Why did Iranian Mojahedin (Marmay Rajavi cult, MEK, MKO, NCRI) physically assault Mostafa Mohammadi?

Why did Iranian Mojahedin (Marmay Rajavi cult, MEK, MKO, NCRI) physically assault Mostafa Mohammadi?

Perse e rrahen moxhahedinet iraniane Mostafa Mohammedin.Gazeta Impakt, July 28 2018:… But Mostafa is brave. He will not surrender and does not get frightened. On July 24, 2018, he talked about the MEK kidnapping and illegal detention of his daughter. The criminal proceeding that was issued in Durres has led the criminal police to enter the Manëz camp, find, identify and meet the girl. Although the meeting with Somayeh at the police station took place … 

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Why did Iranian Mojahedin (Marmay Rajavi cult, MEK, MKO, NCRI) physically assault Mostafa Mohammadi?

Opinion, Gazeta Impakt – July 28, 2018

Perse e rrahen moxhahedinet iraniane Mostafa Mohammedin.

Since July 5, 2018, two old Canadian citizens have wandered around Tirana; Mostafa Mohammedi and Mahboubeh Hamza. These two elderly people who have wandered the streets of Tirana for more than three weeks, desperately knock on the doors of Albanian institutions and ask for help. They want to meet their daughter, Somayeh Mohammadi, who was abducted when she was 17 years old by the Iranian Mojahedin terrorist organization.

The Mojahedin who kidnapped Somayeh from Canada 21 years ago in 1997, promised her a free visit to Iraq, but then didn’t allow her to return home. In 1999, when Somayeh’s brother Mohammad went to Iraq to rescue his sister, he was also abducted by the Mojahedin and was forced inside Camp Ashraf. Somayeh’s father, Mostafa Mohammadi, who has left no stone unturned in his efforts to rescue his children, finally, in 2004, with the help of the American marines, saved his son Mohammad from the jihadist camp. However, he failed to save Somayeh.

From 2004 until today, Mostafa and Mahboubeh have visited Iraq, Jordan, America and France to find their daughter, who, like a few hundred more young men and women, is held captive by a frightening terrorist organization.

When the Iranian Mojahedin arrived here in 2016, Mohammadi finally had an address where he could look for his daughter. For this reason, on 5 July 2018, after gathering money for his visit, he finally came to Tirana. He went to the UNHCR’s office, Ramsa, the Interior Ministry, the police, etc. and explained that he wanted to find and meet his daughter. While the Interior Ministry and the charity office headed by Sokol Sheti, said that his daughter does not exist, other organizations informed Mostafa that his daughter was alive in Albania and in Manëz. They showed him his daughter’s file but told him he could not access the file because that privilege was only for Sokol Sheti, who had lied. The fact that Somayeh was alive was marvellous for Mostafa and gave him hope.

But the Iranian jihadists who are protected by the Albanian state and who have many child soldiers – that is, soldiers who have been kidnapped as children and kept for years – when they learned that Mostafa had finally discovered that his daughter was alive, panicked. Three days after Mostafa arrived in Albania, ie on July 8, 2018, they wrote a letter on behalf of Somayeh – which they distributed to the media on July 22 only after Mostafa discovered his daughter was there. In the letter written on behalf of Somayeh, the Mojahedin portray Somayeh as their devotee who does not belong to her father. In the letter which the Mojahedin issued to the media on behalf of Somayeh, they write that Somayeh will not meet her father and mother because, the letter claims, they are agents of Iran.

Media from Anila Basha’s newsbomb to Lapsi have published the MEK leaflet which demands that Minister Xhafaj deport Mostafa and Somayeh’s mother. But Mostafa, who is not afraid of the MEK leaflet, responded to Minister Xhafaj by explaining that he is a Canadian citizen and construction worker who wants only for his daughter to be taken home – taken to Toronto and not to Tehran.

But even if Mostafa Mohammed was an Iranian agent, again, no son of a bitch has any right in this world to stop a mother and a father from having the right to meet their child. Maryam Rajavi and her terrorists sheltering in Manëz at the Ashraf 3 paramilitary camp are using every stone and tool to frighten Mostafa and Mahboubeh and not let them meet their daughter. They are using ‘foreign agents’ accusations, fake news, money, threats and their ties with the Albanian government to get Mostafa deported from Albania so as not to meet his daughter. Some media outlets that publish the copy-paste libel of the MEK jihadists – who label Mostafa as an Iranian agent – have also fallen into this propaganda trap.

But Mostafa is brave. He will not surrender and does not get frightened. On July 24, 2018, he talked about the MEK kidnapping and illegal detention of his daughter. The criminal proceeding that was issued in Durres has led the criminal police to enter the Manëz camp, find, identify and meet the girl. Although the meeting with Somayeh at the police station took place in the presence of the MEK Gestapo – who do not leave their members alone for even a moment and threaten them if they express any desire to leave the cult, sooner or later Somayeh will meet with her father and mother, on her own, free and without fear of MEK commanders, who, if Somayeh for even a moment now dares to say, “I want to meet my mom and dad”, will seriously condemn and possibly kill her!

Some former Mojahedin who have abandoned the MEK jihad and live in Tirana, and also some of Somayeh’s friends who are now Denmark and the US, testify that Somayeh loves her mother and father very much and dreams of living with them one day. She is not a devotee, like the devotees who created the Labor Party in Albania, who abandoned their mothers and fathers for the sake of the Party. Somayeh will meet her parents, but she is just scared and for now she cannot do this because she is isolated by MEK. For 24 hours a day under the MEK Gestapo Somayeh does not watch television, does not read the internet, does not have a phone, does not read the newspaper, is not allowed to leave the camp and has no idea what her mom and her dad are doing in Tirana. The only thing that the MEK commanders say to her, is that Iran has brought some agents who want to kill her and the holy Maryam Rajavi. Somayeh has been totally isolated for 20 years and has no idea of ​​the outside world.

Hassan, a former Mojahed who lives in Tirana and has abandoned jihad, describes why Somayeh is afraid to leave the camp and meet her parents. ‘The Mojahedin threaten you and tell you, if you meet your mother and father, Iranian agents will kill you. On the other hand, the camp at Manëz is guarded by private armed police who are used as a threaten Somayeh and her friends who are thinking of abandoning jihad. The Mojahedin commanders say to those who they think want to escape from the camp, that if they do such a thing they will be hit and killed.’

Mostafa Mohammadi, who understands how his daughter is being held hostage, does not surrender. He is following legal remedy and hopes that one day when he does see his daughter – away from the Mojahedin Gestapo which threaten her all the time – Somayeh will fall on her parents’ neck and tell them: Mom and Dad, I want to go with you in Canada! Get me out of this disgusting terrorist camp that has held me hostage for 20 years. Mostafa and Mahboubeh have built Somayeh a new home in Toronto and are eagerly waiting for their daughter to abandon jihad, complete her college education and then go to university. For her to find a good job and then marry, as have her brothers and sisters living in Canada. Mohammad, her brother who lives and works in Ottawa, tells their father, please do whatever you can to save Somayeh.

Somayeh’s freedom terrifies the Mojahedin. If Somayeh abandons the MEK’s Manëz camp and goes to Canada she will be followed by several hundred other Mojahedin who have been isolated from their families for 20 years. Families who have lost their children in the MEK camp (and who the Albanian state prohibits from entering the country on the pretext that they are Iranian agents) will flood Albania and seek the freedom for their children without being afraid that MEK will accuse them of being Iranian agents.

Many witnesses who have left the MEK narrate horrific stories. Members there are not only kept in terrible conditions, but there are many women who have been raped by Massoud Rajavi, leader of the cult.

For this reason, the Mojahedin went crazy today and attacked Somayeh’s father in the streets of Tirana. They think they live in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and that by slandering and accusing the elderly Mostafa of being an Iranian agent, they will be able to frighten and deter Mostafa from his demand for justice.

Today, under the command of jihadist Commander Behzat Saffari, the Mojahedin attacked and beat Mostafa Mohammadi, striking him and calling him a terrorist. Later, after Tirana police escorted these Mojahedin to Police Commissariat No. 4, the Mojahedin surrounded the police station with 50 Mojahedin who protested against Mostafa and his lawyers, who they labelled terrorists.

Police at the Regional Commissariat No. 4, who were offended by the Mojahedin attack, finally saw with their own eyes the threat that violent jihadism constitutes for Albania. Although the Mojahedin thought that by beating Mostafa they would frighten him, things went differently. Tirana police acknowledged Mostafa’s denunciation of the violence against him and the case has already passed to the court. Mostafa is free and will continue with the prosecution against hostage-taking by the jihadist group in the serious crimes tribunal.

The Mojahedin’s beating of Mostafa has not scared him at all. Mostafa and his wife will continue the legal battle to the end. They will release Somayeh from the horrible Mojahedin cult and take her to Canada.

This fact terrifies the Mojahedin. And this is the reason they beat Mostafa on the streets of Tirana today.

May God not allow the Mojahedin to kill Mostafa, Somayeh, or the people who are working to release her!

