Republican Party Degenerates Tied to Rajavi (MEK/NCRI/MONKEY) Cult Degenerates

Republican Party Degenerates Tied to Rajavi (MEK/NCRI/MONKEY) Cult Degenerates

Guliani Maryam Rajavi Mojahedin Khalq terroristsayatoilet1,, June 19 2016:… Birds of a feather – flock together. We continue to see a few Republican Party politicians show up in Paris repeatedly for MEK/MKO/Rajavists/NCRI/Monkeys annual rallies as keynote speakers. They pay warm greetings, homage, and even bow – yes bow – to Queen Rajavi! But, step back and take one …

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Guliani Maryam Rajavi Mojahedin Khalq terroristsFormer U.S. Officials Make Millions Advocating For Terrorist Organization (2011)

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Republican Party Degenerates Tied to Rajavi (MEK/NCRI/MONKEY) Cult Degenerates

Birds of a feather – flock together. We continue to see a few Republican Party politicians show up in Paris repeatedly for MEK/MKO/Rajavists/NCRI/Monkeys annual rallies as keynote speakers. They pay warm greetings, homage, and even bow – yes bow – to Queen Rajavi! But, step back and take one look at their personal lives. When you look closely at many of these Republicans they can only – yes ONLY – be described as the dirtiest scum bags America has ever produced. They are degenerates. The Rajavi’s are degenerate scums too. True, isn’t it? Well, read on. Here are the sordid facts.

First, let us agree on some definitions right out of Wikipedia. Ok? A cult is a system of veneration or group of ‘religionists’ with ‘sinister or unusual’ tendencies. And a degenerative disease causes organ degeneration over time, otherwise a degeneracy is the concept that some people are just simply ‘born’ criminals, born to degrade their communities, their societies or nations.

For most, the Rajavis have long ago sold out their fellow Iranians to Saddam Hussein, trading intelligence about their home country for a place to house their Marxist-Islamist Rajavi sect; and today they are clearly doing the same for Israel. Despite total philosophical divergence of the Rajavi Cult’s Marxist-Islamic ideology with Gingrich and Giuliani’s Republican Cult’s uber-right wing ideology, they seem to have found common ground with Netanyahu’s Israel. Without question, only degenerates without any principles could come together like this.

One serious (deep) look at their personal lives by anyone confirms their degeneracy. Giuliani and Gingrich are shits. Yes, phony patriot shits, who would sell their mothers for cash. They have the audacity to even claim (among other things) that Democrats (and more specifically President Obama) do not love America. But the truth is, neither Giuliani, nor Gingrich have a track record when it comes to “Love”. Moreover, the Rajavists too would say the same, that Iranians (who do not follow their cult) are somehow un-Iranian and do not love Iran. They indoctrinate their cult members in this way.

But again, one objective look at their personal lives and all the spousal treachery they have been part of says it all. The Rajavis, and their Republican Party allies have no qualifications to speak about “Love”. Who are they to lecture anyone? I have ALL the sordid details below. I have all their skeletons and dirty laundry. Please take a second or two to compare Guiliani and Ginrich with the leaders of Iran’s Rajavi Cult – Maryam and Masoud Rajavi! Let us study their ‘Love’ or ‘Loves’ shall we? Let us compare them all.

By the way, I did not make this stuff up; I have borrowed liberally from published bio sites. (You could not make this stuff up even if you wanted to!) It’s all out there, you just have to look.

The Rajavi’s

Maryam Rajavi, the woman who so warmly received Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich’s bow, is the president-elect of the NCRI. She’s better known as the “principal leader” of Mujahadeen-e-Khalq or MEK otherwise known as the MKO, or the Rajavi Cult, which was officially designated by the United States as a terrorist group. (The MEK, designated a terrorist group by the European Union until 2009). By the way, they keep switching names, MEK, MKO, NCRI… and many Iranians call them Rajavists (because the group is ruled, yes ruled, by an unelected husband and wife team called Rajavi)… I prefer to just call them Monkeys.

The Rajavists participated in the 1979 Iranian revolution, but later turned against the theocratic government. In turning away from the regime, it started a campaign of terrorist attacks against IRI officials, embassies, and civilians. The group escaped (or took refuge) in Iraq for years. And there, they were sponsored by Saddam Hussein during his 8 year war with Iran. Maryam Rajavi is the titular political head of the organization. Maryam Rajavi’s husband, Massoud, is believed to lead the group’s armed or military wing.

However, much like Rudi Guiliani and Newt Gingrich, the Rajavis have sordid private lives filled with betrayal, and sordid garbage!

