice be heard by you and relevant authorities.Unfortunately once again Maryam Rajavi sent out a gang of thugs to beat them up.

The question is how they can easily violate the sovereignty of France and its legal and civil system by threaten, chasing former members and making ridiculous and

false claims against two father that objected to abduction of their daughters.

France has protected the Maryam Rajavi and gave her a free pass to threaten and beaten up people with no limitation and her husband Massoud Rajavi has broadcast

a message to the MEK members whom live hidden lives in France and other European cities. In this message that reported on PMOI’s media and can

be reached via internet and published in their website, Rajavi demands the assassination of former members of the MEK and other critics of the group.

Part of Franch translation of his message about the threats of dissidents and opponents of the cult is Annex to this letter.

Dear President of the French Republic,

As you focus on the firm commitment of your government to protect the lives of French citizens and to defend freedom of expression, we draw your attention to

the danger posed by this cult training base in Auvers-sur-Oise and to consider taking a new stand against Maryam Rajavi and her terrorist gang before

another humanitarian catastrophe happen in your country.

Please accept, Mr President of the Republic, the assurance of my highest respect and consideration

Zahra moeini 01.08.2015

تهدید به مرگ آن خدابنده توسط مریم رجوی مجاهدین خلقIn a democracy we don’t beg terrorists not to kill us (Open letter to President Hollande)

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, June 27 2014:It has no legal existence in France as an organization.  It is  violent and undemocratic


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Our story thus far: Another Mojahedin attack on two fathers and the sister of MEK’s captives

Hurieh Mohammady, Paris, July 22 2015:… Our daughters are two of the thousands of these innocent victims. We are here to open the eyes of the French government and citizens to show them that the people in charge of the kidnapping and brainwashing of thousands of people over the years are residing …

اور سور اواز مریم رجوی Let’s stand up together and free our children from Rajavi and the MEK (Video)

Our story thus far: Another Mojahedin attack on two fathers and the sister of MEK’s captives

On Monday July 13, 2015 we rented a car in Paris, France and drove to Auvers-Sur-Oise. Who are we? We are two fathers and a sister, all three in Paris doing all we can to free our daughter/sister from a cult’s terrorist camp in Baghdad, Iraq called Camp Liberty. The irony of the name of this camp is that the people kept in the camp haven’t had a glimpse of liberty or freedom for fifteen plus years. The people in charge of the camp are Maryam Rajavi, Massoud Rajavi and Mehdi Abrishamchi. They are the leaders of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq – the name of the group that fifty years ago started out as a noble group for the freedom of the Iranian people.

Today, and for the past 30 odd years, this group has become a cult in which the leaders were/are affiliated with Saddam Hussein and other known terrorist leaders in the Middle East. They prey on the simple hearted, the young and the hopeless to gain power and money. They use any deceitful tactics such as propaganda, lying, torture, threats and more to get their way. They have taken the lives of many young people and kept them captive in Iraq.

Our daughters are two of the thousands of these innocent victims. We are here to open the eyes of the French government and citizens to show them that the people in charge of the kidnapping and brainwashing of thousands of people over the years are residing in Auvers-Sur-Oise, France. This was the second time that I, Mustafa Mohammady, and my daughter Hurieh have been attacked in the streets of Auvers by the Mojahedin. We want nothing more than a meeting with the town’s mayor to explain to her our story so she will know the true colours of these people.

The first occurrence of attack was a month ago on June 12, 2015. We took the train to Auvers with our lawyer and walked to rue des Gordes in the hope of getting a meeting with a Mojahedin leader since our lawyer was with us. As we turned onto the street not taking more than five steps we saw a man and a woman running towards us from different directions of the road. They begin yelling horrible vulgar curses at us without any engagement or provocation from us. They start pulling at our camera and belongings and throwing punches at us. At this time our lawyer phoned the police and alerted them to come to our rescue immediately.

We were three people, a senior Canadian, a female student and a French lawyer, and within seconds we were cornered onto a gated driveway with dozens of people attacking us. As we were trying to protect ourselves from their terrifying blows to our bodies they succeeded in separating us from each other. They threw each one of us to the ground and five/six people at a time would attempt to steal our phones, wallets and camera while throwing kicks and punches. The police came about ten minutes after the call and pulled them off us.