Original article

Perse e rrahen moxhahedinet iraniane Mostafa Mohammedin?

July 28, 2018
Gazeta Impakt

Në Tiranë që prej datës 5 korrik 2018 enden dy shtetas të moshuar kanadez. Mostafa Mohammedi dhe Rubabe Hamza. Këta dy te moshuar që enden rrugëve të Tiranës prej më shumë se tre javësh, të dëshpëruar trokasin nëpër dyert e shtetit shqiptar dhe kërkojnë derman. Ata duan të takojnë vajzën e tyre, Sommayeh Mohammadi, e cila i’u është rrëmbyer kur ishte 16 vjeç nga organizata terroriste e Moxhahedinëve Iranianë.

Moxhahedinët të cilët e rrëmbyen Sommayen nga Kanadaja para 21 vitesh duke i premtuar një vizitë falas në Irak, që prej vitit 1997 nuk e lënë më që të kthehet në shtëpinë e saj. Në vitin 1999 kur vëllai i Sommayes, Mohammadi shkoi në Irak që të shpëtojë motrën e tij, ai u ndalua nga moxhahedinët dhe u fut me dhunë në kampin Ashraf. Babai i Sommayes, Mostafa Mohammadi i cili nuk ka lënë gur pa lëvizur që të shpëtojë fëmitë e tij, më në fund, në vitin 2004 arriti që me ndihmën e marinsave amerikanë të shpëtojë djalin e tij Mohammadin nga kampi i xhihadistëve. Megjithatë ai nuk arriti ta shpëtoj Sommayen.

Që nga viti 2004 e deri më sot Mostafai dhe Rubabeja enden sa në Irak, Jordani, Amerikë dhe Francë që të gjejnë vajzën e tyre e cila ashtu sikur disa qindra vajza dhe djem, mbahet e burgosur brenda një organizate të frikshme terroriste.

Kur në vitin 2016 në Shqipëri erdhën moxhahedinët iranianë, Mohammedi gjeti një adresë ku mund të kerkonte vajzën e tij. Për këtë arsye pasi mblodhi para për vizitën e tij, më në fund në 5 korrik 2018 ai erdhi në Tiranë. Ai ka shkuar në zyrën e UHCR-së, Ramsës, Ministrisë së Brendshme, polici etj dhe kërkonte të takoj dhe gjej vajzën e tij. Ndërsa Ministria e Brendshme, zyra e azilit e drejtuar nga Sokol Sheti e gënjentë dhe i thoshte që vajza jotë nuk ekziston, organizatat e tjera i treguan Mostafait që vajza e tij është gjallë, në Shqipëri dhe në Manëz. Ata i treguan dosjen e vajzes se tij, por i thane qe ne nuk te japim dot dosjen pasi ate privilegj e ka vetem Sokol Sheti i cili e genjente. Fakti qe Sommeyah ishte gjalle e mrekulloi Mostafain dhe i dha shpresë.

Por xhihadistët iranianë, të cilët mbrohen nga shteti shqiptar dhe që kanë shumë child soldiers – apo fëmijë ushtarë që ata kanë rrëmbyer prej vitesh – kur mësuan që Mostafai më në fund mësoi që vajza e tij është gjallë, i zuri paniku. Tre ditë pasi Mostafai erdhi në Shqipëri, dmth në datë 8 korrik 2018 ata shkruan një letër në emër të Sommeyes – të cilën ia shpërndanë mediave në datë 22 korrik, pasi Mostafai e zbuloi vajzen e tij. Ne letren e shkruar ne emer te Sommeyas, muxhahedinet e tregojne Sommeyen si një shtrigë që nuk do të takojë babain e saj. Në letrën që moxhahedinët i kanë dhënë mediave në emër të Sommeyes, ata shkruajnë që Sommeya nuk do ta takojë babain dhe nënën e saj, pasi letra pretendon se ata janë agjentë të Iranit.

Media që nga newsbombi i Anila Bashës e deri te Lapsi kanë botuar fletërrufenë e MEK-ut i cili i kërkon ministrit Xhafaj që të deportojë jashtë vendit Mostafain dhe mamanë e Sommeyes. Por Mostafai i cili nuk trembet nga fletërrufetë e MEK-ut i’u përgjigjë ministrit Xhafaj duke i treguar se ai është një shtetas kanadez, punëtor që merret me ndërtimtari dhe kërkon që vajzën e tij ta marri në shtëpi dhe çoj në Toronto dhe jo në Teheran.

Por edhe sikur Mostafa Mohammedi të ishte një agjent iranian, sërisht, asnjë bir none apo bir kurve nuk ka të drejtë në këtë botë që ti ndalojë një nëne dhe një babai të drejtën që të takohen me fëmijën e tyre. Marjam Rajavi dhe terroristët e saj që strehoen në Manzë në kampin paramilitar Ashraf 3 po përdorin çdo gur dhe mjet që të trembin Mostafain dhe të mos e lënë të takoj vajzën e tyre. Ata po përdorin agjentura të huaja, fake news, para, kërcënime, lidhjet e tyre me qeverinë shqiptare që Mostafai të deportohet nga Shqipëria dhe të mos e takoj vajzën e tij. Në llumin e propagandës së tij kanë rënë edhe disa portale që botojnë copy – paste shpifjet e xhihadistëve të MEK-ut – të cilët e etiketojnë Mostafain si agjent iranian.

Por Mostafai është trim. Ai nuk dorëzohet dhe nuk trembet. Në datë 24 korrik 2018 ai e kallëzoi MEK-un për pengmarrje dhe ndalim të paligjshëm të vajzës së tij. Procedimi Penal i cili është lëshuar në Durrës ka çuar policinë kriminale që të futet në kampin e Manzës, gjej, identifikoj dhe takoj vajzën. Edhe pse takimi i policisë me Sommeyen u bë nën prezencën e Gestapos së MEK-ut – të cilët nuk i lënë anëtarët e tyre për asnjë moment vetëm dhe i kërcënojnë nëse ata shprehin dëshirën për të lënë sektin, herët apo vonë, Sommeya do të takohet me babain dhe nënën e saj. E vetme, e lirë dhe pa patur frikë nga komandantët e MEK-ut të cilët nëse Sommeya në një moment guxon dhe thotë që: Po dua të takoj mamin dhe babin tim; Do e dënojnë rëndë dhe ndoshta edhe vrasin!

Disa ish-moxhahedinë që kanë braktisur xhihadin e MEK-ut dhe jetojnë në Tiranë, por edhe disa shoqe të Sommeyes që tani janë Danimarkë dhe SHBA dëshmojnë që Sommeya e do shumë nënën dhe babain e saj dhe ëndërron që të jetoj me ata një ditë. Ajo nuk është shtrigë, sikur shtrigat që prodhonte Partia e Punes në Shqipëri, të cilat bënin hasha nënë e babë për hir të Partisë. Sommeya do ti takojë prindërit e saj, por ajo thjesht ka frikë dhe për momentin nuk ka mundësi ta bëj këtë pasi mbahet e izoluar nga MEK-u. Sommeyah qe mbikqyret 24 ore ne dite nga Gestapo e MEK-ut nuk sheh televizor, nuk lexon internet, nuk ka telefon, nuk lexon gazeta, nuk lejohet te dali nga kampi dhe as nuk e ka idene se cfare ben mami dhe babi i saj ne Tirane. E vetmja gje qe komandante e MEK-ut i thone asaj, eshte qe Irani ka cuar disa agjente qe duan ta vrasin ate dhe gruan e shenjte, Marjam Rajavine. Sommeyah jeton e izoluar totalisht qe prej 20 vitesh dhe nuk e ka idene e botes jashte saj.

Hassani, një ish-moxhahedin që jeton në Tiranë dhe ka braktisur xhihadin, tregon që Sommeya ka frikë të dali nga kampi dhe takoj prindërit e saj. Moxhahedinët e kërcënojnë dhe i thonë, po takove mamanë e babanë, agjentët e Iranit do të të vrasin. Në anën tjetër, kampi i Manzës që ruhet nga një polici private dhe me armë – përdoret si kërcënim për Sommeyen dhe shokët e shoqet e saj që mendojnë të braktisin xhihadin. Komandantët moxhahedinë i thonë personave që mendojnë dhe dëshirojnë të arratisen nga kampi, që nëse ata bëjnë një gjë të këtillë ata do të goditen dhe vriten.

Mostafa Mohammedi i cili e di sesi po i mbahet peng vajza, nuk dorëzohet. Ai po ndjek rrugët ligjore dhe shpreson që kur ta shohi një ditë, në gjykatë vajzën e tij – larg Gestapos moxhahedine e cila e kërcënon gjithë kohën – Sommeyah do ti hidhet në qafë prindërve të saj dhe do i thotë atyre, po mami dhe babi: unë dua të vi me ju në Kanada! Më shpëtoni nga ky kamp i shpifur terrorist që më mban peng prej 20 vitesh. Mostafai dhe Rubabeja i kanë ndërtuar Sommeyes një shtëpi të re në Toronto dhe mezi presin që vajza e tyre të braktisi xhihadin, të mbaroj gjimnazin dhe më pas universitetin. Të gjej një punë të mirë dhe më pas të martohet sikur vëllezërit dhe motrat e saj që jetojnë në Kanada. Mohammadi, vëllai i saj që jeton dhe punon në Ottava i thotë babait, të lutem bë ç’të mundësh të shpëtosh Sommeyen, pse unë nuk do kursej asnjë para për çlirimin e saj.

