Al Horyyah TV reports on the Symposium in Baghdad
(February 2008)

Al Araghiah TV reports on the Symposium in Baghdad
(February 2008)

Alforat TV reports on Mohammady family efforts to rescue Somayeh from Mojahedin Khalq Terrorist Camp in Iraq
(February 2008)

Al-Araghiah TV documentary about Rajavis Canadian Hostage in Iraq
(January 2008)

Anne Singleton interview on BBC News Ch1, (Look North, May2007

Abbass Dawari (MKO rep.) giving information and receiving money from Saddam’s secret services

Anne Singleton interview on GMTV (Ch.3, Britain, March2007)

(Interviewed by Lorrain Kelly)

Mojahedin a bargaining chip in Iran – US negotiations

Gunning for Iran. SBS television (September 2006)

Nejat Association interview in Paris (September 2006)

A film by Netherlands Channal One (2005)

Ebrahim Khodabandeh meeting family and friends in Tehran (June 2004)

Ex members returning to Iran- 1 (2005)

Ex members returning to Iran- 2 (2005)

Sky News report on secret films from Mojahedin and Saddam (2004)

Massoud Rajavi and Saddam Hussein meeting for the first time (MKO television. Farsi)

Secretly filmed meeting between Massoud Rajavi and General Haboush of Saddam’s secret services

Secretly filmed meeting between Mojahedin Khalq Organisation and Secret services of Saddam

Secretly filmed transfer of money given to Mojahedi Khalq Organisation by Saddam Hussein

Mortar attack by Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (Rajavi Cult) on Ahwas university (Farsi)

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