That did not stop them from gathering around and yelling threats and curses at us by surrounding the police and the ambulance. As we were being taken by stretcher into the ambulance a man jumped on top of Hurieh in front of the police and attacked her to the ground breaking our camera. We was handcuffed and taken to the police station and kept in a cell for one night. We were treated in the hospital in Pontoise with many cuts and bruises all over our bodies. We were traumatized but the fire in us grew bigger as now we know how little humanity is left in them and how much we need to get our children out from their clutches.

We gave our statement to the police the day after and got a full body report of our injuries in the hospital and are filing a complaint against their actions towards us. This case is now being dealt with in the court of Pointoise but we have not given up on bringing our children home to us. We talked to different police officers of Paris and Pontoise and recounted our story to them. This brings us to last week’s events.

So we drove to Auvers-Sur-Oise, with lingering fear of what happened the first time, we went there to arrange a meeting with the mayor. We drove to just outside of the town and decided to stop and enjoy the scenery as there were large beautiful wheat fields which we wanted to take pictures of. As we were about to walk towards our parked car, a man (Mojahedin member) with a camera started coming towards us. With fear we quickly ran faster towards our car, as did he, following us and pushing Hurieh to the ground. She got up and ran into the car and locked herself in waiting for Mustafa and Ali Hossein to so the same. Mustafa was able to get in but when we looked back Ali Hossein couldn’t make it fast enough and we saw that more of the Mojahedin had arrived.

The man clutched at our car trying to grab at us through the open window but we started the car and began to drive away. Ali Hossein stopped a passing car hoping to get help and security from strangers to drive him away from the Mojahedin who, by now were more than five. The driver of the car however did not drive away and the Mojahedin opened their car door trying to pull Ali Hossein out onto the streets. We were circling the roundabout trying to figure out how to save him and to get other car drivers to phone the police. We were yelling for help and for the police as we watched them forcefully pulling him out of the car and onto the ground.

We were trying to distract them until the police came when a black car approached with speed and rammed their car into ours. With fear we had no choice but to flee the scene as the car chased us through the streets at over hundred kilometres per hour. We were calling the police unable to give our whereabouts as we were not only unfamiliar with the location but nothing seemed to be around for miles. The chase went on until we reached the town of Cergy, Pontoise and headed towards the Police station there.

Once there we told them what had happened and our anxiety about what happened to Ali Hossein, hoping the police got there in time to save him. With police cars guiding us back to the station in Auvers we found out that Ali Hossein was saved in time and taken to the station and was secure. Outside of the station the Mojahedin men and women were gathered there with cameras and still yelling curses and swear words at us. This was our second complaint file we made towards them. We did not come to Paris to be attacked and treated this way. We came here begging to see our children. Why is it that to ask for the return of our child, or just plain contact with them is threatening these people so much?

What are they so afraid of that they are not allowing families to be in contact? Somayeh Mohammady was taken from Canada 18 years ago and we haven’t been able to even make a phone call with her for more than twelve years. Murders in prison have visiting rights but these people in the camp, the ones taken away from their lives are not even allowed a letter or phone call. How are we in the wrong to ask for the safety and happiness of our children?

We ask the people of France, nay, the people of the world to see the injustice in this and to help spread the word about these captors. Help our voices be heard. We are now living in fear as they are constantly posting threatening words on their websites and have followed us to our rented home in Paris. They have come to our apartment and handed out flyers filled with lies to everyone in our neighbourhood. They call us spies and people working for the Iranian government, but all we have ever wanted was the return of our child to their home. To take them back to where they belong and have always belonged. To live their lives be with their family and be happy if they can find meaning in that feeling anymore.

The Mojahedin are threatened by a father and daughter that have put their lives on hold many times and have used the little resources they have to fly to Paris to ask for the safety of Somayeh. They call themselves an organization for the liberation of the people of Iran yet they cannot even provide freedom to the ones they call their own. We will not stop fighting for the safety of our children and this will not be over until these captives are freed.

We will go to any lengths and are begging anyone who can hear our voices to help us. Please help free our kids from their evil clutches. Help their voices be heard. Help mothers take their children back into their arms. Help children see the advancement of the world and live the rest of their lives not in fear but tranquillity and peace.

‘Together we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall’ -Pink Floyd.