Liria e Sommeyes i tmerron xhihadistët iranianë. Nëse Sommeyah braktis kampin e Manzës dhe shkon drejt Kanadasë ajo do të ndiqet nga disa qindra moxhahedinë të tjerë të cilët mbahen të izoluar nga familjet e tyre që prej 20 vjetësh. Familjet që kanë humbur fëmitë e tyre në kampin e MEK-ut (te cilet shteti shqiptar i ndalon qe te mos hyne ne vend nen justifikimin se jane agjente te Iranit) do të vërshojnë drejt Shqipërisë dhe do kërkojnë liri për fëmitë e tyre, pa patur frikë se MEK-u do i akuzojë si agjentë iranianë.

Shumë dëshmimtarë që kanë lënë MEK-un tregojnë histori të tmerrshme. Anëtarët aty jo vetëm që mbahen në kushte tmerruese, por ka shumë vajza që janë përdhunuar nga Massoud Rajavi, kryetari i kultit xhihadist.

Për këtë arsye moxhahedinët janë çmendur dhe sot sulmuan në rrugët e Tiranës, babain e Sommeyes. Ata mendojnë se jetojnë në Irakun e Sadam Huseinit dhe se duke shpifur dhe akuzuar plakun Mostafa për agjent iranian, ata do të mundin të trembin dhe dëbojnë Mostafain nga kërkesa e tij për drejtësi.

Sot nën komandën e komandantit xhihadist Behzat Saffari, moxhahedinët sulmuan dhe rrahën Mostafa Mohammadin duke e goditur dhe quajtur terrorist. Më pas, pasi policia e Tiranës shoqëroi në rajonin nr. 4 pese moxhahedinë ata rrethuan stacionin e policisë me 50 moxhahedinë dhe protestonin kundër Mostafait dhe avokatëve të tij, të cilët i quanin terroristë.

Policia e rajonit nr. 4 që u skandalizua nga sulmi moxhahedin, e pa më në fund me sytë e saj kërcënimin që xhihadizmi i dhunshëm përbën për Shqipërinë. Edhe pse moxhahedinët mendonin se duke e rrahur Mostafain ata do e trembnin atë, punët shkuan ndryshe. Policia e Tiranës pranoi denoncimin e Mostafës për dhunën kundër tij dhe çështja tanimë ka kaluar në gjykatë. Mostafai është i lirë dhe do vazhdoj me gjyqin e pengmarrjes në gjykatën e krimeve të rënda kundër grupit xhihadist.

Rrahja që moxhahedinët i bën Mostafait, nuk e kanë trembur atë aspak. Mostafai dhe gruaja e tij do të vazhdojnë betejën ligjore deri në fund. Ata do e çlirojnë Sommeyen nga kulti i tmerrshëm moxhahedin dhe do e çojnë atë në Kanada.

Ky fakt i tmerron moxhahedinët. Dhe për këtë arsye ata sot e rrahën Mostafain në rrugët e Tiranës.

Dashtë Zoti, që moxhahedinët të mos e vrasin Mostafain, Sommeyen apo personat që po punojnë për lirimin e saj!



US Forces Albania To Take IS Fighters After Hosting MEKUS Forces Albania To Take IS Fighters After Hosting MEK

Here is how the Mojahedin el-Halk (Mojahedin Khalq, Maryam Rajavi cult, MEK) militants attack Mostafa Mohammady in the streets of Tirana. They try to illegally detain and later hit Mostafa, who ends up in hospital. The operation against Mostafa was directed by commander Behzad Saffari. He led bands of mojahedin to later protest against Mostafa even in Tirana’s police station number 4

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Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, Maryam Rajavi Cult, NCRI … ) hostage takers attack father of Somayeh Mohammadi, in Albania 

MEK_Maryam_Rajavi_Terrorists_Attack_Mohammadi_Tirana_Albania_1Shqiptarja, Tirana, Albania, July 27 2018:…  Canadian citizen Mostafa Mohammadi, who wants to take his daughter out of the Mojahedin camp in Manza, claims he was attacked by some members of this community. He says his daughter is unjustly held in the camp. He is in Albania to rescue his daughter from Manza camp, alleging that she is being unfairly held there. Mostafa Mohammadi, an Iranian with a Canadian passport … 

مصطفی محمدی محبوبه محمدی تیرانا آلبانی Exclusive / Mojahed’s parents say: We are not agents, our daughter was kidnapped by Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, MKO, Rajavi cult, NCRI …)

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Translated by Iran Interlink

Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, Maryam Rajavi Cult, NCRI … ) hostage takers attack father of Somayeh Mohammadi, in Albania

PHOTOS / Mojahedin assault an Iranian who seeks to remove his daughter from the camp

ضرب و شتم مصطفی محمدی پدر سمیه محمدی در تیرانا آلبانی بدست مزدوران مجاهدین خلق مریم رجوی

Canadian citizen Mostafa Mohammadi, who wants to take his daughter out of the Mojahedin camp in Manza, claims he was attacked by some members of this community. He says his daughter is unjustly held in the camp.

He is in Albania to rescue his daughter from Manza camp, alleging that she is being unfairly held there. Mostafa Mohammadi, an Iranian with a Canadian passport, was attacked by Mojahedin members at Medresea. He says he and his wife were hit by representatives of MEK. 

This couple have been in Albania for several days because they want to rescue their daughter, Somayeh Mohammadi, who, according to the couple, is in this camp. They were not allowed to contact their daughter and therefore there was conflict, resulting in claims to have been hit by some Mojahedin during the prayers at Medresea in Tirana.

ضرب و شتم مصطفی محمدی پدر سمیه محمدی در تیرانا آلبانی بدست مزدوران مجاهدین خلق مریم رجوی

ضرب و شتم مصطفی محمدی پدر سمیه محمدی در تیرانا آلبانی بدست مزدوران مجاهدین خلق مریم رجوی

The Canadian couple are in the QSUT under the care of doctors after the physical assault by the Mojahedin representatives. After the incident, the police escorted several Mojahedin members to the premises of police station number four in the capital.

The Iranian man says he was physically abused, but after medical examinations at University Hospital, no fracture was found or symptoms of shock. Some days ago, Shqiptarja.com published a letter that her father, Iranian Mostafa Mohammadi, had sent to Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj, alleging that MEK is holding his 38-year-old daughter hostage. Earlier though, his daughter, Somayeh Mohammadi, in a letter wrote that her father Mostafa is an agent of the Iranian Interior Ministry and is in Tirana to plot against her.

ضرب و شتم مصطفی محمدی پدر سمیه محمدی در تیرانا آلبانی بدست مزدوران مجاهدین خلق مریم رجوی

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FOTOT/ Kërkon të marrë vajzën nga kampi, muxhahedinët godasin iranianin
Iraniani me shtetësi kanadeze, Mostafa Mohammadi i cili kërkon të marrin vajzën e tij nga kampi i muhaxhedinëve në Manzë, pretendon se është dhunuar nga disa pjesëtarë të këtij komuniteti. Ata thonë se vajza e tyre mbahet padrejtësisht në kamp.

Ndodhet në Shqipëri për të marrë vajzën nga kampi i Manzës me pretendimin se mbahet padrejtësisht aty, Mostafa Mohammadi, shtetas iranian me pasaportë kanadeze, dhunohet nga muxhahedinët te Medresea. Ai pretendon se është goditur sëbashku me bashkëshorten e tij nga përfaqësues të MEK.

Ky çift ka disa ditë që ndodhet në Shqipëri pasi kërkon të marrë vajzën e tyre, Somayeh Mohammad, që sipas çiftit ndodhet pikërisht në këtë kamp. Ata nuk janë lejuar të kontaktojnë me të bijën dhe për këtë arsye ka ndodhur konflikti, ndërsa pretendojnë se janë goditur nga muxhahedinët gjatë faljes te Medresea në Tiranë.

Çifti kanadez ndodhet në QSUT nën kujdesin e mjekëve pas konfliktit fizik me përfaqësuesit e muxhahedinëve. Pas ngjarjes, policia ka shoqëruar në ambientet e komisariatit numër katër në kryeqytet disa pjesëtarë të muxhahedinëve.

Burri iranian pretendon se është dhunuar fizikisht, por pas ekzaminimieve mjekësore në QSUT, nuk është konstatuar ndonjë frakturë, apo pasojë nga goditja. Shqiptarja.com publikoi pak ditë më parë letrë që babai i vajzës, iraniani Mostafa Mohammadi i ka dërguar ministrit të Brendshëm, Fatmir Xhafaj, me pretendimin se MEK i mban peng vajzën 38-vjeçare. Ndërsa më herët, po përmes një letre, vajza e tij, Somayeh Mohammad shkruante se babai i saj Mostafa është agjent i ministrisë së Brendshme iraniane, dhe se ndodhet në Tiranë për komplot kundër saj.