Here is a brief bio exert taken straight out of the Council on Foreign Relations website (this means I did not make it up):

Maryam Rajavi was born in 1953 to an upper-middle class Iranian family, and she joined MEK as a student in Tehran in the early 1970s. After relocating with the group to Paris in 1981, she was elected its joint leader and later became deputy commander-in-chief of its armed wing. Experts say that MEK has increasingly come to resemble a cult that is devoted to Massoud Rajavi’s secular interpretation of the Koran and is prone to sudden, dramatic ideological shifts. In June 2003, French authorities raided a MEK compound outside Paris and arrested 160 people, including Maryam Rajavi. She was released in 2003 but resides in Paris where she bases her campaign to remove the Iranian theocracy. Massoud Rajavi was last known to be living in Iraq, but authorities aren’t certain of his whereabouts or whether he is alive.

In 1981, in exile, Rajavi created a new organization called the NCRI with twelve members, with the condition that he be appointed as interim leader after the Khomeini regime was toppled. On 8th February 1982, Mousa Khiabani and Rajavi’s wife, Ashraf Rabii, were among those top Mojahedin members killed in a gun battle with the regime’s suppressive forces in Iran. This left the way open for Rajavi to consolidate his leadership role in Paris. Now he only had people like Mehdi Abrishamchi to deal with and he could do this more easily because they were in exile with him in Paris. After years of imprisonment alongside them, he knew their characters and how to manipulate them, or he knew they wouldn’t raise a challenge against him, and if they did, how he could appease them.

Only months after Ashraf was killed, Rajavi had married Abol Hassan Bani Sadr’s daughter, Firouzeh. She was a student at a university in Paris at the time. She had no political inclination and was largely regarded as being used as a pawn by Rajavi in the manipulation of her father (former Iranian President). Ironically, this marriage did not cause any controversy. Members saw it for what it was; a political tactic. Ordinary Iranians saw it as both a convenient and a normal marriage. Rajavi’s wife was dead, so why shouldn’t he marry again, albeit indecently quickly? Yet this marriage really was cynical and exploitative. The young Firouzeh was naïve and innocent and had no real choice in the matter. Not a very good basis for marriage to a man who later promoted himself as the defender of women’s rights in the Mojahedin. In fact it was the next marriage, between two highly ambitious and fully aware people, that caused the outrage and continues to do so. Why? Because Rajavi married his best friend’s’ wife. (The relationship started long before Abrishamchi was ordered to divorce.) Looking at the marriage from a traditional point of view from Iranian culture, it was dishonourable, a betrayal of his friend. It was wrong, if not scandalous.

In 1982, Maryam arrived in Paris as part of Rajavi’s efforts to have as many people as possible leave Iran and join his court in Paris. Although Maryam was not a leading member – at this time women had not become the issue of the moment and were still taking a secondary role in spite of their equal activities – she was important enough to have been fielded as a Tehran candidate for the 1980 elections in Iran. So, particularly as Abrishamchi’s wife, she would have been a familiar figure in the leading circle of the Mojahedin.

Maryam was highly ambitious and looking for a way to rise in the organisation at any cost. Rajavi didn’t know Maryam very well in Iran. There were many top women members who ranked higher than she in the Mojahedin, most of whom left the organisation during the Ideological Revolution or had remained in Iran and been killed like Ashraf. Maryam was brought out with her husband and daughter when Rajavi tried to evacuate as many people as possible. In Paris, because of her hard work and devotion, Rajavi chose her as the helping hand in his office and to arrange domestic issues and to take care of Firouzeh. She was their housekeeper and Rajavi’s personal assistant.

It was not difficult for Maryam to replace Firouzeh for Rajavi. She gave him total obedience and also had a malleable, ambitious mind. She was devoted to the struggle. Firouzeh, on the other hand, had a mind of her own and exercised it freely by doing whatever she wanted. This of course, was unacceptable for Rajavi – who now demands 100% obedience even from people he isn’t married to!

Rajavi said at the time, ‘This girl has already got an ideological leader, and that is her father’. Instead, Rajavi needed someone to declare: ‘He is my leader, body and mind’ and Maryam fitted this role. She would have done anything to gain promotion in the organisation. Her point of view was ‘Either he will marry me or I will kill myself.’ In this respect it is widely believed that she began a sexual relationship with Rajavi even before he divorced from Firouzeh in 1984. Maryam was practically living-in with Rajavi in his buildings as his personal assistant, hardly visiting her husband at all.