Mustafa Mohammady

Ali Hossein Nejad

Hurieh Mohammady

حمله مزدوران رجوی به دختر مصطفی محمدی

حمله مزدوران رجوی به مصطفی محمدی و دخترش



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Mostafa Mohammadi’s legal request met by Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, Rajavi cult) violence in a French suburb

Iran Interlink, June 23 2015:… The Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) reaction was shocking. Instead of answering the door and listening to the legal request, and answering either negatively or in the affirmative, the cult leader Maryam Rajavi simply sent out a gang of thugs to beat him up along with Hooriyeh and the lawyer. Although police intervened to prevent …

Bernard Poignant assured Mohammadi that he recognised the seriousness of this case and it will be followed

Mostafa Mohammadi’s legal request met by Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, Rajavi cult) violence in a French suburb

Mostafa Mohammadi has been trying to meet with his long lost daughter Somayeh for many years now. He has travelled to Iraq on several occasions only to be turned away by the cruel cult which holds his daughter hostage. Now Mostafa has taken his cause right to the door of the cult’s headquarters in France.

On Friday 12 June 2015, Mostafa visited Maryam Rajavi’s residence in Auvers sur Oise, the terrorist cult’s secretive enclave just outside Paris. He was accompanied by his other daughter Hooriyeh. Mostafa had been advised by his lawyer, who accompanied them on the visit, to make one last legally documented request directly to the leader of the group which is holding Somayeh. Only then, the lawyer advised, should Mostafa could go ahead with a legal complaint against Maryam Rajavi in France where she resides.

The Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) reaction was shocking. Instead of answering the door and listening to the legal request, and answering either negatively or in the affirmative, the cult leader Maryam Rajavi simply sent out a gang of thugs to beat him up along with Hooriyeh and the lawyer.

Although police intervened to prevent more serious injury an ambulance was called and Mostafa was hospitalised overnight.

Why is it impossible for the MEK leader to refrain from attacking people in a quiet French village where the residents are already sick to death of the group?

Mostafa made it clear that if he had wanted to provoke the group he would not have gone with his French lawyer and daughter, but with a gang of other plaintiffs against the cult – there are many.

But like any cult, the MEK is existentially afraid of the truth and of people exposing its inhuman and illegal activities. Maryam Rajavi would rather her cult be exposed beating up an innocent father in a French suburb than answer to the charges put against her in court of law.

Even worse, if she even hints at compromise with one parent, the whole cult will begin to collapse as members ask ‘why can’t we contact our families too?’

Other awkward questions lie behind this simple one. Such as, ‘why, after thirty years, have we made no progress in our struggle to overthrow the Iranian regime?’ And, ‘where is Massoud Rajavi?’ And, ‘why aren’t the residents of Camp Liberty being transferred to safe countries?’

Mostafa’s struggle to meet his daughter is not isolated. Several families are currently stationed outside Camp Liberty in Iraq making the same demand: we want to meet our loved ones. Perhaps Maryam Rajavi is right to be afraid of them. The MEK’s existence now balances on this confrontation, this battle of wills between loving relatives and the cruel cult leader.


مهران کاکاوند قاتل و شکنجه گر اعزامی از عراق به پاریسMehran Kakavand, Mojahedin Khalq agent tried to assassinate ex-member Mansour Nazari in Paris (link to the report in Persian)


Survivors of Rajavi cult demand security in France (open letter to President Hollande)

Mohammad Karami, Ayaran, Paris, January 26 2015:… In an audio speech two and a half months ago during Ashura (the Shia remembrance ceremony for Imam Hussein),* Massoud Rajavi clearly ordered his Fedayeen to find ex-members of the MEK and to kill them along with any other critics of him and his cult. In this internal audio message, in …

Rajavi cult abuse – Albania must protect human rights of Iranian refugees from MEK

Anne Khodabandeh (Singleton) , Iran Interlink, January 24 2015:… Albania’s efforts to improve its human rights and bring them into line with European and international standards could be seriously undermined if it does not take action to curtail the activities of the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq cult organisation in that country. There is strong evidence that …

Larijani: Support for Mojahedin Khalq (Rajavi cut) diplays west’s unreal War on Terror

Fars News, Tehran, January 15 2015:… “Now the MKO terrorist group with the worst criminal record is supported by the West, and the Arab financial and spiritual supporters of the ISIL are also West’s allies; then how can one believe that the West, specially the US, Britain, France and Germany, are fighting against terrorism,” Amoli Larijani said, addressing a …

Al-Sarraj: America supports Mojahedin Khalq ( Rajavi cult, MKO, MEK) in Iraq as leverage in negotiations

Ashraf News, Baghdad, January 19 2015:…  Sarraj told the reporter for Ashraf News, that “Washington also hopes that the MEK terrorist organization can be used as a bargaining chip in any future negotiations with Iran.” With respect to the MKO terrorist group’s demand last Wednesday that the United States re-arm them in Camp Liberty, Adnan al-Sarraj …