Pandi Majko merr pjesë në takimin e xhihadistëve iranianëOpen letters to Albanian Government objecting Pandeli Mijko paid lobbying for Maryam Rajavi cult, Mojahedin Khalq, terrorism and violence

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Iranian Mojahedin’s Accusations, Parents’ letter to Xhafaj: The girl is held hostage by Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, MKO, NCRI, Rajavi cult) 

Somayeh Mohammadi, muxhahedinia 38-vjeçare që akuzon babain si agjent i qeverisë iranianeShqiptarja, July 23 2018:… One day after the media in Tirana distributed an email from the Mojahed resident Somayeh Mohammadi, addressed to Minister Xhafaj, accusing her father, Mostafa Mohammadi, of coming to Albania to carry out acts against the Iranian group, her father has reacted. A copy of a letter that the father of the girl, Mostafa Mohammadi, has sent to Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj was delivered to shqiptarja … 

مستندی ناتمام برای دختر سمیه (گرفتار در مجاهدین خلق، فرقه رجوی)An Unfinished documentary for my daughter – Trapped in Rajavi cult, Mojahedin Khalq

Albania’s Modern Slavery Problem Alienates Europe

Link to the original report (Albanian)
Translated by Iran Interlink


23 July 2018

Iranian Mojahedin’s Accusations, Parents’ letter to Xhafaj: The girl is held hostage by Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, MKO, NCRI, Rajavi cult) 

One day after the allegations by Iranian Mojahed resident in Albania, Somayeh Mohammadi, against her father, the father has reacted. Mostafa Mohammadi has sent a letter to Minister Fatmir Xhafaj asking for help to free the girl.

Somayeh Mohammadi, muxhahedinia 38-vjeçare që akuzon babain si agjent i qeverisë iraniane

One day after the media in Tirana distributed an email from the Mojahed resident Somayeh Mohammadi, addressed to Minister Xhafaj, accusing her father, Mostafa Mohammadi, of coming to Albania to carry out acts against the Iranian group, her father has reacted. A copy of a letter that the father of the girl, Mostafa Mohammadi, has sent to Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj was delivered to shqiptarja.com’s newsdesk.

Mostafa says he is a Canadian citizen and that the MEK organization in Tirana is holding his 38-year-old daughter hostage. The father says the charges are not made by his daughter but by MEK. Mostafa lists some of the facts he says shows that the letter that was released yesterday in the media was not written by their daughter.

In the letter, Somayeh said her father, Mostafa, is an agent of the Iranian Interior Ministry, and has used her to make money.

The girl’s father’s letter:

Letter to the Minister of Interior of Albania, Fatmir Xhafaj for the freedom of Somayeh Mohammedi

Dear Minister,

We, the parents of Somayeh Mohammadi, a Canadian citizen, are very angry and insulted by the treatment that is being given to our daughter by the media, by the competent Albanian bodies as well as the MEK organization in Albania which holds our daughter hostage. The letter they sent you on July 8, 2018 is a criminal and slanderous letter.

We came to Albania, enjoying our privileges as Canadian citizens, with the sole purpose of meeting our daughter who has been held hostage by the MEK organization since 1997. We have no political agenda or policy, we just want to meet our daughter.

But this request is not facilitated by the MEK organization that has held our daughter hostage since when she was 17 years old, who was a minor when she was taken from Canada by cheating and telling us she would go to Iraq for only 2 weeks – they showed us and the two-way ticket. We did not give any written permission nor did we write to appoint any proxy guardian. But at that time we believed that MEK was a democratic organization. After our daughter did not return, this organization deceived us with various reasons why. We were forced to seek help from the Canadian authorities and, thanks to their intervention, were able to save our son, Mohammad Mohammadi, who was a Canadian citizen and who now lives with us happily on Richmond Hill near Toronto.

We emigrated to Canada as political refugees in 1994. We left Iran and headed for Turkey and later to Canada. All the family were together. We were all resident in Canada and were granted Canadian passports under Canadian asylum law, except for our daughter Somayeh, who after gaining her residency was held hostage by the organization as a minor in 1997.

Our attempts to rescue our girl from this organization did not stop, just as the aggressive allegations of this organization against us, the various physical assaults – in Paris in 2015 and 2016 – have been documented, and we will not give up our intent to rescue our daughter from this extremist and violent group because we are parents. Because it is legitimate that you want to have your daughter at home. It is good to see that she is free, married, enjoying her life in freedom and democracy, and not under the pressure of anyone.

From various others who have managed to leave this organization, we have learned that they were subjected to pressures, threats to kill their families, threats to internally imprison and physically torture them as MEK did with other members under the same conditions when they wanted to leave this extremist organization. We have learned that the MEK’s camp is guarded by armed security companies and anyone who leaves without permission and escapes, the group leaders say they will be targeted by the guards. For these reasons, our daughter does not have the opportunity to leave this camp in Albania and does not enjoy the freedoms that a free person enjoys.

Minister Xhafaj, and other interested parties,

We do not believe that the letter that is addressed to you is our daughter’s letter for several reasons:

1. The letter is dated July 8, 2018. We arrived on July 5, 2018 in Tirana, so how did our daughter learn that we were here when we had not met anyone yet.

2. Our daughter says she had wanted to leave while she was a minor when she had gone and we have evidence of how this organization enticed her to return. That is why, when we met with her in Iraq 2003 she told us, rescue me from here but be careful they don’t kill me. Why did she write a letter to the US marines asking us to rescue her?

3. She says she wrote a book accusing us of being Iranian agents, even the Albanian media say we are getting our (her parents’) visas from Iran. How does our daughter have access to these kinds of documents that are official and personal? Or is it the organization that wrote the letter and only their cooperation with different regimes and intelligence agencies could provide them with these data. However, it is not factual to accuse us of anything politically since we do not carry out any political activity related to Iran otherwise we would have lost the right to asylum in Canada or we would have been prosecuted by the Canadian authorities.

4. If it is true that our daughter says she will remain in this organization by her own free will, how can we believe this, when there is no psychologist in the world to confirm such free will as normal or normal mental development for a person over 20 years without meeting with her family. What did MEK make out of our daughter? How has it managed to eradicate the feelings of love and care for her family? The accusations in Somayeh’s letter resemble the accusations of Enver Hoxha’s regime in Albania against the class enemies who were accused of being agents and whose children were forced to curse and renounce their parents.

5. I can provide photos before and after her membership in MEK, that show that Somayeh had a strong relationship with me as her father and with the other family members. So we cannot accept and believe that these are the true thoughts of our daughter. Our girl who is kept in isolation, fearful of Iranian bogeymen, blatantly violent with the ideas of radicalism and violent extremism, is the victim of a very dangerous sect.

6. We believe and have witnesses from the ex-Mojahedin who have left the extremist organization and live in Tirana, that our daughter lives in conditions of torture and inhuman treatment by the MEK jihadists. Therefore we request that you guarantee by law, constitution and international conventions; freedom of movement for our daughter; prohibition of torture and ill-treatment of a human being by a foreign organization within Albanian territory, as this is a legal obligation of your Ministry, as well as relieving you of the allegations of support for inhumane acts that this organization carries out within Albanian territory, in violation of all international human rights conventions signed by your state.

Mr. Minister, we ask for your help and ask this:

What is the reason we cannot meet with our daughter? Is this not deprivation of freedom of movement? Why do the Albanian authorities not prevent the violation of human rights by a foreign organization within Albanian territory? Why are we, as Canadian parents, treated as criminals and this organization is favoured by meeting at the directorate level in your ministry while we are deprived of this right? How can the pledge hold more than 2 parents? How can you tolerate a jihadist organization accusing two elderly parents of being agents, Western citizens who want to meet their own relative?

We have not carried out any political activity within your country and there are no grounds for slander against us in the hope we get frustrated and afraid so that we will leave your country without meeting our daughter.

Please allow us to meet our daughter outside the territory of these jihadist kidnappers! Allow us to exercise our legitimate right of parental responsibility guaranteed by any national and international law.

Honorably Yours,

Mostafa Mohammedi and Mahboubeh Hamza

Canadian citizens, parents of Somayeh Mohammedi

Original report in Albanian


Akuzat e muxhahedines iraniane, prindërit letër Xhafës: Vajza mbahet peng nga MEK, s’reshtim duke e kërkuar

Somayeh Mohammadi, muxhahedinia 38-vjeçare që akuzon babain si agjent i qeverisë iraniane



IMPAKT 114 – Why are the Iranian Mojahedeen keeping Somayeh Mohamadi as hostage in Albania?