In 1984, less than two years after their marriage, Rajavi divorced from Firouzeh. He married Maryam immediately the divorce was legally finalised. Ostensibly, this divorce was viewed as resulting from the discord and disagreement between Rajavi and Bani-Sadr, but the role Maryam played has not been shown until now. She had been appointed head of Rajavi’s office and she worked closely with him in his office, often not returning home at night for days. Before their marriage on 8th February 1985, Maryam hadn’t returned home to her husband Abrishamchi for several months. In this time, she had also attended a hospital in Paris for what is believed to have been a termination of pregnancy.

Although Rajavi’s divorce from Firouzeh was publicly explained by his disagreement with Bani Sadr, Maryam’s ambition led her to create division between Rajavi and Firouzeh, long before this political break-up. She was in a unique position to interfere. It was Maryam’s intention to oust Firouzeh, but one that Rajavi found very useful for his own goals. Maryam had two faces, one in the presence of Firouzeh and one for Rajavi. It could be assumed that Maryam had fallen in love with Rajavi with an ideological passion. This is not surprising or unusual. But what was unusual and highly significant for the future of the Mojahedin organisation, was Rajavi’s use of this affair. He could possibly have done a quiet deal and got Abrishamchi to divorce his wife and he could have divorced Firouzeh and the lovers could then have been married and continued in their respective roles. But this did not happen.

It is possible that some aspects of Rajavi’s relationship with Maryam had come out into the open and they couldn’t carry on quietly as before. But more significant, was that this was the make or break point for Rajavi after all his years of preparation. He was forced to lay his leadership on the line. Either the supporters and members would accept this – and really they would accept anything – and as he said himself ‘the taboo will break’, or they would reject it and leave.

Their marriage has been described as ‘ideological’ and explained it thus: Maryam had chosen to divorce her husband and marry with the ideological leader of the Mojahedin, in order to allow them to work in close proximity as co-leaders. Massoud announced that Maryam had achieved a level of competence which demanded that she become co-leader of the Mojahedin, while at the same time, he would retain his primary role as ideological leader of the organization.

Rajavi has always said that he is only interested in those people who accept him as their ideological leader. For these people, when they accept an ideological leader, sins mean nothing. What he does must be right and good, rather than as they might interpret it; they aren’t capable of knowing what is right or good, only the ideological leader can say this.

Until this time, the membership had no idea that there was to be a change in their organizational structure let alone the ideology. And even as the marriage was performed, few had any understanding at all of the changes, which were being introduced. The real changes, which were to take place after this marriage, revealed themselves as more to do with Rajavi’s ambition to wield absolute control over the organization and its members. Rajavi, modelling his leadership on the uniquely unassailable leadership of Khomeini, wanted to move himself into a position from which he could not be ousted or challenged, and ideological leader (the equivalent of Khomeini’s role as Supreme Leader, or Imam) fitted this bill.

Neither he, nor Maryam were chosen by the membership of the organization and were both self-appointed.

By 1985, when they married, Mousa Khiabani, who could have challenged his sole leadership on ideological grounds, was dead. Rajavi had maneuvered and manipulated all the other high ranking members within his reach, to the point where those who accepted this corruption of Mojahedin ideology were loyal to him, and those who objected were sidelined, ousted or allowed to be killed inside Iran.

Immediately after the marriage, Rajavi persuaded Abrishamchi to publish a statement professing that he ‘understood the grandeur of this ‘epic’ with all the ideological might God had given him’. Rajavi then had the other members of the Central Committee of the organisation, under various threats including the threat of withdrawing their financial support, issue a sixteen page edict, explaining the revolutionary necessity of the marriage, eulogising Rajavi’s transcendent capacity for sacrifice, and drawing parallels between Rajavi and the prophet of Islam.

It was established during this Ideological Revolution, that if Rajavi wanted any woman, it was his right and the woman’s duty. The traditional Muslim story was cited in which the prophet Mohammad looked at a woman. Her husband, believing that the prophet Mohammad liked her, promptly divorced her and offered her to the prophet. With this as the guideline, it became the duty of any of Rajavi’s followers to happily get out of the way and sacrifice themselves for his benefit. Abrishamchi was offered a marriage to Mousa Khiabani’s younger sister Azar. Abrishamchi was 40 years old and she was barely 18. They were married straight after the Ideological Revolution.

Newt Gingirch

Now lets compare the Masoud Rajavi to Newt Gingrich. Shall we?

When Newt Gingrich arrived in Paris to speak to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), an Iranian exile umbrella group that’s been based there since shortly after the 1979 revolution, he seemed to know exactly who Maryam Rajavi is. He praised Rajavi and her work several times in his speech, which he delivered as the prominent exile stood at his side. Before the speech, as he neared the end of a long line of attendees who stood in the rain to shake his hand, he turned to face Rajavi, smiled, and at approximately 1:02 minutes into the above video, folded at the waist and bowed solemnly. Rajavi, clothed head-to-toe in green, handed him a bouquet of flowers as the crowd cheered.