Albanian government supports MEK keeping abducted Canadian woman hostage

کمپ اشرف 3 زندان گروگانهای مریم رجوی در تیرانا آلبانیFootage of the MEK’s secret base in Albania
(Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, NCRI, Saddam’s private army, Rajavi cult …)

مصطفی محمدی محبوبه محمدی تیرانا آلبانی Exclusive / Mojahed’s parents say: We are not agents, our daughter was kidnapped by Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, MKO, Rajavi cult, NCRI …)

Mostafa_Mahbube_Somayeh_Mohammadi_MEK_Maryam_Rajavi_AlbaniaWhy are the Iranian Mojahedeen keeping Somayeh Mohamadi as hostage in Albania?

Pandi Majko merr pjesë në takimin e xhihadistëve iranianëPandli Majko merr pjesë në takimin e xhihadistëve iranianë
Pandli Majko attends the meeting of jihadists promising them Albanian Passports

Albania: MEK rebrands by assassinating unwanted members


My sister Somayeh forced to swear at her family on Rajavi cult’s TV 

Morteza Mohammady, Toronto, August 25 2015:… On the MEK television channel for the whole day they broadcast Somayeh Mohammady to lie on camera. They want to present lies through rehearsed mental torture. They present a show on their tv channel crafted to brain wash more people. Any experienced psychologist can read Somayeh condition. Somayeh …

سمیه محمدی



My sister Somayeh forced to swear at her family on Rajavi cult’s TV

Mustafa Mohammady and his youngest daughter were attacked on June 12, 2015 by more than a dozen associates of Mojahedin Khalgh MEK. Mohammady brutally beaten, with kicks and punches sending Mustafa to the floor. Soon after they realize his young daughter is taking a film of them recording their coward and criminal violent acts they ran to her and started attacking, and trying to confiscate her camera. She was brutally attacked and pushed to the floor. These violent acts are just a few in many.

These are the actions of group who the French government are housing and protecting. This is group known as Mojahedin-E-Khalq, which are supposed to be a rebel organization for the freedom of Iranians in Iran, have attacked a father and his daughter who only intentions are to free his eldest daughter, Somayeh, from Iraq. These deceitful, violent and cruel cult members beat and prey on the innocent who have just been begging to reunite their family.

This was not the mistake of a few, but of many. The innocent minded people who were ideology deceived to support a terrorist group know as Mojahedin Khalgh MEK. The mistake in believing that this group is stands for peace and freedom, which started way before the revolution Iran, but turned out to be a terrorizing manipulative cult. The many innocent lives of families who suffered by the acts of this cults selfish beliefs.

We were one of those families. We lost our uncle and aunt, (Hadi, Hurieh) who we loved dearly. They died believing in this group, who we thought were just, but in time we have realized that this group, and the violence they cause, are a terrorist group. We are looking to free our sister from this dangerous, and deceiving group who brain wash their members in believing in false ideology through constant lies, and physical and mental torture.

This group exist through political bribery and financial advantages. They have millions of euros and dollars through investments in many regions of the world. They continue investing in their thrust for power and control. They pursue their goal through any means. Thats why this group is very dangerous. No one would know what their next actions would be, either through constant protests or violence.

On the MEK television channel for the whole day they broadcast Somayeh Mohammady to lie on camera. They want to present lies through rehearsed mental torture. They present a show on their tv channel crafted to brain wash more people. Any experienced psychologist can read Somayeh condition. Somayeh Mohammady has gone through to many, its time to end these lies.

And now our sole concern is Somayeh’s well being. We need your help in freeing the Somayeh’ in the grasp of MEK.

-Morteza Mohammady, Brother of Somayeh Mohammady

مستندی ناتمام برای دختر سمیه (گرفتار در مجاهدین خلق، فرقه رجوی)Silencing the victims of Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult, PMOI, NCRI …) to promote Maryam Rajavi


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Our story thus far: Another Mojahedin attack on two fathers and the sister of MEK’s captives

Hurieh Mohammady, Paris, July 22 2015:… Our daughters are two of the thousands of these innocent victims. We are here to open the eyes of the French government and citizens to show them that the people in charge of the kidnapping and brainwashing of thousands of people over the years are residing …

اور سور اواز مریم رجوی Let’s stand up together and free our children from Rajavi and the MEK (Video)


Our story thus far: Another Mojahedin attack on two fathers and the sister of MEK’s captives

On Monday July 13, 2015 we rented a car in Paris, France and drove to Auvers-Sur-Oise. Who are we? We are two fathers and a sister, all three in Paris doing all we can to free our daughter/sister from a cult’s terrorist camp in Baghdad, Iraq called Camp Liberty. The irony of the name of this camp is that the people kept in the camp haven’t had a glimpse of liberty or freedom for fifteen plus years. The people in charge of the camp are Maryam Rajavi, Massoud Rajavi and Mehdi Abrishamchi. They are the leaders of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq – the name of the group that fifty years ago started out as a noble group for the freedom of the Iranian people.

Today, and for the past 30 odd years, this group has become a cult in which the leaders were/are affiliated with Saddam Hussein and other known terrorist leaders in the Middle East. They prey on the simple hearted, the young and the hopeless to gain power and money. They use any deceitful tactics such as propaganda, lying, torture, threats and more to get their way. They have taken the lives of many young people and kept them captive in Iraq.

Our daughters are two of the thousands of these innocent victims. We are here to open the eyes of the French government and citizens to show them that the people in charge of the kidnapping and brainwashing of thousands of people over the years are residing in Auvers-Sur-Oise, France. This was the second time that I, Mustafa Mohammady, and my daughter Hurieh have been attacked in the streets of Auvers by the Mojahedin. We want nothing more than a meeting with the town’s mayor to explain to her our story so she will know the true colours of these people.

The first occurrence of attack was a month ago on June 12, 2015. We took the train to Auvers with our lawyer and walked to rue des Gordes in the hope of getting a meeting with a Mojahedin leader since our lawyer was with us. As we turned onto the street not taking more than five steps we saw a man and a woman running towards us from different directions of the road. They begin yelling horrible vulgar curses at us without any engagement or provocation from us. They start pulling at our camera and belongings and throwing punches at us. At this time our lawyer phoned the police and alerted them to come to our rescue immediately.

We were three people, a senior Canadian, a female student and a French lawyer, and within seconds we were cornered onto a gated driveway with dozens of people attacking us. As we were trying to protect ourselves from their terrifying blows to our bodies they succeeded in separating us from each other. They threw each one of us to the ground and five/six people at a time would attempt to steal our phones, wallets and camera while throwing kicks and punches. The police came about ten minutes after the call and pulled them off us.

That did not stop them from gathering around and yelling threats and curses at us by surrounding the police and the ambulance. As we were being taken by stretcher into the ambulance a man jumped on top of Hurieh in front of the police and attacked her to the ground breaking our camera. We was handcuffed and taken to the police station and kept in a cell for one night. We were treated in the hospital in Pontoise with many cuts and bruises all over our bodies. We were traumatized but the fire in us grew bigger as now we know how little humanity is left in them and how much we need to get our children out from their clutches.

We gave our statement to the police the day after and got a full body report of our injuries in the hospital and are filing a complaint against their actions towards us. This case is now being dealt with in the court of Pointoise but we have not given up on bringing our children home to us. We talked to different police officers of Paris and Pontoise and recounted our story to them. This brings us to last week’s events.

So we drove to Auvers-Sur-Oise, with lingering fear of what happened the first time, we went there to arrange a meeting with the mayor. We drove to just outside of the town and decided to stop and enjoy the scenery as there were large beautiful wheat fields which we wanted to take pictures of. As we were about to walk towards our parked car, a man (Mojahedin member) with a camera started coming towards us. With fear we quickly ran faster towards our car, as did he, following us and pushing Hurieh to the ground. She got up and ran into the car and locked herself in waiting for Mustafa and Ali Hossein to so the same. Mustafa was able to get in but when we looked back Ali Hossein couldn’t make it fast enough and we saw that more of the Mojahedin had arrived.

The man clutched at our car trying to grab at us through the open window but we started the car and began to drive away. Ali Hossein stopped a passing car hoping to get help and security from strangers to drive him away from the Mojahedin who, by now were more than five. The driver of the car however did not drive away and the Mojahedin opened their car door trying to pull Ali Hossein out onto the streets. We were circling the roundabout trying to figure out how to save him and to get other car drivers to phone the police. We were yelling for help and for the police as we watched them forcefully pulling him out of the car and onto the ground.

We were trying to distract them until the police came when a black car approached with speed and rammed their car into ours. With fear we had no choice but to flee the scene as the car chased us through the streets at over hundred kilometres per hour. We were calling the police unable to give our whereabouts as we were not only unfamiliar with the location but nothing seemed to be around for miles. The chase went on until we reached the town of Cergy, Pontoise and headed towards the Police station there.

Once there we told them what had happened and our anxiety about what happened to Ali Hossein, hoping the police got there in time to save him. With police cars guiding us back to the station in Auvers we found out that Ali Hossein was saved in time and taken to the station and was secure. Outside of the station the Mojahedin men and women were gathered there with cameras and still yelling curses and swear words at us. This was our second complaint file we made towards them. We did not come to Paris to be attacked and treated this way. We came here begging to see our children. Why is it that to ask for the return of our child, or just plain contact with them is threatening these people so much?

What are they so afraid of that they are not allowing families to be in contact? Somayeh Mohammady was taken from Canada 18 years ago and we haven’t been able to even make a phone call with her for more than twelve years. Murders in prison have visiting rights but these people in the camp, the ones taken away from their lives are not even allowed a letter or phone call. How are we in the wrong to ask for the safety and happiness of our children?

We ask the people of France, nay, the people of the world to see the injustice in this and to help spread the word about these captors. Help our voices be heard. We are now living in fear as they are constantly posting threatening words on their websites and have followed us to our rented home in Paris. They have come to our apartment and handed out flyers filled with lies to everyone in our neighbourhood. They call us spies and people working for the Iranian government, but all we have ever wanted was the return of our child to their home. To take them back to where they belong and have always belonged. To live their lives be with their family and be happy if they can find meaning in that feeling anymore.

The Mojahedin are threatened by a father and daughter that have put their lives on hold many times and have used the little resources they have to fly to Paris to ask for the safety of Somayeh. They call themselves an organization for the liberation of the people of Iran yet they cannot even provide freedom to the ones they call their own. We will not stop fighting for the safety of our children and this will not be over until these captives are freed.

We will go to any lengths and are begging anyone who can hear our voices to help us. Please help free our kids from their evil clutches. Help their voices be heard. Help mothers take their children back into their arms. Help children see the advancement of the world and live the rest of their lives not in fear but tranquillity and peace.

‘Together we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall’ -Pink Floyd.

Mustafa Mohammady

Ali Hossein Nejad

Hurieh Mohammady

حمله مزدوران رجوی به دختر مصطفی محمدی

حمله مزدوران رجوی به مصطفی محمدی و دخترش

حمله تروریستی مجاهدین خلق فرقه رجوی در پاریس 2015

تهدید به مرگ آن خدابنده توسط مریم رجوی مجاهدین خلقIn a democracy we don’t beg terrorists not to kill us (Open letter to President Hollande)


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Mostafa Mohammadi’s legal request met by Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, Rajavi cult) violence in a French suburb

Iran Interlink, June 23 2015:… The Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) reaction was shocking. Instead of answering the door and listening to the legal request, and answering either negatively or in the affirmative, the cult leader Maryam Rajavi simply sent out a gang of thugs to beat him up along with Hooriyeh and the lawyer. Although police intervened to prevent …

حمله تروریستی مجاهدین خلق فرقه رجوی در پاریس 2015Mojahedin Khalq thugs beat-up Mostafa Mohammadi and his daughter (Photos)

 Bernard Poignant assured Mohammadi that he recognised the seriousness of this case and it will be followed


Mostafa Mohammadi’s legal request met by Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, Rajavi cult) violence in a French suburb

Mostafa Mohammadi has been trying to meet with his long lost daughter Somayeh for many years now. He has travelled to Iraq on several occasions only to be turned away by the cruel cult which holds his daughter hostage. Now Mostafa has taken his cause right to the door of the cult’s headquarters in France.

On Friday 12 June 2015, Mostafa visited Maryam Rajavi’s residence in Auvers sur Oise, the terrorist cult’s secretive enclave just outside Paris. He was accompanied by his other daughter Hooriyeh. Mostafa had been advised by his lawyer, who accompanied them on the visit, to make one last legally documented request directly to the leader of the group which is holding Somayeh. Only then, the lawyer advised, should Mostafa could go ahead with a legal complaint against Maryam Rajavi in France where she resides.

The Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) reaction was shocking. Instead of answering the door and listening to the legal request, and answering either negatively or in the affirmative, the cult leader Maryam Rajavi simply sent out a gang of thugs to beat him up along with Hooriyeh and the lawyer.

Although police intervened to prevent more serious injury an ambulance was called and Mostafa was hospitalised overnight.

Why is it impossible for the MEK leader to refrain from attacking people in a quiet French village where the residents are already sick to death of the group?

Mostafa made it clear that if he had wanted to provoke the group he would not have gone with his French lawyer and daughter, but with a gang of other plaintiffs against the cult – there are many.

But like any cult, the MEK is existentially afraid of the truth and of people exposing its inhuman and illegal activities. Maryam Rajavi would rather her cult be exposed beating up an innocent father in a French suburb than answer to the charges put against her in court of law.

Even worse, if she even hints at compromise with one parent, the whole cult will begin to collapse as members ask ‘why can’t we contact our families too?’

Other awkward questions lie behind this simple one. Such as, ‘why, after thirty years, have we made no progress in our struggle to overthrow the Iranian regime?’ And, ‘where is Massoud Rajavi?’ And, ‘why aren’t the residents of Camp Liberty being transferred to safe countries?’

Mostafa’s struggle to meet his daughter is not isolated. Several families are currently stationed outside Camp Liberty in Iraq making the same demand: we want to meet our loved ones. Perhaps Maryam Rajavi is right to be afraid of them. The MEK’s existence now balances on this confrontation, this battle of wills between loving relatives and the cruel cult leader.

مهران کاکاوند قاتل و شکنجه گر اعزامی از عراق به پاریسMehran Kakavand, Mojahedin Khalq agent tried to assassinate ex-member Mansour Nazari in Paris (link to the report in Persian)

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, June 27 2014:It has no legal existence in France as an organization.  It is  violent and undemocratic

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Comrades in Arms, Cases of sexual abuse by MEK Leader Massoud Rajavi in Camp Ashraf

مسعود رجوی مریم رجوی تجاوز به زنان در کمپ اشرفPress TV, August 11 2014: … Batoul: At this point, Maryam Rajavi would tell us, “You women, after divorcing your husbands, you should marry Masoud.” And we always considered her words as an ideological thesis. I could never imagine that her words would be put into practice some day and I would have to sleep with Masoud. I really thought that it was merely an …


(Women “rewarded” with pendants and robes after sexual ordeal)

Link to the source

Comrades in Arms, Cases of sexual abuse by MEK Leader Massoud Rajavi in Camp Ashraf


People’s Mujahedin of Iran or the MEK is a terror entity responsible for thousands of civilian death in post revolution Iran. See how this group has been more of a dark CULT fraught with corruption and harassment.

“Comrades in Arms” unfolds the story of those women who fell for deceptive slogans of the MEK. Looking for a brighter future these women ended up in Camp Ashraf, where a fate worse than death awaited them. Masoud Rajavi, the leader of the organization had come up with a new idea about marital life; it was detrimental to the future of the organization. For him, marital love was a shackle that could impede the progress of his plan.

Therefore, Rajavi called for a compulsory divorce according to which all MEK members had to get divorce. But that was not the end of the story. While he forbade his men from having sexual relations with their wives, he decided to take their place. As a result, he turned Camp Ashraf into a big harem where he could have his female comrades in arms night and day. Risking their lives, however, some of the sexual victims managed to escape from the camp to show the true colors of Rajavi, once their spiritual leader and now the most lecherous man in the world they know.


Batoul Soltani:

I’m Batoul Soltani, a resident of Germany. I was born in Isfahan. I’ve been living in Germany for more than four years. Before that, I was in the MEK for 20 years and before that I was in Iran for 20 years.

We were pursuing more ambitious goals and looking for a better tomorrow thinking that they – according to their slogans – would bring people more democracy or a brighter future. Looking for such ideals, we fell for their slogans and joined their organization. We had passed the point of no return.

What I saw in this organization was that women were merely tools in every level I witnessed. After all, 20 years is not a short period of time. And what we witnessed from the beginning – though my marriage conformed to social norms and was not an organizational marriage – I encountered women who were devoid of emotional involvement with their husbands but the organization had made them marry. For the first time, I saw compulsory marriages in the organization. It’s very difficult to love someone by force. I think that it’s very difficult for a woman to do so.

Zahra Goini :

I’m Zahra Goini. I was born in Tehran in 1968. In November 1986 I got married. On March, 25, 1987 I left Tehran for my honeymoon till now that I’m abroad.

It was the New Year, 1987. He said that we were going on our honeymoon. I told my family, “Look! He says that he has decided to go.” He said, “No, Zahra is lying. I don’t want to go. We are going on our honeymoon. Look! This is my ticket to the south and then we’ll make a pilgrimage to Mashhad, God willing.” As we arrived in Shiraz he told me that we might not return. We arrived in Pakistan, I think a few weeks later. It was a long journey. It took us a while to get there. We were taken to the MEK’s base. All of a sudden, an official there came and said – when my husband talked to him – my husband said, “You can return to Iran.” I was stunned, “Seriously, shall I return to Iran? Why have I come here? You’re my husband. I’ve come with you. Where shall I go alone? What shall I say? No, I’ll stay; even if you go to hell I will be with you.” Meanwhile, the organization had taken all of our money and gold. Anyway, we gave the money and two days later they told us that we would go to Iraq, albeit with new passports.