Yes, Newt Gingrich bowed to Maryam Rajavi. This same person rose to fame as the 58th speaker of the House of Representatives leading the 1994 Republican revolution. Republicans took over after 20 years of rule by the democrats.

Perhaps not so well known is his marriage infidelities and the straight up personal trash.

Gingrich has married three times. In 1962, he married Jacqueline May “Jackie” Battley (died August 7, 2013), his former high school geometry teacher, when he was 19 years old and she was 26. They have two daughters from their marriage: Kathy Gingrich Lubbers is president of Gingrich Communications, and Jackie Gingrich Cushman is an author, conservative columnist, and political commentator.

In the spring of 1980, Gingrich left his wife after beginning an affair with Marianne Ginther. In 1984, Jackie (Battley) Gingrich told The Washington Post that the divorce was a “complete surprise” to her. According to Jackie, in September 1980, Gingrich and their children visited her while she was in the hospital, recovering from (cancer) surgery. Although Gingrich’s presidential campaign staff continued to insist in 2011 that his wife requested the divorce, court documents obtained by CNN from Carroll County, Georgia, indicated that Jackie had asked a judge to block the process stating that although “she has adequate and ample grounds for divorce … she does not desire one at this time [and] does not admit that this marriage is irretrievably broken.

According to L. H. Carter, Gingrich’s campaign treasurer, Gingrich said of his first wife: “She’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of a President. And besides, she has cancer.”

In 1981, six months after his divorce from his first wife was final, Gingrich wed Marianne Ginther. Marianne helped control their finances to get them out of debt. She was also coauthor of Newt’s 1984 book Window of Opportunity: A Blueprint for the Future. She did not, however, want to have the public life of a politician’s wife.

In 1993, while still married to Marianne, Gingrich began an affair with House of Representatives staffer Callista Bisek, who is 23 years his junior. Gingrich and his second wife were divorced in 2000. The marriage produced no children. On January 19, 2012, Marianne (Ginther) Gingrich alleged in an interview on ABC’s Nightline that she had declined to accept Gingrich’s suggestion of an open marriage. Asked about the allegations at the beginning of the televised South Carolina primary debate, Gingrich said the story was false and told the coordinator that making an ex-wife a significant question in a presidential campaign was “close to despicable”.

In August 2000, Gingrich married Callista Bisek four months after his divorce from second wife Marianne was finalized.

In any case, it’s a bit jarring to see a recent front-runner for the GOP nomination for the presidency literally bowing to the leader of a terrorist organization. The bow was an odd choice, given that Iranians don’t really practice it.

But clearly, looking at Ginrich’s marital infidelities and how he treated his former wives, he surely has a lot in common with Masoud Rajavi. Neither, it seems, have real qualifications to talk about “Love” of anything except themselves.

Rudy Giuliani

The same could be said of Rudi Giuliani. He has been married three times. On October 26, 1968, soon after he graduated from law school, he married Regina Peruggi, whom Giuliani had known since childhood. In the mid-70s the marriage was in trouble and in 1975 they agreed to a trial separation. Peruggi did not accompany him to Washington when he accepted the job in the Attorney General’s Office. Giuliani met local television personality Donna Hanover sometime in 1982, and they began dating when she was working in Miami. Giuliani filed for legal separation from Peruggi on August 12, 1982.The Giuliani-Peruggi marriage was ended in two ways: a civil divorce was issued by the end of 1982, while a Roman Catholic church annulment of the Giuliani-Peruggi marriage was granted at the end of 1983. According to Giuliani, because he discovered that he and his wife were second cousins, and they did not have the Church dispensation thus needed. Giuliani and Peruggi did not have any children.

Giuliani and Hanover then married in a Catholic ceremony at St. Monica’s Church in New York on April 15, 1984. They had two children, son Andrew Harold (born January 30, 1986 in New York) and daughter Caroline (born 1989).

Beginning in 1996, Giuliani and Hanover’s public relationship became distant, with Hanover appearing at few public events. There were reports that Hanover was aware of her husband’s personal conduct as early as 1995. On Father’s Day Giuliani had told reporters that he was returning to Gracie Mansion to play ball with Andrew, but instead went to City Hall, to a basement suite with his press secretary. Three hours later, Hanover, angered, appeared at City Hall; a mayoral aide prevented her from entering the suite. In 1997, a Vanity Fair article reported that Giuliani had a romantic relationship with Cristyne Ford Lategano, the mayor’s communications director. The mayor and Lategano denied the allegations.