Batoul Soltani:

When we arrived in Iraq we were taken to the smartest hotels the organization was using as its bases and there was not the least sign of war there. We didn’t feel the war because Saddam had given the best hotels to the organization and the organization was using one of them as a school, one as a place for taking care of children, and one as a residential place for couples to see each other. At that time, organizational marriages were on the rise for four to five years. Of course the organization would not allow raw or junior recruits but those who were at least commanders of divisions to marry women. Everything was obligatory there: organizational obligations, organizational do’s and don’ts, organizational rules, and relations that would become tense and tenser every minute.

Nasrin Ebrahimi :

I’m Nasrin Ebrahimi. I’m 31 years old. I live in Switzerland. I’ve been living here for about eight years. Before that, I lost ten years that could have been the best years of my life in Iraq, in the Mojahedin-e-Khalq, an organization which was very easy to enter and very difficult to exit from.

As for Camp Ashraf, it’s very painful to talk about it. It’s like to be in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp for years and experience the sufferings and then talk about it.

Well, at that time he completely separated men and women from each other. We women moved to another center. We would never see a man, unless in our only street called 100 Street where we would see a man in the distance or in meetings held by Masoud Rajavi or Maryam Rajavi but we were not allowed to see them. They would sit on one side and we on the other side. If we looked at them we had to explain why. That’s why when walking we had to hold our head up or down. Our eyes shouldn’t meet a comrade’s eyes.


Suddenly, they said that Iran’s government had accepted UNSC resolution 598. Soon after, we had to prepare ourselves. Many forces joined us from abroad. What for? We wanted to go to Tehran. “Yesterday Mehran, today Tehran” became their slogan.

Not only weren’t the women prepared but also the men were not as well. They pushed all in Operation Eternal Light by force.

In Operation Eternal Light I was hit in the arm by shrapnel and since it was wrapped up badly – they said that you would see the doctor in ten minutes and he would unwrap it – my arm went blue because it wasn’t treated on time. After the operation, the doctor came up to me and said, “Look! They had sent a letter about you saying that this arm had to be cut off and we had to have your signature. I feel sorry for you who are a young woman to have your arm cut. It’s no problem if you were a man. But you are a young woman. I don’t know why they think so. You’ll have children in the future and have to carry your children in your arms. With one arm, it’s difficult for you. I didn’t cut your arm. I did the operation on my own initiative. You have only a three-day chance of recovery.”

It used to be much bigger. In an operation in Frankfurt they made it small. They performed a skin transplant as big as this and here they had sewn this way to here. My arm was always like this.

They threw us into Operation Eternal Light by force. They forced us to get divorced. Masoud used to say, “You who got stuck behind Charzevar Canyon, you woman or you man what were you thinking about? When you got stuck in the canyon you were thinking about the opposite sex. You as a woman were thinking about your husband and you as a man were thinking about your wife. That’s why you couldn’t advance towards Tehran. Now you must divorce all including your children.”

Masoud Rajavi:

I’m well aware. You brothers, what were you thinking about? Huh? Everyone must know well. And you sisters? We asked around hundreds – am I right, Maryam? – those who were in Operation Eternal Light in person and listened to them. Let’s remove all the obstacles in the way. This is a lesson of union and unity.


It was a very difficult process for me as it was a mental torture for me. I was with a group of people who kept talking about divorce and hate children and mutual life. It was not accepted for them to have children. It was a sin for the people I was with to sleep with their spouses. Divorces had begun from the upper echelons of the organization. The officials were divorcing their wives according to the plan formulated by Masoud Rajavi. The first one was Maryam Rajavi who had divorced Mehdi Abrishamchi and married Masoud Rajavi. They were expanding the scope of the plan into other women and men started from the leadership to other members.

Mehdi Abrishamchi:

In the name of God; in the name of Masoud and Maryam.

As an MEK member, as a little child of the MEK I have nothing to say except to congratulate Masoud and Maryam with all my heart and soul and that I’m brimming with ideological joys.


Suddenly, I saw my commander come up to me and said, “Well, this sister has charge of you.” I asked, “Sister, won’t my husband come here to see his baby?” She answered, “No, your husband has got divorced and he won’t come here. Don’t ask about him anymore.” Close to tear, I asked, “Divorce?! So what about me? So what about this baby? Why …?” She interrupted me, “No why, in the army you cannot ask why.”


Is it possible not to think about love?! There used to be sessions in which we talked about love, affection, husband, wife, the past, which were called “era and weekly ablution”. When people talked you could realized that they thought about those issues. Personally speaking, I had a hair clip my boyfriend had given me in Iran. I had kept the hair clip and I held it dear. One may say that a hair clip is no big deal. But for me it was so valuable that even when I was to flee Ashraf Camp the first thing I took with me was the hair clip he had given to me. And when I got Tifu, he was the first person I called.

Masoud Rajavi:

This Maryam I’m writing equals the first in charge, which equals a full payment criterion, which in turn means 100 on 100. We chose her as a role model for you, which equals the connecting ring between you and what I want.


At this point, Maryam Rajavi would tell us, “You women, after divorcing your husbands, you should marry Masoud.” And we always considered her words as an ideological thesis. I could never imagine that her words would be put into practice some day and I would have to sleep with Masoud. I really thought that it was merely an ideological discourse. As for Maryam Rajavi herself, I couldn’t imagine that Masoud had sexual relationship with her. I couldn’t imagine it.

Maryam Rajavi:

Let me draw it in this diagram. Look, this is a diagram for every individual with gender on top and individuality immediately below it. I’ll explain it. Immediately individuality. This diagram has a dividing line with gender on one side and individuality on the other side. Here is the highest point of individuality. Below it there are all personal problems lined up.


Maryam Rajavi used to hold many meetings for us, very long meetings. She would hold many meetings especially for women. She said, “We women all have only one husband who is Masoud Rajavi.” She even said, “You have the most handsome and the best man in the world. So what’s wrong with you?”

Maryam Rajavi:

… Here, the highest value is melting into the leadership, which means a perfect union whose fruit is getting rid of all personal shackles.


She said, “Since women have mostly emotional problems you consider him as your husband.” But her words cut no ice with me. Not at all. For me it was just a talk. That’s all.


One day a ceremony was held – it was the wedding ceremony – in which Masoud Rajavi performed the marriage ceremony and the women stood up one by one saying, “Yes.” Before the ceremony, they had insisted that everybody should be clean and tidy and take a bath etc. Their insistence on being clean aroused my suspicions that what all that insistence was for; that why we had to have a clean, hairless body. “Are we supposed to strip naked in front of someone,” I ask myself. She even told us to perform our ablutions and be clean and tidy and wear our best, new clothes and clean socks. Before the ceremony once more they told us, “Anybody who is not clean enough or haven’t taken a bath or need to wash herself go and make herself clean.”

We were in Badizadegn Camp when informed of a pool meeting exclusively for the leadership council. At that time, I was a member of the leadership council. We attended the meeting and listen to music playing there. All of a sudden, Masoud and Maryam entered the hall. Masoud was in leisure clothes; he was wearing a T-shirt and Maryam had a soft, pink, silk dress on with her hair brushed. They entered the hall. Maryam stood behind Masoud. She didn’t sit down beside him. Masoud took a look at us and said, “Maryam, why have you brought them here again?” and that moment I realized that it was not something new. Maryam answered, “They’ve come here to unite you. They are your wives. They’ve tied the knot with you and want to be united with you. And these empty seats are for them.” I asked, “Sister Maryam, why don’t you take a seat there?” She said, “This is for each and every Masoud’s wife.” I wondered what was going on. When she said so I found some women with their headscarves fallen on the ground or some with no headscarves at all. I wondered why they had taken off their headscarves in front of brother Masoud. I told one of them about her headscarf. She said, “No problem! Who’s my nearest man than Masoud? “I love him so much. There’s no one nearer to me than Masoud.” I can remember all these scenes clearly.


One of the women stood at the podium saying, “Ladies, feel at home. Take your headscarves off. You dance for the leader.” I said, “We dance for the leader?! I used to be reproach for letting my hair out of the headscarf. Now you tell me to take my headscarf off and put on those clothes?!” That very woman, Batouleh Rajaee told me, “Haven’t you got divorced? You gave your hand to Masoud via Maryam. Now put Maryam aside and give your hand directly to Masoud. Now you must do your best dance for him.”


They would give us freedom on purpose and encourage us to dance with music when played. The commanders would say, “Be at home! He’s your brother. Don’t you call him brother? Show your love and affection towards him.” They even liked us to kiss him. They prompted us to kiss Rajavi.


At first, we danced in uniform. Just two days later, that is the day we were supposed to dance – no one knew – they brought us silk fabrics. Now we had to see how those fabrics would go with our faces. Could the color brighten the complexion? After all, I was one of the candidates for dancing.


I suddenly realized that the senior members of the leadership council began to take their dresses off. When about 25 senior members of the leadership council began to take off their dresses and stripped naked other women who were of my rank followed suit and Maryam Rajavi and others were encouraging, “This is your pool. You should dive into it. Common on! Get undressed in front of the leader.” The meeting went on this way; for about three to four hours they were dancing. Masoud, though at first pretended to be discontent over our presence there, sat comfortably eyeing up us all.


I can remember that Masoud Rajavi was staring me in the eyes. I didn’t know what I had to do at that moment. I began looking at somewhere else. That’s while we were told to say something to Masoud when he would look at us; something like “I love you” and to make a fuss over him. “The brother doesn’t look everybody in the eye.”

Rajavi would choose those who were pretty. That was overt. One could see that. It was not covert. He wasn’t even-handed with all. He would really handpick certain women, chat with them in front of other women. He would talk to them to go to him.


Masoud would hold the so-called “liberty dance session” with the help of Maryam reasoning that, “When you see Masoud and another woman making love it will cleanse you of jealousy. It will prevent you from being jealous for other women.”


Rajavi would make us a gift of underclothes and towels. Maryam Rajavi used to stand beside him. We would pass by … At that moment you had to show how much you loved your leader or husband as Marayam Rajavi used to say. He would blow into our faces making some gestures. He would stare somebody in the eye. He did such things. Most of the time, he himself gave us underclothes or things like combs, towels and suchlike. Sometimes, Maryam Rajavi would rub them to her face and then gave them to Masoud and he gave them to us.

To get closer, he would come to our dormitories. We women were located in three separate units. To stimulate us he would say, “I’m going to unit 14 to stay the night there.” And commanders would make us ask him to come to our dormitories and be with us. “Oh brother, come and sleep with us for God’s sake. Don’t go there.” It was a childish thing; the scene was disgusting for a viewer from outside. But since we were involved in it we couldn’t realize its ugliness.


This was his old slogan that women were open to exploitation but we were exploited most in the organization. “You are women?”, “Yes”. “The same as men?”, “Yes”. “Men clean tanks, why don’t you women?” They sexually exploited us. We women were subjected to the worst kinds of exploitation under the name of giving women independence. They claimed that they were after equality for women and whatever they were deprived of through history.

Maryam Rajavi:

Yes, we believe that women and men are equal. We even believe that an exploited woman has more potential than an exploited man to progress and can achieved competence like him, but not haphazardly.


When I went to the place where Masoud’s bedroom was located in … it was a building in Badizadegan Camp the first time I went there. It was in the leadership’s residence. There was a room which was Masoud’s bedroom with a double bed in it and everything was ready for … but Masoud was not there then. I was there waiting from 8 p.m. until midnight when Masoud came. It was the first night we were together until morning. That night I saw another exploitative relations and an act that I could never imagine Masoud Rajavi doing.

It used to be done in Parsian Camp until the fall of Saddam. We would even go for a swim with Masoud and do anything. After the fall of Saddam, Parsian Camp closed down. I couldn’t imagine that such a thing would continue. I was stunned thinking that such a huge number of people were killed in the war … He made me sick. That was one thing. The other thing was that I always thought that he only had such a relationship with me. I never knew that he had the same relationship with many other women. It was after the fall of Saddam that I was informed by some women that he had had the same relationship with other women.

When Maryam Rajavi called me to see Masoud at night it didn’t mean that I was in love with Masoud waiting with bated breath to see him or that I had an overwhelming urge since I had no husband. No, that was not the case. The only reason was that I couldn’t stand up against the organization when I was there. I knew that if I had fought them they would have done away with me. I couldn’t fight with them. I thought, “If I say no to them, what would happen next? Would they leave me alone? No. and this is not a subject to be discussed in the leadership council.” Then it would come to my mind that such and such a member of the leadership council who had disappeared mysteriously might have been killed or whatever. Later on, I had no doubt that they would kill anyone who disagrees with them in the leadership council. So I decided to let him do whatever he wanted waiting for a moment to save my body. There was some Naghmeh Hakami. She wasn’t ill or whatsoever. She died all of a sudden when there was a talk about melting in the ideological leader those years. There was another woman called Seddigheh. She died too. We wondered why she died since she was healthy. Zahrah Fayyaz died. Just like that. Zahra Nouri died. At that moment I thought, “Suppose Batoul Soltani died.” By dying I mean being martyred. They even exploited corpses.

Well, he plays God. I could see Rajavi’s true colors when I looked in astonishment at what he was doing. I wondered why marriage and sexual satisfaction was banned for all men while he exempted himself. The moments I was looking at him he found me bewildered and said, “You eyeballs are sexy.”


It appears that Masoud Rajavi slept every night with numerous women – at least as far as I know- with numerous, different women. On average, I would go every month or every two months to his bedroom.

It makes me sick when I hear the phrase “pure Mujahedins’ relations” because we saw the reality, because we know how a blatant lie it is. There are no pure relations in the organization. I haven’t seen relations so filthy as in the organization than in everywhere else. Isolated communities always have the filthiest relations. The more isolated, the filthier.

I attempted suicide because I had lost my hope completely. I made many pleas to them to let me leave the organization but they didn’t accept. I left no stone unturned but it was not possible. That’s why I attempted suicide. I liked to die because I couldn’t stand anymore. It was a difficult moment and my whole body was trembling when I was doing it. When I took the knife … I still can hear the sound of the knife when I put it on my wrist. I put the knife on my wrist and cut it and drop the knife. I had tied on an apron. My apron became soaked with blood. Because I was frightened and had lost a lot of blood I felt faint and fell on the ground. I had locked the door … I was terribly disappointed. I had locked the door but I didn’t know that the place I was in had another door from the street’s side and that door was open so a sister – as they used to say – called Shamsi came in and as she saw the scene she began screaming and others came in and took me to hospital by car.

After I survived the attempted suicide I felt as if I had been given another hope and had a new lease of life. I guess that I fled less than 20 days after my suicide. I fled immediately.


To be honest, the thought of escaping struck me the day I saw Masoud doing that in 2000. Before that, I thought that Masoud wouldn’t do that – even if he was under pressure from Maryam Rajavi, as he claimed – but that night, that is the first night I went to Masoud’s bedroom and saw that the organization was not the matter and what mattered was sex and nothing else. I made my final decision to escape there.

It was November 2006. The next month that is in December I feigned a headache and illness and slept in the dormitory and didn’t go to work saying that I felt sick and had a headache etc. and then I could make my escape. I threw caution to the wind saying that either I would be caught, taken and killed or I would escape sound and safe. I couldn’t stand being there anymore.

Right now, he’s paying the hush money to those who have left him. Therefore, it’s so important for him to protect his reputation that he’s prepared to pay the highest price to keep his former people silent. I’ve seen many of them over these recent years and I know.

– By the way, what happened that we accepted what they said? The divorce thing, the separation from our children …

– Operation Eternal Light while untrained …

– Yes.

– I think the main reason was that we were cut off from the outer world. We were not in touch with our families, friends. We were not even allowed to love each other. We had learned to accept what the organization would say without objection. But poor are those who are still there.

– That’s right. I’m thinking about that because when I told Hajar, that is Kobra Tahmasebi that I would like to experience the life outside here she asked me, “Do you know what awaits you?” I answered, “I don’t care what awaits me. I want to go outside to know how much the sexuality you’re talking about is true. I want to check whatever you talk about. I want to see if a woman including myself goes out of here will pursue a simple life or … you say that I’ll be lead astray. You know, when I left there I realized that no, it depends on how one wants to live.

– How are you?

– Are you fine?

– Yes, thanks.

– Have you brought tea?


I’ve got two children; one daughter, one son. I’m happy and I try to have the best for my children and give them the best not because they are my children but because I want them to learn to be honest. I teach my children to draw the line at any oppression; I teach my children to be as they are before they want to be for others. Every life has its ups and downs but I’m content with them all.


Since I left the MEK I haven’t just been pursuing my personal life. The guys loom large in my mind; those who we know how got stuck there and we know that none of them wants to stay there. That’s why we have been trying to help them half of our lives. We’ve talked to members of Parliament in Europe and influential figures to show them the real face of the organization.

They appear good, happy and beautiful in public but they are rotten to the core. Only we who were there know their real characters and therefore hate their appearances. It makes us sick when Maryam Rajavi delivers a speech. It taxes our patience to listen to her speech word by words because we know that she’s lying through her teeth. It makes us puke when she talks about women.

There are some people in Auvers-sur-Oise, Paris, France which is the cradle of freedom, who haven’t take one step outside Auvers-sur-Oise for 25 years and the only thing they do is cooking. There are such women here. How can we stand Maraym Rajavi when she appears in public putting on beautiful dresses and uttering beautiful words?! It’s really disgusting for us when we know the other side of the story. We told the French, “You whose country is the cradle of freedom host a cult whose members haven’t come outside this castle, this very small place for 25 years and you don’t know what’s going on inside.”


That’s right that I have planned for my life and I’m living my own life and work or trying to earn good income to overcome my economic problems but as part of my job or what motivates me and I’d like to have it on my list of priorities and pursue it is that I want to be the voice of those friends and help them know the realities about the leader of the MEK, Masoud Rajavi who betrayed the trust of each and every member of the organization including my own husband, a person who himself may not know what has happened to him or that Rajavi has betrayed him but it’s my duty and the duty of those like me who left the organization. I’ve designed a website and try to make my voice and other women’s heard by the members or the public and let them know what we have gone through.

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