Still married to Hanover, Giuliani met Judith Nathan, a twice-divorced sales manager for a pharmaceutical company, in May 1999 at Club Macanudo, an Upper East Side cigar bar; he took the initiative in forming an ongoing relationship that was kept secret for almost a year. Beginning in summer 1999, costs for his New York Police Department security detail during weekend visits to her in Southampton, New York were charged to obscure city agencies. In early 2000, Nathan began getting city-provided chauffeur services from the police department.

By March 2000, Giuliani had stopped wearing his wedding ring and his and Nathan’s appearances together at functions and events became publicly visible but not mentioned in the press. In early May 2000, the Daily News and then the New York Post broke news of Giuliani’s relationship with Nathan. Giuliani first publicly acknowledged her on May 3, 2000, stating that Nathan was his “very good friend”.

On May 10, 2000, Giuliani called a press conference to announce that he intended to separate from Hanover. Hanover, however, had not been told about his plans before his press conference,[236] an omission for which Giuliani was widely criticized. Giuliani now went on to praise Nathan as a “very, very fine woman”, and said about his marriage with Hanover, that “over the course of some period of time in many ways, we’ve grown to live independent and separate lives”. Hours later Hanover said, “I had hoped that we could keep this marriage together. For several years, it was difficult to participate in Rudy’s public life because of his relationship with one staff member”, a reference to Lategano. Giuliani, Hanover and Nathan appeared on the cover of People in the aftermath.

Giuliani moved out of Gracie Mansion and into a gay couple’s apartment. Giuliani filed for divorce from Hanover in October 2000, and a public battle broke out between their representatives. Nathan was barred by court order from entering Gracie Mansion (where Hanover still lived) or meeting his children before the divorce was final.

In May 2001, Giuliani’s attorney revealed (with the mayor’s approval) that Giuliani was impotent due to his prostate cancer treatments and had not had sex with Nathan for the preceding year. “You don’t get through treatment for cancer and radiation all by yourself”, Giuliani said. “You need people to help you and care for you and support you. And I’m very fortunate I had a lot of people who did that, but nobody did more to help me than Judith Nathan.” Giuliani argued in a court case that he aimed to introduce Nathan to his children on Father’s Day, 2001, and that Hanover had prevented this visit. Giuliani and Hanover finally settled their acrimonious divorce case in July 2002, after his mayoralty had ended, with Giuliani paying Hanover a $6.8 million settlement and granting her custody of their children. Giuliani subsequently married Nathan on May 24, 2003, and thus gained a stepdaughter, Whitney. It was also Nathan’s third marriage after two prior divorces.

By March 2007, The New York Times and the Daily News reported that Giuliani had become estranged from both his son Andrew and his daughter Caroline, missing major events in their lives, such as graduations, and sometimes going long stretches without talking to them, and that neither of them was taking part in his presidential campaign. Caroline uses her mother’s surname, Hanover, rather than Giuliani, and according to reports, she did not inform Giuliani when she was accepted to Harvard. She also linked her personal Facebook page for a while to a page related to the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama.

When the U.S. wanted Assad toppled, they threw money and weapons into the “Syrian Opposition” along with the Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis, Turks, and Israelis…and here we are years later with the ISIS/ISIL crisis on our hands. Will they ever learn their lesson? There is good and bad opposition! Right? No? Can the state department, CIA, DIA etc. take note. If you want clear evidence of how bad this cult is, take one look at its leadership. Listen carefully when they talk about patriotism, democracy etc. They have no real compassion for anyone except themselves. They do not understand the meaning of the word love. Look at who they are inviting to their rallies as role models. It speaks volumes. Bottom line, they have no credibility, cannot be trusted, and are whores extraordinaire. Why should anyone trust them to ‘guide’ or ‘lecture’ Iranians to a better life, a better government, a better way or a better future? This Iranian (if you want to call them that) opposition group (Rajavists) are all degenerates. They are all losers. U.S. can find better allies if they seriously look … now while the Democrats are in power in the Whitehouse.

مریم رجوی و سخنرانان اجاره ای(Screen shot from Rajavi cult website, The Grand Gathering of Iranians? Where are they?)

(Rajavi cult or MKO aslo known as Saddam’s Private Army)

Maryam Rajavi Saddam's private army NCRIIntroducing Maryam Rajavi as a human rights activist is the wrong tool for the wrong job

Massoud Khodabandeh: The Iranian Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and Its Media Strategy:
Methods of Information Manufacture


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